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13h c21 FFFudgeUp
great story. I love how your Harry and Mandy are together. This Harry is very powerful and it makes sense in the story. Thanks for sharing
10/29 c21 noice
great story
10/21 c21 4Steve-Arkarian
I really enjoyed this story! I did still have at least one question that I keep mulling over and just haven't asked yet. in slytherin's chamber it was basically his sanctuary but he also set it up so his descendants could get in there and only them, so why were there absolutely no portraits of him anywhere? you would think that he wouldn't necessarily want them for himself but would put them there to guide future family members and whatever?
10/21 c20 Steve-Arkarian
I'm guessing it may have an explanation in the next chapter but I really can't understand at least right now why there are trees blasted apart and in splinters yet voldemort's neck is only kind of severed I mean I it sounded like a chunk of it was missing but I'm also assuming Harry was close enough that Voldemort was the main target so why are trees no longer standing but Voldemort only has a minor ish wound. Yes again I know having your throat torn out is not minor but I mean compared to having a tree blasted apart it's pretty minor.
10/21 c15 Steve-Arkarian
Something that I meant to bring up in a review earlier and kept forgetting to is why is Mandy such a large target? I realize now where they're obviously dating and closer it kind of makes sense but the first time when the death theaters were sent to kidnapper they were going on I guess basically their first date weren't even officially boyfriend girlfriend yet and she was heavily targeted yet his best friends Hermione and Ron even though they've grown apart a little bit they had been best friends for over 5 years and they also went to the department of mysteries with him let alone the other characters that also went yet none of them are being targeted unlike Harry himself and Mandy. Harry and Mandy makes sense at least now but what doesn't make sense is the other characters not being targeted.
10/21 c14 Steve-Arkarian
I don't understand why at the very least the two girls responsible for sending away Harry's girlfriend or whatever weren't already in dumbledore's office and facing punishment when he showed back up. Dobby was aware of who they were and had been told to inform Dumbledore so I'm guessing he also told the names again why weren't they being punished or reprimanded doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
10/20 c11 Steve-Arkarian
So who helped Harry with the dark items like both who and did they fix them at the end of the last chapter because it apparently has not come up again. Are there horcruxes and if there are did the house of give up the one he had? Next with Severus trying to find out Harry's magical secrets why doesn't he just look in Harry's head I figure Harry would fight him but he sucked at the mind arts does he just not looking snakes eyes or did he find another magical equivalent or what's going on because Snape would not hesitate to do that.
10/20 c5 Steve-Arkarian
great story so far! I'm assuming that Harry assumes Dobby has a place to sleep in food and things like that already because it doesn't make sense especially with him doing so much for Harry that Harry wouldn't offer him his own smaller room or food or what have you.
10/7 c21 1themadmartian
This was a very good story, I really like different Harry pairings rather than the usual ones ( Hermione, Ginny etc)
I'll add this to my story favorites.
10/2 c21 Kushka
Great story
9/14 c21 Traveler301
I usually review almost every chapter in any story I really like. But, this one was different. This one made me want to get to the next chapter as soon as possible. I am a relatively slow reader and it took me two whole days and nights to read the whole thing. I just couldn't read it fast enough. I have tabs open on three of your other stories and intend to start reading them later today. I'm really not very good at reviewing any authors stories. The only thing I usually say something ,"Great Story, or well written, blah-blah-blah." To me, that is not reviewing, authors ask for helpful comments, I don't know enough about writing know what to write in a review that would be helpful to anyone I also never review stories I don't like. I just read something else.
You write great stories and for that I thank you,
Ron Pate
9/10 c21 1Jimbocous
Nicely done. Thanks for a great read!
8/28 c21 22Shinobi Gatana
This is an OP Deity Tier Harry Potter story done right. Well done.
8/24 c13 Baby Huey
this is a good pairing. Mandy is pretty much a blank slate for writers to work with. th only things that we know about her from ther books is that she is a Ravenclaw in Harry's year. why are there not more stories with this pairing.
8/18 c19 marvinkitfox1
Do in the magic world what you want, the rules there are flexible and fuzzy.
But DO NOT try to feed us bull about a retired sniper that uses a silencer, and consistently hits his target at 2 miles range.

Adding a silencer to a sniper rifle really fucks up the accuracy. (A suppressor can be used. You are likely dumb enough to believe the two are the same device?)
2 miles is right at the absolute bleeding edge of possibility.
Literally JUST ONE verified kill has been made at that range by a sniper, in ALL OF RECORDED HISTORY.
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