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8/22/2020 c6 Minty220
HOOOLY HAMBURGERS BATMAN! Damn this is amazing! The family dynamic is absolutely adorable and im crying. A fic where Enji is written to be likable! Its a goddamn miracle. I am so happy. Everyone is so flipping human! THE DANCING! OMG THE DANCING! Its so bittersweet but it fits so well with their relationship. Touya is sooo well written. I cant. I just cant. This writing quality is too good for my eyeballs. My eyes. They’re burning. Your talent is too bright. Thanks for taking the time to grace us with your writing, author.
8/7/2020 c6 Cerelia Blythe
I loved this so much! All the characters are written so well that I actually feel upset that this isn't canon haha. I always wished the Todoroki family wasn't nearly as broken as it currently is in the real thing so this satisfied that urge easily! Can't wait for more!
7/15/2020 c6 Abc
I love this! I'm new to the fandom but this is so fun to read. Rei's outlook on children first is something I wish all of parents had. And the fluff is fantastic and gives me warm feelings.
7/12/2020 c6 1TheVulcanNara
Please please more
7/9/2020 c6 IHateNamingStuff
Love the story. Found it a few hours ago and just finished. I absolutely love the concept. You have a wonderful mix of Rei and the kids living wonderful and cute lives with all of the horrible connotations of Rei questioning if she is Rei or not and grappling with the fact that there is just memories she will never recover. I think you also handled Endeavor really well. In fact I think everyone is fully in character. I love the progression of Touyas character as well in this fic. Thank you again for the lovely read.
7/5/2020 c6 danlyra
please update sir, dont torture us
7/4/2020 c6 4poprockie
Dang, coming out here with all these amazing stories. This is crazy good! And ugh- I want so desperately to know what happens next, even if you did say it was just drabbles. I hope Touya gets in and he's happy, Doctor Natsuo is great, and Fuyumi out here becoming a Ninja or smth. XD cant wait to see where this goes next!
7/2/2020 c6 TheBeauty
I really love this story :) Thank you for making it. I'm somewhat relieved that Enji is making progress much sooner.
6/21/2020 c6 AchillesI
every story i see from you i reject it the first time i see it, cause i see the summary and think "nah, not reading this sappy shit" then every time i revisit and read the story i love it . The writing, the emotions and how its structured.
6/13/2020 c2 moleluv
god i love baby shouto he's such a cute little pudge
5/17/2020 c6 Tenshimeowmanga
Not updated in a year and a cliffhanger, my favorite ingredients to my disappointment soup.
5/13/2020 c6 88Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
I didn't think I'd like this as much as I did. I love what you've done with each of the characters, especially Enji. Most people just paint him as an abusive sob who doesn't care and are done with it. I love the nuance you put into him though. It's very true to what canon has been saying recently and puts into account of 'you may not MEAN to be abusive, but that doesn't stop it from BEING abusive.' That being said, the fact that he's willing to work on it, that he appreciates this woman who just doesn't let fear drive her so much as determination to protect her children, how all of the kids react to her, how she just makes their lives better all around, but it's their reactions to her - how she's inspiring them to make their own choices to be better, not forcing them to all around - that really encompass one of my favorite messages from BNHA. She's their hero. Even - maybe especially - Enji's.

My only criticism is that we don't get anything from her former life. We know she was 24... and that's about it. We don't get her previous family situation (I'm assuming two parents who stayed together or two parents who divorced on good terms) her schooling, her interests, what kind of music does she like? What does she do in her spare time, little though it may be? Does she miss her parents? Any siblings she had? How does that affect the children or Enji or anyone else she interacts with? Does she have any faith she's bringing back from the other timeline? How did she end up in this timeline? Did she die in the other one, or did she go to sleep and just wake up here? Is that what the quirk of the villain does? Reach across universes and pluck someone else's soul to switch with whoever they're touching or the like? Is the original Rei stuck in our main character's (we don't even know her original name...) body? Will they eventually switch back or not? Are we getting any inklings one way or the other? No... and I'd really like to see more of that. Maybe she could write it all down in a story? Her own bibliography presented as a story? Or a series of short stories, perhaps. A long series of short stories and vignettes, maybe? Just an idea.

My favorite part of this, though, is showing how someone can be a wife and a mother - totally playing into the stereotype - and still be a strong, valiant woman. Her dedication to her children makes the world a better place, just by her being in it and being so dedicated to someone else's wellbeing. I also appreciate the message that when two parents make efforts to love and care for each other, it's one of the best things they can do for their children. Even if it's just showing them what love looks like.

I look forward to seeing what you do with this. :)
5/9/2020 c1 RimK10
I feel squishy
5/9/2020 c6 1hellocherryblossoms
What a nice story... I really love this story and it really makes me aprreciate my own parents more.. I really hope that you’ll continue making heartwarming stories like this.. The todorokis really need some love <3
5/5/2020 c6 Krysvun
One of the better fix-it stories. Really apreciate your contribution to fanfiction!
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