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for The Problems of Time Travel

2/29/2020 c23 Osmodious
This is an interesting story...very complex plot, lots of creative ideas (the big moral so far seems to be don’t mess with time, you could be responsible for a worse world), overall pretty well done. There are some holes, things that happened that get forgotten (for example, Arcturus was a big planner and The Wizengamot session in this chapter was planned out...but it was mentioned that Riddle wore the locket, and Arcturus had been told about it, so why didn’t they grab that as well as the Stone?), and the ease of Umbridge and others getting away with things (even getting promoted), stretches credulity. Anyway, it is an enjoyable, if occasionally mildly frustrating, story...thanks for posting!
2/28/2020 c43 8ZenJack
I love your Ron. You've nailed what an idiot he is. He used to be my favorite but over time I saw what a POS he is. About done with this story so update Maester Wolf soonish. ;-)
2/27/2020 c23 ZenJack
Yes! Go Black and never go back!
2/27/2020 c20 ZenJack
Yeeaaah! Death is Harry's bitch.
2/21/2020 c32 RandoUser777
He should not let Draco into house Black. I am sure you will make that bite Harry in his butt
2/21/2020 c30 RandoUser777
Well, now Harry is just being dumb and prideful. If your enemies are going to be underhanded and bend the rules, there are sometimes you have to as well.
2/1/2020 c47 gbttown1
Fantastic story! Well thought out, well written.
1/19/2020 c29 Morning Songbird
A question please? Are you Nigerian?
11/10/2019 c47 1PirateGypsieQueen
Fabulous work. Although I must admit I was expecting a reference to French Toast after Harry returned to the "normal" timeframe!
10/24/2019 c32 8ZenJack
Your verb tenses are all over the place. Yeah.
10/22/2019 c22 ZenJack
Oh no, so much dust in here.
10/8/2019 c14 J
Love It
10/8/2019 c14 Rob
Good story
9/23/2019 c47 2geekysole
Great story and very well written.. even though I wanted Ron to meet a very gruesome end completely because of his own stupidity. ty
8/22/2019 c46 Artimuos Sen
I believe the Hallows only works better when they are not used for what the creators meant to do with them except the Cloak.
Like the Wand it was made to defeat and kill the wielded's enemy but Dumbledore used it to protect, same for the stone Harry used it not for to meet his parents because of regret but to take advice, and remember Dumbledore tried to use the stone to meet his sister because of the regret he felt and paid the price indirectly, even Voldemort died because he misused the wand and only Harry never misused any of these means only he was qualified to become master of death, which could have been explained by JK Rowling better.
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