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for The Problems of Time Travel

1/14/2019 c33 28Son of Whitebeard
ooh powerful seers
1/13/2019 c33 21katmom
Oh dear...more trouble immediately ahead!

Your bad guys make me shudder. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for them.
1/12/2019 c2 mumphie
So, the Dark Lord Snape?
1/12/2019 c32 katmom
Whoa, what an exciting chapter. Thanks for sharing.
1/12/2019 c32 Kerrion
Very ironic of Draco claiming he will not bow to some half blood when that’s exactly what his father is doing . Moron Weasley is still ghastly as ever . Please don’t make this a a Harry harem story . If there is one thing I hate in Harry Potter stories is the dreadful harem . It’s a sick and disgusting plot used in stories that I refuse to read . Harry only needs one mate one love and that’s Hermione. I don’t get the authors or the readers with the sick fantasy of seeing Harry with up to 10 different women . It’s usually a guy trying to live out their sick twisted fantasy through FanFiction. Please update soon! .
1/10/2019 c31 katmom
Excellent. I love that the truth is out there.
1/10/2019 c31 1setokayba2n
,,, I read the story and I remember "The power of Paranoia" by looking at how Riddle could take 'sacrifices' maybe if the 'sacrifices' leave Hogwarts, let's see what Riddle can do, because those that stay in Slytherin can't maintain Diagon Alley and the ministry. Also, if Malfoy is too easy to be 'Imperioused' maybe they should put a law that say "Those who have been imperioused 3 times, need to be under surveillance to make sure they are not a danger" Also, I'm surprised that Dumbledore is still in the ICW, he say he is wise, maybe he can comment how he voted for RiddleVoldemort to be minister or his past affair with Grindlewald.

And seriously, Dumbledore say that go to war will cost many lives... How many are going to be lose if they don't go to war? Are they going to let Grindlewald kill them for the greater good?
1/10/2019 c31 RCPMione
nice update - please keep writing!
1/10/2019 c31 4a guy1013
just keep updating and will this be a harem or no
1/10/2019 c31 Kerrion
Albus the ass , have he told anyone about his little letter to his sweet lover Grindelwald ? Of course Harry is going dark if he doesn’t listen to the great and all knowing dumbassdore . Lucius the sniveling coward as always .
1/10/2019 c30 Kerrion
I guess Malfoy forgot his little pledge to the lord black . I hope Harry makes him confess to the attack and not use that I was under the imperious curse excuse .
1/9/2019 c30 21katmom
It’s good that he has a plan!
Thanks for sharing.
1/9/2019 c31 jwright42572
Love this story. Never seen anything like this in the seven years of reading fanfiction. Can see Harry being stronger and smarter with the love and guidance of family and friends.
1/8/2019 c30 4a guy1013
just keep updating
1/8/2019 c29 Deathday Party Planner
Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your marvelous muse!
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