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for Bloody Brain Freeze

11/6/2018 c12 sparklehannah
Well I'm impressed you wrote this so fast. Hell, it's a miracle to see longer stories like this actually reach a conclusion, so congrats on that. I really liked the story and I'm excited to see how you expand on it in the sequel. I liked the exploring you did with Jack as nature spirit. I wasn't expecting Jack to go full on winter, and I've rarely seen that concept done. I think your interpretation of its my favorite so far. I'm glad Sandy was able to get Jack back and that Jack went to rescue Claire. I thought the warlocks were in interesting element to mix in. I'm glad Jack managed to make a good impression on the one. I have my suspicions Wind's going to start a love triangle and I don't know that I'm ready. Did I mention I love your exploration of Jack and the nature spirits so I'm excited to see what the sequel brings to that. Great work and congrats on finishing this story.
11/6/2018 c1 DrunkBobRoss
This is amazingly good. I couldn't stop reading once I had started, which is always the sign of a well written story.
If this ever came out as part of a book I would definitely buy it.
11/6/2018 c12 R.A.Blackbird
It was fun, can't wate to read what comes next. I liked the unlikely team work there at the end. I thought that part shined nicely.
11/3/2018 c10 R.A.Blackbird
I really don't see why you don't have more reviews. I thought you did this story well. It could use a little more character background but overall very good.
11/3/2018 c7 sparklehannah
Well I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Jack meeting vampires, but you've sold me on it. I really like Claire as well. I like the suspense of Jack not knowing she's a vampire and Claire not knowing Jack's the spirit of winter. I'm concerned about how Jack's planning on getting out of this. Though I've enjoyed how both of been pretty strategic with pretending to be human. Great work. I'm looking forward to next chapter.
11/3/2018 c1 sparklehannah
Well this is an interesting idea. I've never seen someone give Jack an existential crisis after becoming a guardian. I like your exploration into the nature spirits too. Great work.

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