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8/31/2020 c41 Runecutter
Uhhh does Dumbledore even see his own cognitive dissonance? If the goal is to preserve as much magic and magical blood in the world, he should be furious about Grindelwald eating it up to strengthem himself... he must be delusional. What did Ariana give him against his withering hand, maybe that is putting his brain on reverse?
8/31/2020 c40 Runecutter
On the danger of annoying you... that was predictable (the fourth potter being Dora, the nervous one presenting the plan). "create too much smoke" and make the plan known in the castle where plenty of traitors were waiting to give it away?
But it WAS a good one. All a bit hasty and short for a "enormous" rescue mission, this alone could have filled four or five chapters, but the plotting was good enough.

Spelling suffered a bit though... Harry "wrote" a Thunderbird, Hermione "sue" a Portkey, rode and use seem to be the intended words.

And it quickly becomes time to finish this off. All this Pompousness-Off is starting to grate on my nerves. Ron first of all. Bloody Ron.
8/31/2020 c39 Runecutter
The irony of Dumbledore being SO dark, so willing to put wizards over all other life, pushing atrocities like the Muggle Society of the beginning of this story and STILL defending Grindelwald as "misguided" like he was Hagrid and Gellert a dragon... and yet he keeps babbling on about Harry "falling into Darkness". Is he jealous or is it just his head turning mushy with old age?
8/31/2020 c38 Runecutter
not much to say, very action filled chapter, no big flaws... Unless one counts including the travesty that is the Beasts Movies Storyline, things like Obscurials and Nagini being a woman that stick out of the Potterverse like a sore thumb that got turned into an Inferius... and Grindelwald rampaging through America and France but not building a powerbase in frigging Nazi Germany... but well... it's the basis of this story so hardly a failure of it. That one is straight on JKR.
only thing i noticed (again) not related to the movies was that you spell Aberforth wrong. Very consistently ever since he appeared in the story.
8/31/2020 c37 Runecutter
Uhhh... didn't snape POSE as "Barty Crouch" and they did not find out such until it was too late and the worst alrady had happened? That means they would not have reason to suspect Barty to be a servant of the OTHER Dark Lord, unless Regulus warned them.
Usually i would be excited about a War council being so forward, clever and receptive only they deduce things they CANNOT see that way as they were present for the events that happened differently...

As for Gellert... i have only one thing to say. No, Mr G. History does not work that way... even if they win, murderous lunatics are NOT celebrated and "thanked by the future generations", they are sooner or later covered up in shame and derided for their inhumanity, their life's work swept away by the inevitable backlash.
Well okay i now have a second thing to say to the monster... if you think "sacrificing" (slaughtering) millions is okay when there are billions... just think how many magicals the billions would be willing to slaughter in vengeance for their siblings fallen to your sick genocide. Is every 1000th living human magical? one in 10,000? Even less? that is only between 7.5 million and 750,000. for the whole world. Britain in 1995 had 58 million inhabitants, that is between 6000 and 60,000 magicals. Of which a LOT has already died in the various attacks. At least a couple of hundred. France had about the same population size and here you just killed at least 500 in ONE swath and that after a bloody war ending in the death of hundreds. Germany lost wizards both when you took over and when you threw them against their neighbors. You do not have many to get killed and you already went through them like a butcher, reducing the number left for the muggles to take bitter revenge on by a significant share... as you used muggle weapons for the massacre, you must be aware what they can do... and those were not even NUKES.
Your attempt to take on the Muggle world by brute force is insanity. Absolutely hopeless, until your final goal is a world burned to cinder and with no life left on it. What will be left to rule?
8/30/2020 c31 Runecutter
Dumbledore is an arse... the blood of innocents is on the hands of those that do NOT act. Who cares about the blood of murderers that had to be stopped?
And that "dark path" nonsense is almost unforgivable (for you as author) as it is so clich├ędriven and unrealistic. Who is on the dark path? The one standing by when life is taken and doing nothing to end another's dark path or the one defending the victims and trying to end the Dark Path of the bad guys? The Road to hell is plastered with twinkling eyes and appeasing platitudes!
8/30/2020 c29 Runecutter
Why would anybody deem London Bridge (admittedly a well known nursery rhyme, but the modern bridge ISN'T the one from the Rhyme anymore, but was twice replaced) more famous and beloved than TOWER bridge?

LOL ... yeah SURE .. HARRY broke the Statute of Secrecy, not the morons actually ATTACKING muggles with visible magical spells... Wizards have no brain. Also kind of late to try to keep the whole thing under cover after Grindelwald burned TWO European Metropoles... this is the Fudge spirit of "being seen doing something", while avoiding to actually have to do something to stop the willful breaches.
8/30/2020 c28 Runecutter
only sending others to their death is NOT a sacrifice (for you), Albus... and preferring purebloods for NO discernable reason is short sighted and dangerous on its own. And the interpretation of Potter's work... "risking lives in his personal crusade for glory" is pretty hypocritical. Projection much mr Bumblebee...?

