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for Why the emus won the war (but didn't get to celebrate Halloween)

4/14 c1 Andrea1984
Interessant, sehr gut beschrieben, mit einem überraschenden Ende.

Liebe Grüße

2/19/2020 c1 JoAnna
I don't know, how it happened, but I found this story today and what a shame that it took me so long to read it. I'm just laughing so much, that I had to tell you it's brilliant ;)
6/13/2019 c1 3DW.618
Very funny vignette! 100% polyester kangaroo. Burning the Bible. Izzy is not a "delicate" child. Jake...lover of science facts (I have a child just like that!)
4/9/2019 c1 multidisaster
Joyce burned the Bible *wheeze*
11/2/2018 c1 18Alinyaalethia
You kniw, as the country that declared the beaver it’s official animal, I’m really not sure we can cast any stones about weird animals. We also have the Loon, which looks nice and normal until it takes off. They don’t have hollow bones (bet Jake can explain why, but I can’t ) and watching them take off is something else. They have to run the length of a football field (American football here) before flight is remotely possible. And they look, well, loony, while do doing.

In other news, clearly no one sang Joy ‘Barbara Allen’ in her infancy. Or maybe it’s just me who heard it and immediately wondered what Martinmas time was, muvh less when it was in and about. So that wraps up Alinya on Musical Nom-Sequiters. From there we progress to How to Be A Saint, purely for Koy’s enlightenment. See, you start with a white animal. They all get white animals in hagiography. Even Martin if Tours, though I forget what Bede gave him. Anyway, deer are popular. You meet them in woods or by tigers, the animals. The animal then leads you to challenge the king. The Prince of Wakes will do nicely here. After that you must fight at least one dragon (Kangaroo?) and ideally behead it (we’ll waive that one in the name of preserving unsuspecting kangaroos). You then die horribly in defense of all that is sacred to you. So ends Hahiography 101 as per the Anglo-Saxon approach. (It really does mention Martin. And Gerald of Wales has thoughts on the beaver that would boggle Joy.) Aldo Anglo-Saxon and relevant here, King Alfred once inscribed a book with orders -and I paraphrase, as I forgetbthe quote -that books were sacred and anyone in defilement of one was damned for eternity. This always delights me as a fellow lover of books.

Now, about the story. This is delightful. Well done on weaving in every prompt ever without it ever once feeling shoehorned. The tension escalated perfectly. From the conundrum of Halloween to Joy’s terrifying efficiency being directed at costumes, to Jake’s encyclopaedic knowledge of animals, and Rilla’s appreciation for still looking cute where possible, it’s a lovely piece of history. Dan copes admirably with this general lunacy, while Joy’s response to eel offerings is both appreciable and Anne-like. Jake being unfazed suggests he had much in common with Dan, right doen to the diplomatic ‘eels are fish, Mum.’

Here again I enjoy the sisterly interplay between Rilla and Joy. They are more tearing than plotting here, and it’s good fun. But mostly I think I’m glad to see her in communion with more than Walter. RoI always set her a bit outside her own family circle, and I much prefer this interaction, I have to say.

Though really, pursuing Buckingham palace in light of the drenching is only friend play. Such experiences (less the royalty) were a staple of walks in Scotland and exposure foes boot breed appreciation, I can tell you. There’s nothing worse than soggy ankles and damp clothes. I can *almost* understand the book burning. But I’m still on a King Alfred’s side.
11/1/2018 c1 12MrsVonTrapp
This is certainly a diverting romp, befitting that magical and mystical Halloween time, even if the Swiss don't quite know what to do with a collection of costumed strangers on their doorstep demanding treats. I applaud your details regarding Australian wildlife, for indeed wearing any sort of animal costume would be my own idea of Halloween hell, and I am of the opinion that the waning craze for adult onesies, animal themed or no, is an abomination up there with the ever-brief time of knickerbockers for girls in the 1980's (I tell you, when I was too young to know any better I had a pair of navy velvet ones. And some sort of page boy-type haircut. I looked like Little Lord Fauntleroy).

