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11/17/2019 c5 2IAmWhoIAm317
Oh god we got another Finnick on our hands
11/10/2019 c3 4ivystormrandomness
Are we shipping Myrian and Gilda here?
11/10/2019 c2 ivystormrandomness
The fact that there's a guy called "Money" scares me a little.
7/20/2019 c9 15Luthien'sLight
Avia seems to be a pathological liar... I’m very impressed by how good she is at it
7/20/2019 c7 Luthien'sLight
“Only a few more minutes. Just a few. Soon, I'll go on my first official date with Nova. This is the best day of my life!
‘Brandon Hughes!’
This is the worst day of my life!”
I feel ya, brother...
7/20/2019 c4 Luthien'sLight
My heart just cracked and broke a little on the inside...
7/7/2019 c37 Guest
So good! This is my 2nd time reading through it and I still love it!
5/10/2019 c37 7Team Shadow
Fantastic story! I know I stopped reviewing a bit back, but I just caught up and figured I'd do a final review on the final chapter.
I'm very happy Macy won, I loved her from the start and knew she had the potential to make it far. Congratulations to Macy and Lilah!
I absolutely adored this chapter. I love seeing the aftermath of the Games, especially seeing how the family reacts and how they continue to live after the games. It's usually always super depressing though XD
I'm very excited for your next SYOT! Keep up the great work!
4/24/2019 c37 EmberLex
It was awesome! But Laiyla! Ahh
4/23/2019 c36 Anna
Uh.. fu— Etta.

Sorry, I had to.

4/23/2019 c37 5zoewinter1
I loved Macy's ending but everybody! else! had! a! sad! ending! I mean it made sense but I'm still crying! Honestly though I loved this fic very, very, very much and I am greatly looking forward to your other SYOTs in the making!
4/21/2019 c33 Guest
Wow, my pick for victor won! And do I get the idea from your author's note that you might write a sequel about her? :)
4/23/2019 c36 zoewinter1
oh man. oh, oh man. oh just. jesus. I remember something similar happened to Johanna Mason cuz she refused to sleep with whoever the capitol commanded her to, but it still breaks my heart. damn. just jesus.
4/23/2019 c35 zoewinter1
You know what I shouldn't be surprised he's been turned into an Avox cuz that makes a lot of sense but uh doesn't stop me from crying like damn man that conversation between the two of them? yeah i cried real tears man damn my heart couldn't take it
4/23/2019 c34 zoewinter1
not gonna lie I knew Shallow would be punished, but man my heart dropped when I heard he's gonna be executed. Echo switched and in the end it was for nothing :'(
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