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for A True Devil on the high seas

1/14 c7 neowesker23
Looking forward to reading more of this epic fanfic
1/7 c9 brandonmunoz499
Mate please update soon. This story is great!
12/23/2020 c9 Guest
come on.
go ahead.
that's a great Story.
I want more
11/28/2020 c9 Guest
Update please
11/21/2020 c9 FendarianT
wow...i'm hooked, thanks for the chap, can't wait for more
11/21/2020 c8 FendarianT
devil arms get!
11/15/2020 c9 Sir Jerington
Can you nerfing fucks stop making these shit stories? Or at least put that your a dumb nerfing fuck in the summary so people don't have to waste their time reading only to find out it's trash.
11/6/2020 c9 Jetaqwdf
I demand a new chapter now
11/1/2020 c2 Rangle
That's right you have to nerf Dante and make him a cheerleader/tag along for Luffy. Also, Arlong should kick Dante's ass.
10/31/2020 c9 Dylan-A-Friend
10/30/2020 c9 1Red Dusk 369
Shouldn't the straw hats (& Vivi) ask what the fury was a well?
10/27/2020 c9 Arbiter3670
I was hoping Dante would tell them from DMC3 to DMC1 then DMC4 then DMC2 since it’s something to do with the timeline from beginning when Dante first opened his business of Devil may cry to Visiting hell just to give you a heads up but anyway good luck with the next chapter man and hope Dante gets to see Robin soon?
10/27/2020 c9 GunBlade2021
Hi there

I always enjoy Dante's personality, it's great!

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
10/27/2020 c9 Phantom Symbiote
awesome update can't wait for more
10/26/2020 c9 Symbiote-queen
Why does he have king cerberus? He gets that way after balrog, he even gets devil sword Dante before king cerberus
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