But I digress. We have many Australian animal references here, excellently researched and appropriately... different (lets say unique rather than weird, shall we!) though Jake is very right in we being unable to claim the charming armadillo. Though I am afraid that elizasky refers to the native dingo's somewhat maligned status, due to one of our most famous and emotional legal cases, later a film starring Meryl Streep, which shows its importance to our recent historical, legal and cultural landscape. So the dingo here, though looking friendlier that the emu, would elicit a very mixed response! (though Mama and Baby Kangaroo are winning, and Jake's wombat just confirms his status as kinda geek-adorable). And Dan. That lovely, patient guy needs a medal here, and I'm just not referring to the costumes!

I very much liked the idea of transplanted species you have built here, and which their mad costumes wonderfully emphasise. These Canadians are still strangers in a sometimes strange land, as too the Prince will be, not just by nationality but by virtue of his title and responsibilities. That in turn delightfully unfolds into your Cinderella/rilla tale, which is all about appearances and stereotypes and breaking through them, as you have already artfully begun to do in your main story. After all, Cinderella LOOKED like a lowly household domestic servant (taking the prejudice of the times here, not perceptions now!) and yet that was by far different to the reality, just as this is wittily reflected in Jake (a delightful Carl-ish personality, with a little of Shirley's exacting need for correct detail!) and his amusing back-and-forth with Joy ("They LOOK Australian"). That was rather brilliant of you! I look forward to seeing how that plays out further. And kudos for ALL of the prompts making their way in there!

As for me, I am well versed in MANY Australian wars and skirmishes, but hadn't heard of the Emu Wars either, so book passage for me on that boat out with oz diva!

A fun and fab update!
11/1/2018 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
This was a delight. Rilla's voice continues to fill me with warmth and happiness (I was going to say joy, but that would be confusing). Love the appreciation of Australian natives, and the confusion with animals that are unique enough to be thought of as Australian (unique, not weird :)), love the American insistence to practice Halloween in a country that doesn't consider it the norm (even though they're Canadian). So many delights here, the petulant intelligent child reminds me of Jem in AOI, and you managed to bring eels in - nice double prompt tap! And then to end with a good old fashioned bible burning, albeit unintentional So much fun! And so many hints of what's to come with the POW being in Geneva at the same time as our Rilla. Love it all
11/1/2018 c1 AnneShirley
Eels, burning Bibles, random facts about emus, Joy planning to 'invoice Buckingham Palace for a life size kangaroo costume made of 100% polyester', and Jake doing a pretty good imitation of Carl Meredith - what a perfect prequel. I love the way that this family seems utterly normal, yet so funny. This particular chapter has the air of a sadly-forgotten episode of I Love Lucy, with all the costumes (particularly kangaroos) and the cross-cultural culinary mishaps.

The Emu Wars sound fascinating. I've been reading up on little-known protests and battles in history, for an unrelated story I'm trying to write, and this one definitely belongs in it. I can almost imagine the scene, and it makes me laugh every time.

Joy seems to be the one Blythe child (that we've been introduced to) who's a replica of Anne, right from her driven competitiveness in the first chapter in Twist of Fate to the fact that, in this chapter, she looks ready to bring a slate down on the royal head of the Prince of Wales. I imagine that when the prince does phone Cinderilla up, three years later after the ball at the UN, Joy will be on hand to give him a piece of her mind about puddles, diplomatic cars, insect microhabitats and that polyester kangaroo suit. I also liked that little nod to canon in which you say that Joy was a delicate child - it's thought-provoking how Joy would almost certainly have survived if born in the modern era.

Though a small request - a little Walter, next chapter. I want to know he exists, even if you insist on following canon (death by gun violence? Come on, it's possible). And Anne and Gilbert? How about a family reunion? I know I'm being as demanding as Izzy and almost as nerdy as Jake. But yeah, it's a compliment when your characters are so well drawn that they can become similes in their own right.
10/31/2018 c1 37oz diva
Excellent title there. Snappy like.

Well you covered all the prompts (I had forgotten the water disaster one). and you worked in the armadillo nicely too.

