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for I Will Take You Home

2/13 c14 lucel18
Beautiful! Thank you so much! I do hope there’s a sequel to this, but this ending is just lovely all the same. Thank you again!
2/12 c13 lucel18
I wished canon unfolded this way.. love it even though it’s a bit bittersweet, so yay! To a sequel, so we can see how Susan adapts to Narnia again and how her relationship with Caspian grows stronger
2/12 c12 lucel18
Thank you!
2/12 c11 lucel18
Lol, what a coincidence! I was thinking of eating pizza for dinner tonight.. lol! Anyway, thank you for this chapter! Lol! At Caspian being such a guy around a very beautiful woman
2/12 c10 lucel18
Edmund never fails to make me laugh.. lol! Thank you!
2/12 c9 lucel18
Yay! To their second kiss (including canon’s)
2/12 c8 lucel18
They almost kissed! Damn, Edmund, indeed! Lol!
2/12 c7 lucel18
Lol at Eustace’s sarcasm and denial of accepting Narnia as real
2/12 c6 lucel18
Lovely moments between these two, thank you!
2/12 c5 lucel18
Awwww, love it!
2/12 c4 lucel18
I wonder where Eustace went.. lol
2/12 c3 lucel18
I appreciate the quiet and calm moments between our couple even though perhaps it’s the opposite of how they feel inside. Lol.
2/12 c2 lucel18
Lol! Gotta love Lucy for her intervention
2/12 c1 lucel18
Ooooh, I love it.. thank you so much!
2/4 c14 6Alice-East
Thank you for this gem, it was an absolute pleasure to read it !
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