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for RWBY Grand Order: Rise Of Hunters

2/6 c1 1Number1Guy
You’re going to die as a failure.
7/23/2022 c1 Dasgun
. .
6/20/2022 c1 Guest
Bad grammar, read at your own peril.
7/22/2021 c7 1LionLordEscanor
How do muscles ache if he’s a mass of mana?
7/22/2021 c5 LionLordEscanor
I’m a little confused. The description said they were given a second chance in exchange for helping get rid of the Grimm. Is that not jacks case?
6/10/2021 c19 3RonaldM40196867
Things are getting heavy.
4/28/2021 c13 WOLF SIN OF GREED
Great story but would it be possible to have a few chapters or a prequel story about how all the heroic spirits got to remnant and their time in the academy’s that lead to the current story. Also Iskandar is by far my favorite spirit of the fate series and his semblance is very fitting for him.
2/21/2021 c10 15Allfather-Ford
Uncle Vlad Drakul meeting Ruby, now that's a surprise. Oh, Sieg and Fafnir appears at the end.
2/21/2021 c9 Allfather-Ford
Team RWBY is gather around, as long as Ruby is not hiding out cookies.
2/21/2021 c8 Allfather-Ford
Oh, we have some discoveries there.
2/21/2021 c7 Allfather-Ford
Qrow is doing fine. Okay, so I see that Salem is going to make her presence. Oh, this chapter was written by the time Stan Lee's death happened, rest in peace.
2/21/2021 c6 Allfather-Ford
First we have Ruby and Yang hearing news of Qrow being injured. Then, Astolfo, our fave femboy, makes his appearance.
2/21/2021 c5 Allfather-Ford
Qrow makes his appearance. Yeah, I did see the past reviews of this story relating to your flaws and strives to improve as a fanfic writer, that sounds fine.
2/21/2021 c4 Allfather-Ford
Now there's some battles there of Grimm and Faunus, then a figure is watching at the end saying no one hurts dad.
2/21/2021 c3 Allfather-Ford
Some Fate characters involve. And I see the two villains (Cinder and Adam) make their debuts in this story.
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