This was a fun little family story for Halloween and it manages to give us some background on the characters which is fun too.

I am embarrassed to say I'd never heard of the Emu War. I shall show myself out of the country.

My question is, will any of this crop up later in the story?
10/31/2018 c1 10Excel Aunt
I don't know how this will fit into the rest of your story, Twist of Fate, but yes, I would agree with Joy that dressed as a kangaroo holding little Izzy as her joey would be very cute! It's sort of strange how riled she gets when drenched, she does become a rather fierce animal, scary too! Luckily her joey was nice and dry or the mama K would have been even more upset. (Ha! She's burning a Bible!)

I really appreciate how much of a family vibe I got out of this. I love seeing Dan so involved with helping with the kids. And Jake is very much an encyclopedia of knowledge, esp. about animals. And their ease with one another, as if their family unit has always included the five of them.

In other thoughts, I knew right away that armadillos weren't Australian, but I wonder if the jackalope could be? Another myth of the Central Plains state.

So, were they trick or treating and they got eel instead? That' has to be a great delicacy in Switzerland. How close is an ocean? To be honest, I would have preferred eel to getting a piece of pumpkin pie. Give me eel or give me a bucket if I had a choice. Not that I've tried eel but my hate of pumpkin goes deep.

As Anne o'the Island already noted, and probably did so better, you've hit nearly all the prompts in the past, the water disaster, the book burning, and the Halloween them.

Anyway, I sort do hope Joy bills Buckingham Palace or this comes back up given where you've left off in that story.
10/31/2018 c1 14elizasky
Joy has quite the temper, doesn't she? She's a slate-smasher if ever there was one. Not that I blame her too much when the ghosts of all prompts past have risen to haunt her. I see eels, burning book/Bible, a disaster involving water . . .

Dan, on the other hand, seems quite placid. Good to have some balance in a relationship, though I do hope he doesn't get steamrolled by Joy. Her frustration isn't really directed at him, but still, I imagine it could be difficult to be the more passive person in a marriage with someone more volatile. Though he does have that "mellowing" effect on her, so I suspect that they make a good team. I am a little scared of Joy and her glare!

Earnest Jake with his horror of Bible burning might have gotten along with Iain in another universe. Depending on the arrangement of Merediths in this one, I imagine he'll find a friend in Uncle Carl. Perhaps they can entertain one another instead of informing everyone else. They can give the eel speech in unison :)

Jake must be about the same as age as Bruce, isn't he? (If Bruce exists.)

I was trying to pay attention to the relationship between Joy and Rilla in this chapter. They felt a bit more sisterly here, perhaps because Joy was being a little silly - planning coordinated costumes, letting her temper get away from her, etc. In the first chapter, she seemed much more motherly toward Rilla, in part because she was more efficient, calm, and orderly. Here, they might have been the same age.

I suspected the Prince before you said anything. Will he tell a story somewhere down the road about that time he splashed a bunch of out-of-place Americans in Geneva?

I liked the little period details here, like the fancy iPhone that was brand new in the summer of 2007. (Though Rilla is probably lucky that she is in Switzerland, as wearing a dingo costume in the US would be an invitation for 1,000 repetitions of baby-eating jokes.) I did appreciate that Rilla had a care for the cuteness of the outfit.

Casually ripping pages from any book to start a fire had me gasping, though. Even if it wasn't the Bible, that raises all sorts of questions about goes on at this version of Ingleside!

A fun, funny little peek into Joy's family and Rilla's place in it. Though I must protest the postponement of more current chapters of Cinderilla. So the All Saints Day prompt is . . . uh . . . everybody post a chapter of Twist of Fate. Ok, go.
10/31/2018 c1 4Anne O' the Island
EELS! You had eels! And a burning Bible! And a disaster involving water! Right, then, it's official: you have reached goddess status.
On other notes, you included Martinmass, which is one of my favorite autumnal holidays. Although the whole of the Autumn's filled with glorious holidays and festivals, so it's hard to choose an absolute favorite.
Lastly: platypuses or platypi? This is something we debate around here all the time (and don't get us started on "Octopus" and "Moose").

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