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for The Callouses That Lovers Earn

11/7/2018 c5 252SassyRaydorGirl
Omg Gaskall is such a patronising was, isn't he. I hate the way he speaks to Rox. Great updates lovely xx
11/7/2018 c5 Tenfangirl
This is very good, you have captured them well.
11/5/2018 c3 Cookie
Nasty John, hope this has a positive outlook for H&R
11/4/2018 c2 Axe10gas
Love this .
11/3/2018 c2 Cookie
This is good, assume that Henrick is going to tell Rox about his Swedish situation ( personally I’d love Maja to return to help him deal with what script writers have given him)
11/2/2018 c1 Cookie
Sad, but beautiful. Will there be more?
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