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for unnatural selection

3/27 c2 Haruka001
Hope you continue this
3/27 c1 Haruka001
Love this
12/4/2020 c2 Guest
More chapters please
7/14/2020 c2 OmegaUltima
Well, here's a small snack for your muse, hopefully it at least helps a little :P
6/8/2020 c2 shazza085
5/21/2020 c2 ChaoticInscriber
Oh dear. What unholy vengeance on the world would be wreaked if he actually does introduce Tony and Kisuke and they manage to get along? Not even necessarily as buddies, but even as stubborn cranky rivals of a sort. Can you imagine the chaos they could cause messing with each other as much as everyone else? XD
If Loki was himself and not A Mess, he'd probably find spectating entertaining, whether or not he chose to participate. Even as A Mess he might, if they can erase the traces tying him back to Thanos enough that he can start recovering.
(Also, I want Ichigo's impression of their respective Energies to come up aloud at some point - if only to point out to Loki that while his ribbon might have a lot to it Thor's doesn't, he also has a very strong streak of what Thor's is entirely made up of, therefore spiritually, at least, he is at minimum part-Asgardian, not wholly Frost Giant no matter what anyone has said to the contrary. He might be a hybrid of some sort, but he's still legitimately Asgardian in soul, even if he is also something else.)

...If this follows the movie enough, even Ichigo will eventually end up at Stark Tower, if only because of the machine. Asgardians have alien spiritual energy that he can somewhat recognize now. But what about the Chitauri, and most important to me, JARVIS? (And the 'bots, but they might not be in NY yet or at all, so...)
I adore the idea of Tony's precious creations being his kids a little more literally than most in-universe are capable of ever realizing, that they are legitimately people (though they may have needed to grow a bit before fully counting, frankly so do humans - babies and really small toddlers aren't quite individual people proper yet). In 'verses where souls are actively involved, where there are characters that can actively sense them, the idea of J and the 'bots actually having their own souls, maybe not the same as human souls but still /something/ definable as such? I love it. JARVIS is hardest to detect/id clearly, having such a vast spread of himself - would his soul proper be confined to the all-important server-banks so carefully tucked away and maintained to protect him or is his soul always everywhere he is? Would there be a distinctive layer of his spirit's energy traces in every circuit and wire he may currently be using, everywhere? Would Stark Tower have a neat coating throughout it's walls that's actually a part of J's presence to Ichigo's senses? Would it be stronger in the Lab where Tony spends so much of his time, and therefore J also pours so much dedicated attention into? Or because of the Suit(s), and his ever-presence in them? Does Tony's own soul leave such strong traces in his Lab, his haven, to obscure that unusual trace at first glance? Will he feel slightly different without the Suit and therefore with J's presence confined to his watch and phone instead of wrapped around him so completely?
5/9/2020 c2 Elizabeth loines
Please update
1/16/2020 c2 lara5170
This is very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading more but it seems that it has already been 2 years. Hopefully it will be continued
12/28/2019 c2 VeeVeena
Ahhh love love love it so far!
12/18/2019 c2 kookiefanillatae
more please.. i love the story
10/16/2019 c2 7Black Bankai
This is awesome
8/28/2019 c2 the yokai lover rikuo
8/28/2019 c2 Prince

I so desperately need more of this
8/3/2019 c2 Haruka001
It was amazing
8/3/2019 c1 Haruka001
Ahaha this was so good
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