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for Jasper's Love

1/5 c1 keraatchley05
Loved it
11/27/2022 c19 6meg5442
i have just discovered your story and I am quite enjoying it. Jasper and Bella or Paul and Bella are my favorite pairings and this Jasper is such a gentleman. Anyway I love your story thanks for sharing.
9/26/2019 c10 Green Eyed Lana Lee
It was a fun family chapter until the arrival of the nomads! They really frightened Bella!

Happy Writing!
9/26/2019 c9 Green Eyed Lana Lee
I liked how you changed everyone's story such that Rose was accepting of her change, how Alice found the Cullen' s and an was mated to Edward!

Happy Writing!
8/3/2019 c17 Jaysto
Great story so far looking forward to where you take it.
8/1/2019 c17 9the newest daughter
Take a deep breath Major and then go kick some ass
7/26/2019 c17 1LunaM303
I'm not even gonna try to guess but anyways. what was I gonna say oh yea U LEAVE BELLA AND IF THE WOLVES FIGHT U . .THEM U WILL BLAZE THEY ARE MINE well not Sam because of emily,Jared due to Kim,Quil cause of clare,Leah because not bi,and Seth Collin and Brady because they are my babies BUT THE REST IS MINES AND ILL BE DAMN IF THEY GET HURT BECAUSE OF ÉSA PUTA*take a deep breath*too much?
5/22/2019 c16 sarae32
All I can say is I hope Bella is the one to destroy Maria! I’m sure when Bella turns she’ll be a force that no other vampire has ever seen. Great chapter
5/22/2019 c13 sarae32
Who has so many space clothes? I’m curious, does bella have a shield because it’s never talked about with Edward trying to read her mind. Great chapter
5/22/2019 c12 sarae32
More shirtless Jasper please.
5/22/2019 c11 sarae32
Great chapter! Can’t wait to meet Peter and Charlotte.
5/21/2019 c5 sarae32
Impressed Bella’s dad lets her spend the night with someone she just met. I mean, I’m not saying I object just not a typical high school parent mind set. I am loving Jaspers use of ‘Darlin’, best word in the southern dictionary. Great chapter
5/21/2019 c3 sarae32
I love hearing both Jasper and Bella’s POV. And Jasper is beyond perfect in this story. Great chapter
5/14/2019 c3 4Kayozm
I love that you’re not demonising Edward or Alice. I find that aspect of Bella-Jasper stories challenging sometimes.

Do you use a word pressing program like Word to edit, or are you typing straight into the app? I think using the grammar and spelling functions of word, or better yet granmarly, might help you pick up some errors, which would make for a better reading experience.

Have you thought about asking for a beta reader, or just a proof reader?

I also like your Jasper’s softness, if that’s the right word. I could imagine falling for him!
12/30/2018 c1 amy.campbell.378199
Cute start with a very nice Jasper
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