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for The Callouses That Lovers Earn

9/11 c79 1NeverNeverLady
John alway causes trouble because he wants Henrik himself.
6/26 c78 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
Baby Ingrid sounds cute, maybe we could see a christening for her, with Jac as her Godmother? Looking forward to more
6/24 c78 1NeverNeverLady
If John can see that Henrik isn't altogether happy, why can't Roxanna see it? It's going to cause friction between them & a possible split because he is not considering his own feelings. I always thought John was the better match for Henrik, he can read him far better & if they had got together in Holby City, maybe the whole implant fiasco wouldn't have happened. It was clear that John was in love with Henrik, well to me anyway. I'm not saying that your story is wrong, far from it, it's wonderful, but one has to wonder what might have happened if Henrik had fallen for John instead. Perhaps I should write that story. Meanwhile, stay safe m'dear x
5/19 c77 NeverNeverLady
Not destined for a quiet life, these two, are they? The new chapter is very welcome btw.
3/22 c76 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
Glad that Roxanna delivered a little girl and that Hanssen was by her side, looking forward to more.
3/22 c76 NeverNeverLady
Awww, how lovely!
2/17 c75 Bonnie Sveen Fan
I liked the chapter.
2/16 c75 Cookie
So happy to see new chapter
2/14 c75 NeverNeverLady
This so heartwarming, love it.
8/25/2019 c73 1NeverNeverLady
Aww poor loves, they just have to keep battling on.
8/24/2019 c73 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
Hassen is sweet with Roxanna, glad she had his comfort. It's sweet how they are having a baby girl, I wonder what they'll decide to call her.
4/4/2019 c64 Tenfangirl
Still loving this. If only these two had married when they were younger...
3/12/2019 c57 Bonnie Sveen Fan
Poor Roxanna, glad she had Hanssen go support her.
3/11/2019 c57 Tenfangirl
I'm loving this story, but please be nicer to them!
3/4/2019 c56 Bonnie Sveen Fan
I did think she could be pregnant, but I feel for her with the loss of her father, it seems she’s been through it a lot with the loss of the baby, now the death of her father. Hopefully, Hanssen will be able to attend the funeral with her.
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