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11/3/2018 c1 1Koroz
Hey, I've always liked your Star Ocean stuff as I think very few fanfictions actually deal with the whole aspect of their lives being a simulation. I don't know if you particularly care about story suggestions, but I do think it could be interesting to see the point of view if the characters whenever shit like this goes down. Like almost every Star Ocean story you have has the focal character killed off early on or mind controlled, and we usually only get the perspective of the 4D characters. So I'd be particularly interested in a story from the perspective of the Eternal Sphere characters while their code is being altered or whatever you come up with and their struggle with realizing that they are truly insignificant programs who are at the complete mercy of their coders. Sorry if this doesn't interest you and you have no intention of doing anything like this, but I thought I might as well give my two cents

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