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9/26 c23 Jeanwebb66
Absolutely fabulously written! Loved every word...️️
9/25 c23 Norevic Maghinay
your bacccccki hope francis and mary could withstand it all. cant wait for next chapters
9/24 c23 BlerBlerBler
Holy sh*t!
First, that castle is big AF! I got dizzy trying to imagine every corridor, corner, hallway, level ...
second, I’ve been telling it .. bash is shady, he’s involved, no matter his heoric acts at the end, he’s in the bad side! Also that’s why Greer was apologizing, her husband was involved too! (As in the show!) and don’t get me started on Narcisse!
Third... the matherine escape was nice, hope she’s ok
Fourth... finally some Frary! That little speech of Francis was so deep and raw and lovely ...
Fifth... Mary open your eyes and think better next time! Please!

I can’t wait to read the rest!
9/24 c23 FF-2016
Damn, this was deep. Can't wait to see how this all ends!
9/24 c23 elder441
This was such an exciting chapter to read ! I look forward to the next ne, hoping that they both survive all this and they can live happily ever after in this story. So much angst and sadness for both these families.
9/8 c22 Shirley Barnable
I love this story and am looking forward to more of it!
8/13 c22 FF-2016
Damn, this chapter was dark. But I'm loving the development, can't wait till the next one
8/12 c22 Jeanwebb66
Absolutely fantastic. Love every word. You are an awesome writer. Looking forward to next chapter...️
8/12 c22 elder441
Wow, I was afraid of what i was going to read after reading your Author's note, but this was amazing. Thank you for ending it with Francis reaching to save Mary. It is nice to know that they may get together and work to find who did this to them.
8/12 c22 BlerBlerBler
I’m so upset... Mary and her void fears of her royal life and her stupid sudden decisions... come on girl! You had it figured out last chapter! What was that kiss with shady bash? And the plan to meet with conde in London? And narcisse and his “broken heart”? Arrghhh
Let’s hope this final event brings something good out of it... I’m suspecting James’ demise and Mary stepping out as heiress...
8/12 c1 Norevic Maghinay
ehhhh sooo happy that this story is back please update more
7/3 c21 Jeanwebb66
Awesome, as always. Love your writing️️
6/29 c21 elder441
Hooray, it looks like they will finally be working together. I am a bit worried about who might of been in the window of the bar that Mary might have seen.
6/28 c21 BlerBlerBler
Well... I was really annoyed with this chapter, couldn’t make my self finish it thinking Mary was thinking about conde and bash... still holding on to their gifts on her necklace... but then... that ending! Mary realizing it was Francis all along, the train, the kisses and the removed items of the necklace made me soooo happy!
6/28 c21 FF-2016
I loved this chapter! I really hope her meeting with Condé doesn't get out. love these too
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