I can understand Ron and Albus, i just wish they were more fleshed out persons, not these caricatures of their book selves, "flanderizing" the attributes and behavior.
8/30/2020 c25 Runecutter
oh great... "movie inspirations". You do not need that uninspired moneygrab of a storytelling disaster, you have done WAY better than the WB project.
Well at least the aftermath was original... does Gellert know WHO killed him? That would at least be thrilling. Too bad Fleur and Gabrielle did not need the Hospital wing so they could discover a pretty familiar amulet there ;-)
8/30/2020 c24 Runecutter
Ehh no. Simply NO.
IF you want a "Black" it would have to be NERO, whose name was NOT Octavius and who also officially only did have one offspring, a daughter so no patrilineal dynasty formed beyond his death... and "Augustus" as in Gaius Octavius (called Thurinus) did long use the name Gaius Iulius Caesar (called Octavianus) before he became Emperor and did not get called Augustus till long after when he was already "imperator Caesar, divini Filius", "Commander Caesar child of the godly" as an imperatorial title. The "venerable" (Augustus) was attached to the end of the previous title/name, so "Augustus Octavius Black" is simply bullshit.

Nero would work, as he committed suicide pretty young due to people being unhappy about his style of governance and rumours we still recall like "fiddling to the burning Rome"... Pretending he killed himself and removing his presence from the muggleworld to the magical side would work. There he could have had all the kids he wanted. A Story about how he had to defend Rome from a magical enemy that had burned it down and thus was on a campaign no muggle could know about with his magical armies, would totally fit the data AND your needs.

But Nero's official names were: Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (at birth); Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus (AD 50 - about his 13th birthday...) and Regnal name "Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus" with Nero the word meaning BLACK. Caesar and Augustus are titles, going back to the two founders of the Julian dynasty Caesar and Octavian. Claudius is his family name as a Daughter of Augustus has married a Claudius and founded that offshoot of the family of Caesar... Nero would be a nickname or first name and Drusus and Germanicus were names given to him in remembrance of other relatives of his that had such famous monikers.

I am also not sure what you mean with "who had won the hundred years war".. that war was a british LOSS, the French reconquered ANY land Britain and the king held (it had started out as William the Conquerors original Barony in the Normandy, for most of the time included "Aquitaine" or the lower third of France next to the Spanish border and the Atlantic coast and grown throughout the war to about 60% of France...) except for Calais i think and that only held out for half a century longer...

but i like "Memento Mori"... the ritualistic sentence whispered into the ear of a victorious general to remind him he might be CELEBRATED like a god at the moment, but he was still just a mortal being. A concept SOME modern "adored" figures could learn a lot from.
8/30/2020 c23 Runecutter
Do i need to say ANYTHING?
8/29/2020 c22 Runecutter
Damn... that fight was anticlimactic... wizards are IDIOTS... fighting in confined spaces, lacking any useful stuff to BLOCK the dratted unforgivables. Sure he SHOULD have killed them, after all he is supposed to be a danger, but so easily? That's the same sillyness of designing horribly bland fights that JKR succumbed to. NOT a proud moment.
Also Riddle should have to pay hell for his arrogance to use ONLY the killing curse. That one is simply an invitation to get your arse kicked as it SHOULD be not successful with anybody able to conjure or magically summon/move stone or metal to block it and without injuries and tiredness after a long duel anybody with a sound head on their shoulders should only ever fight in spaces open enough to DODGE it. It's a fight ending move when your enemy is down, not a "powerful strike" in the middle of it when you lack control of the environment.
Arcturus reaction is emotionally strong, but the fight was disappointing.
8/29/2020 c21 Runecutter
Oh Riddle... so fast back to mustach twirling old fashioned villainy?
There truly is nothing to the vaunted Slytherin cunning and sneakyness if that is the best a "minister of magic" can achieve... He's just lucky his Dark Mark is only a concept yet and wasn't used... the new wards SHOULD not be happy about its presence and HArry would other than Dumbledore not let something like that slide. Not after the attempts to decapitate the Hufflepuffs to cement Slytherin rule over the Ministry. Or the Dementor attack.
8/29/2020 c19 Runecutter
Dun dun duuuunnnn...
Tom once more is too smart for his own good.
Which is good for us that we root for the "good side" to survive and be victorious :D
8/29/2020 c18 Runecutter
Another great chapter ... and i suspect Harry knowing about Slytherin and his work on the wards would mean that Riddle knowing the "key" does not matter too much, he won't stay in control for long as Harry knows far more about them... and if the Cloak continues to surprise-boost his finishing moves, the Snakey one might be in for a bad surprise. I can only hope :D
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