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7/13/2020 c11 Guest
next chapter coming soon?
6/1/2020 c11 Guest
geez, tenebrae is a total pedophile alright, what's so important about avalon to him? i hope u continue your stories soon.
5/15/2020 c11 Guest
i hope u r continuing with your stories and will have another chapter soon.;)
4/20/2020 c11 Guest
next chapter coming soon or what?
4/7/2020 c11 Guest
u also gonna include shelke, and vincent becoming her guardian?
3/19/2020 c11 Guest
blaze, so good, can't wait for the next chapter.
3/5/2020 c11 Guest
wonder if lumina isn't with tenebrae and is only using him for her own goals and betrays him?
12/23/2019 c11 Guest
ah tenebrae the sick, perverted, pedophile, can't wait to hear this creep's origin story.
12/21/2019 c11 3OrionGold
I'm going to be honest here, Tenebrae is already getting too smug for my liking, which isn't helped by the fact that he's a major creep.
12/17/2019 c11 Guest
i picture nina and zephyr shipping, also i hope u do another chapter of "another side another story" or "reconnected" next.
12/15/2019 c11 Guest
r u gonna write the next chapters of reconnected and another side another story next?
12/16/2019 c11 38Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint
first off the scene were you transferred sora's worriedness to Avalon's joyride was fun. it feels strange seeing sora but the way he berating Tenebrae thought the guy was gonna go anti form or even rage form. how you wrote Tenebrae was intresting more specifly his dialogue with the other characters was intelliient like he is a prince and he has that aristocrat type of voice you would expect from someone with that title it felt like watching antoney Hopkins as hanibal lector with the nicknames he has for the heros sorta like a fusion of ramsey Bolton and maritarty. so far he I do find his character enjoyable and I'm glad you didn't give too much away about his character in this chapter apart from the basics we know about him. yet I wonder why is he a prince and not king you know like in my little pony celestia should be queen yet she was always princess is that the same deal as him unless is his dad chanbarg? the deveil in fantasia oh crap that would be so cool only time would tell. so at least two teams are going to radiant gardian oh dam the irony like if they were a few hours earlieir they could have catched Avalon its like kairi in twilight town in kh2 just that hour difference and they could have been reuntited. still Avalon is going to one of my faveroute movies as a kid I loved sword in the stone they had the vhs in my kids school we did homework on it drew pictures of merlin loved it learning about the knights of Camelot I wonder how Avalon will view kay he pretty much was gaston back in the day yet still become a knight of the round table in the legends depite trying to userp Arthur from time to time ahh brotherly love. and yes gravity falls are that's so cool dipper and mabel are love those two gravity falls was such a great show it was the doctor who of Disney I'm so glad those two got a cameo thank you. blaze and nina sitting on a tre k.i.s.s .i.o.p whatever that means are they going to be a official couple in the future or is this just a crush on blaze's part whatever the case more ff chracters is always fun and type 0 is a cool choice as its more of a side game then a main numbered game like 7,8 or 13. so I really enjoyed this chapter it was fun to read and despite the dramatics moments you put in I felt a lot of humor its great for this time of year. and I am looking forward to Avalon's first Disney world it will be fun makes me nostalgic when I played kh1 for the first time ad going to one of the first 3 Disney worlds. I hope she has a great time I wonder if she and the other two will take a try of pulling Excalibur out of the stone. great chapter loved reading

ps that store with the badges blarg studios ive seen some of their work on facebook after reading the disclaimer they look good. are their prices okay their are some oc's or chracters that are game exclusive i wouldn't mind wearing. so are their prices good and do they ship internally like to the uk?
12/15/2019 c11 8Dark Maiden95
I love Tenebrae's first meeting with Sora! He's just so evil, it's delicious! XD I'm so excited for Avalon's own world adventures to kick off! _
12/5/2019 c1 Guest
next chapter coming this month?
11/21/2019 c10 Guest
i've got an idea for a fanfic for you to create, it's based on deviantart's alice in wonderland ar, ar-kayn art, and kingdom hearts and final fantasy age regression stories, hear me out: after a freak accident involving a damaged star shard and time spell training, kairi, xion, and namine are not only stranded on a forested world, but turned into babies while retaining their adolescent minds, but sometimes lose control and lapse into babyish behaviors. They end up crawling through the forest for awhile while trying to come up with a way to turn themselves back to normal, until one of the girls bumps into someone, who turns out to be black mage lulu (ffx and x-2 character), who happens to be one of yen sid's former students. The girls were scared of her at first because of how she looks, until one of them musters up the courage to speak to her (but because they can't talk, only those with powerful magic like lulu can understand them), that's when they realize that she is a kind and motherly person, who takes them back to where she lives in order to care for them and help figure out how to transform back. In the meantime, adjusting to being a baby again (Kairi) and being babies for the first time (Namine and Xion) has been trying time for them, though they retained their mature minds, they sometimes loose control and lapse into babyish behaviors as mentioned before, but embarrassing to them is diaper change (baby wipes, powder, oil; disposable and cloth (safety pins, tying sides together, snap-on buttons) diapers). As embarassing and uncomfortable the issue is, Lulu's careful and gentle routine of changing their diapers and never teasing them about it made them feel comfortable about her. She dotes and listens to what the girls say and develops a bond with the girls. Namine especially adores her and vice versa, being that they're both misunderstood and knew what it felt like, and namine wanted to know what it was like to have a mother and being babied by one, comes to like being cradled with lulu in a rocking chair feeding her a bottle while she sings to her, try on some clothes, attention, and being taken care of. This bond must be because lulu once had a baby and took care of a young sorceress (rinoa) and a certain fairy trio. Meanwhile, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Axel, Riku, Aqua, Roxas, Ven, and King Mickey, along with Leon, Rinoa, Tifa, Yuffie, Aerith, and Cloud search for them taking in a tip from yen sid and rinoa to go to Lulu's world and ask for her help in finding them because of her abilities, along they way, they find the gullwings who are going to the same world to meet up with their "big sis" and the guardians of light and gullwings travel together, unbeknownst to the guardians, lulu is the one the girls are visiting and is the one the guardians are seeking. it's a bit of a stretch but plz consider this. this is a different story that's not part of your fanfic trilogy.
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