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4/26/2019 c11 ikusatsunagi
Natsu x Eva 3
4/16/2019 c7 9Mcxynth
"Your bases shall all belong to us." heh
Caught the meme in that one. Lol

The chapters so far are great. Sure, they're not perfect, and there are some stuff that can be fixed or can be made better (imo only though), but so far nothing is stopping me from going through all these chapters and catch up.

Anyway, that's all for now and I'm off to the next chapter. :D
4/15/2019 c1 Mcxynth
Woooh it's back! (But I'm super late to the whole journey...) It's been a long time since I last read a mutli-chaptered fanfic of this scale - and one that isn't episodic - and as expected I enjoyed the first chapter. I actually stopped reading Fairy Tail in the part where they were with Warrod (and then skipped to a few chapters at the start of the arc in that other continent) so I only remember so much. Thank goodness this didn't demand a lot of FT knowledge (as of now) haha.

Alright. *buckles seatbelt* Now onwards to an awesome ride.

P. S. You probably didn't mean to, but I appreciate the interactions between Gray and Lucy. (The shipper in me went all jittery hehe.)
2/17/2019 c14 7Blu3b3rryT3a
I approve the grammar part- I hate bad grammar, especially when it makes the sentence illegible. So I am totally with you on that.
The class scene was funny and on point- those girls are a little nuts and showing that in a 'normal/mundane' setting highlights it.
Will Natsu take part in the training for Negi and Asuna? That would be fun to read!
2/16/2019 c14 Frozone35
You do know Tartaros use curses, not magic right. The two abilities are different. For example when Natsu, Erza and Lisanna tied up Kyoka with Magic restraining cuffs. Kyoka easily broke out due to her using curses instead of magic.
2/16/2019 c14 UltraSans103
Ignoring the mentally retarded idiot blazenite104 who came here to troll.

Neither Natsu or Erza is invincible. Since the have both lost several times and win their battles through strategy.

Enjoying the story so far and feel feel to ignore trolls like blazenite104
2/15/2019 c14 blazenite104
If you really are going the more reasonable romance route can you try some failed romance. not every first romance has to last and it'd probably reasonable that if someone did like Natsu or Negi but, wanted no part of a harem they'd walk away from it or so. I mean it's not something I've ever actually seen done.

Also depending on what you do pull as inspiration from UQ holder or not, let there be some love for the lovable idiot Nagi somewhere around.

Also Lucy and Jack. I think it'd be damn funny if she fell for another 'invincible idiot' because let's be honest Natsu basically is an invincible idiot unless the plot demands Erza take the win.
2/10/2019 c13 3Bobicus
I only have one thing to say: LMAO! Please give us more Chamo! I know that you don't like him but his scene was just so funny that it made me laugh out loud. Best part of the story so far!
2/10/2019 c13 7Blu3b3rryT3a
Many thumbs up of approval!
It certainly was a jarring break in the story, but it is so dang in character for Chamo that it works.
I like the changes and the confirmation some of Tartaros has survived- but who is this mysterious 'she' they were referring to? I doubt it's one of the Fairies... I think it will be horrific if Eva gets her hands on one of the Tartaros and gets to play with them.

Best of luck with writing!
2/9/2019 c12 Blu3b3rryT3a
It's coming along- and I agree, Gray actually knows how to slide under the radar better than Natsu. Solid choice there! The guy with Happy, does he show up in UQ holder? And my guess for Carla is that she is in the Magnus Mundi place.
2/9/2019 c12 3Bobicus
So good to see a snapshot of Happy and Carla! I hope that you use them because they always made me laugh in FT. I also really like how you changed Eva taking Negi on as an apprentice it was much simpler than in canon.
2/9/2019 c12 1fpinheiro96
Another great chapter! Looking forward for the next chapter!
2/8/2019 c12 Matt
Wonder where Erza and Lucy are?
2/7/2019 c12 1sleipnir34
the only large muscle man I remember is Jack rakan, but I don't remember him fishing.
2/7/2019 c12 3Raiyoukai
Nice work. Sucks to hear that things went to hell for a bit, but I'm glad you're back to writing.

That said, I will reiterate that you need someone else to be looking over these. I noticed quite a lot of errors and stilted dialogue that made me wanna throw something at you.

The good news is there wasn't any unnecessary italics in this chapter. So you have that going for you.
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