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10/18/2020 c12 Zero
10/20/2020 c13 BooplkanThePrimarch
Impressive work my friend, It is an interesting story to say the leats.

As a side note, can we have our Angry boy using on of Mancubus own weapons against it just like in one of the glory kills for the DOOM 2016 multiplayer?
10/15/2020 c13 Guest
Why is the Doom Slayer so freakin weak in this story? His suppose to be OP as Fuck Damnit!
10/15/2020 c13 Guest
I'll be the one saying this, the Doom Slayer looks weak in this s
10/14/2020 c13 Guest
Doomslayer is more powerful than this... I get it, he has to b downplayed to make other characters shine.

Even so, knowing this, knowing full well it’s silly. It really is hard to read that a character such as him, gets thrown around easily like that. Eh, I’ll get over it and enjoy the story (as I’ve been) for what it is

Aside from that...

You’re back! That’s great. I do hope Vega will somehow be activated. I like how the Slayers just come to begrudgingly accept that both allies and enemies see them as brothers. Go with the flow. Hope the next chapter comes soon
10/14/2020 c13 Guest
Quiero ver la participación de VEGA en el próximo capítulo
10/14/2020 c13 NOOBGUY
Well that Archvile was BS. I defeated like 6 Archviles back to back in Horde mode in DOOM Eternal on Nightmare difficulty so it isn't hard at all. Difficulty of the demons comes from their numbers and variants they all are some type of chess piece in a chessboard while Slayer is all of them and more. thats where their challange comes from. A solo Demon even if its a Tyrant/Archvile/Gladiator can't do jack shit against the Slayer (not like thousand of them can either but you get my point) even if he uses his weaker weapons
10/14/2020 c13 funnysunnybunny
Love myself a a good fanfic featuring both my fav slayers. Started reading a while ago. Was waiting for the new chapter and it didn't disappoint. People might complain about Doomguy being nerfed but it feels a lot more appropriate considering, that in the doom games, you don't exactly one punch kill everything (unless you have the berserker powerup), plus, it is interesting to have characters at least struggle a bit to take down their enemy.
But enough rambling. Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work.
10/14/2020 c13 Tom712
10/14/2020 c13 cirithewitcheress
Been liking this fic so far, normally when the Doom Slayer actually talks in these types of fic its ruined but yours only talks sporadically and in bolded text so its cool.

Also, since the gods of the GS setting are getting desperate, there is a couple of things you can have them do to advance the plot since they cant roll the dice for any of the Slayers:

a) railroad the Heroine to where our heroes are so she can lend a hand since she's super busted- i do not recommend this since she would kinda steal the spotlight?

b) the Gods cant roll the dice for Doomguy, but what they *can* do is manage the drop rate/tables of items and treasures. Granted, we know from the danmachi crossover that Truth and Illusion are cheap bastards that only throw clothing at you when you're in a Dungeon but since they know the Slayer is running out of ammo its totally within their power to drop the crucible sword (or at least something similar) or some kind of anti demon sword somewhere for the Slayer to find.
10/14/2020 c13 Reaper8302
You kind of nerfed the slayer to hell in this chapter
10/14/2020 c13 3Doom King of Latveria
To be honest here, i'm really rising an eyebrows at how Doomguy getting beating up easily like that instead overpowering those demons like usual. And limited ammunition? Really?

But aside from that, it's good to see you finally back with another chapter! The storyline is just epic ini here! Love how Doomguy and JRPG party dealing with the Arch-Ville and it's resurrection Minions!
10/14/2020 c13 Scarease
Sounds like Someone need to use some Enchanted ,ruined equipped ,magical gear screw this cheap stuff .make them based weapons and they weaken demons and goblin that grab them .
Example i Have D&D character that wields a sword that holy ,Fearce bane vs demons and Sacred burst.
Meaning this sword does shit ton damage vs demons ,has release burst holy energy on critical ,plus farther bonus on damage from fearce bane and holy .So Slayers both then could have serious gear that abel take their chosen enemies quit nicely .plus with holy and farcebane any evil pick up weapons suffers negatives .
I find excuse from Goblin slayer make no sence when consider magical enchantment that place weapon and that make last longer with losing it damage ,durability , that also ward form being used by particular creatures .example some weapons will bestow negative levels on opposing aligned creature or its favored enemies .Have better equipment also mean one can take less damage and increase ones ability to kill more effectively such enchantment Keen ,Holy ,bane ,brilliance and such not including armor enchantment that farther make once more dexterous ,hard to see ,go invisible ,fly ,inflict damage on attackers and so Worthy Weapon smith and enchanter would insure weapons last against such things as greasy gut and blood of Goblins .hell their Slayer specialize in demons nd other much more vile create thats bodily fluids likely do much more damage and wear on gear and weapons .

Sorry for Rant .

on Side note Doom slayer can even more enchantment on his armor and gear make more of demon killing master .that not including magical weapons and maybe even magic bullets for his guns .nothing only thing beat super shotgun to face of demon is one fires Holy bless Rounds into face of demon .He could even see about use magical energy alternate project types of his guns such lighting ,acid ,fire ,Holy ,and more .You do lot stuff to make Doom and Gobin Slayer bother super badasses .
10/13/2020 c13 1IzukuMeliodas
Always love a good doom fic! Only problem is that Doom Slayer is canonically strong enough to kill the super titan from 2016 with his bare hands. That means he basically uses guns for FUN. I forget if you made him weaker or not, but I do like the concept of him trying to find ammo
10/13/2020 c13 Monkey-man369
The only thing I don't like is you made Doom slayer a pussy buy making him being concerned about running out of ammo the Doom slayer don't care about running out of ammo he will rip and tear until it's done
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