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for Scorching Pain

12/21/2021 c1 Argonaut986
Navaho is going to cause chaos?
10/16/2021 c1 James Birdsong
Good work
11/18/2019 c1 SirenAtlantica
An interesting premise. Can't wait for more.
11/26/2018 c1 Sladhyna Galaxy
this is interesting... I guess it's a bit confusing when Nagato's soul suddenly appear. I mean what's trigerring it to come out? but... the idea is good. I hope harry's body still have chakra... otherwise we will doom not to see the rinnegan lol I mean It's a god's power, we need it in Harry Potter's world. Please update soon, Author... this is prerty good story
10/30/2018 c1 28Kairan1979
What's the point of rewriting most of the chapter of the book?
10/30/2018 c1 Heart
Ooooooh. *looks at title* *amusedly face palms* lol
10/29/2018 c1 Guest
Easy Nagato reincarnated because Itatchi reincarnated, itatchis Susanoo and thus the Totsuka blade are apart of Itatchis soul and thus when he reincarnated both him and the spirits in the blade were as well a.k.a Nagato, Orochimaru and whoever else he may have sealed.

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