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9/19 c6 Guest
Gods I wish to continue reading this! What will Nezu do?! The sadist! I want to know if Touya will survive, cause he’ll need it with Nezu on the watch
9/19 c4 Guest
I just love this, this is so wholesome, I love it!
8/30 c6 Haydoge
Another story thats been Tsume'd after 20ish thousand words.
8/17 c6 M
Love this! Please continue!
8/8 c6 Bunny
️️ I wish this would’ve updated
8/2 c6 Death the Girl 1107
Oooh! This is going great, didn't expect to become so invested! I feel like we need more Fuyumi and Natsuo bonding time with Rei, these middle children need more attention! Also, looking forward to Touya's Hero journey! Wonder what Shouto will become... Lowkey want his to become a chef or househusband but it would also be fun to see him following Touya's steps. I see Enji and Rei are developing a decent relationship and that family working together to please Rei scene was Adorable! Can't wait to see what happens next!
7/20 c6 Mushishixxxholic
7/13 c3 75sgtwist
This fic is so dark.
7/13 c2 sgtwist
Hopefully, Touya doesn't die or something.
7/13 c1 sgtwist
Wait...I'm confused. So we got inserted into Rei's body with amnesia. How's that different from Rei having amnesia? I hope we get memories back.
6/14 c6 kellymenezes845
Will you continue to write this story?
5/30 c6 TigerAkemi1
I just love this concept of raising the characters!
4/26 c6 mallarieTwinkies
amazing story like always
4/2 c6 doedel2002
i need more please 八(*)
2/11 c6 2pendora59
great chapter !
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