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2/9 c11 Sara Tady
por favor continue! Passei dias sem dormir lendo essa trilogia perfeita, estou apaixonada por cada personagem. Essa é a melhor historia que já li! Muito bem escrita e cativante
2/9 c12 Sara Tady
Essa é a melhor história do mundo
2/4/2020 c12 53Amelie Reina
Hi, I just recently came across your trilogy and found myself incredibly intrigued by the events unfolding. Your writing brings the characters to life and keeps me smiling as I read. I look forward to your next update!

- Amelie Reina
2/27/2019 c12 Lizi Rose
I love seeing how Zhu acts around her people, and how good of a queen she is. I can't wait for Mulan and Shang to talk, bc I anticipate major drama with that. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to read your black butler work!
2/27/2019 c12 2merendinoemiliano
Nice chapter.
2/4/2019 c11 merendinoemiliano
Good introspection, can't wait for more. I love so much this saga.
1/14/2019 c10 merendinoemiliano
1/1/2019 c9 merendinoemiliano
Great chapter, happy new year.
12/24/2018 c8 merendinoemiliano
Very interesting chapter, good introspection and setting. Curious to see whath the other charachters will do now, good work, merry Christmas and happy new year.
12/19/2018 c7 Quomoto
Need to hear more from you. Your writing is really good!
12/11/2018 c7 Lizi Rose
I love your work so much
12/10/2018 c2 merendinoemiliano
See you soon.
12/10/2018 c7 merendinoemiliano
Very interesting chapter, good dialogues and introspection.
12/9/2018 c1 4spock4ever
Love this story so much, I read all three arcs and it always brightns my day to see a new chapter posted. Thanks for writing and I can't wait to see where it goes :)
12/2/2018 c5 2merendinoemiliano
Best of luck with nexts
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