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for Three Frigates and the Abyss

8/29/2020 c1 Dasgun
2/18/2020 c23 uwu
I'm only commenting now but I actually started reading this last year and out of all the Kancolle fics I've read this is one of the best ones yet. The setting and premise are unique, the OCs are well written and Jessica is a very entertaining narrator. I love the humor and absurdity of it all. I hope you can continue this, I'm curious to see where it all goes.
3/27/2019 c23 Tech Warrior Ender
This here is a lovely bit of comedy. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Please continue writing and for the love of God, don’t go on indefinite hiatus.
3/22/2019 c23 Chiman1293
Heresy, look an update! Glad to see your back. Don't worry too much about it. It happens. Good update a nd can't wait for the next one.
3/21/2019 c23 12dialNforNinja
One of THOSE parts, eh? Yecch. Well, at least it's water under the keel now! Good to see it continue.
3/8/2019 c22 dialNforNinja
This is by turns adorable and hilarious, and I dearly hope you'll get some more mojo for it sooner than later.
11/14/2018 c15 BalaHunter007
Really enjoy your story and keep up the good work!
11/14/2018 c15 deegeetal
Love your story! It's really hard sometimes finding good Kancolle fics outside Spacebattles or Sufficientvelocity, so this was a breath of fresh air. Keep it up!
11/8/2018 c10 2Captain Kurt Hoffman
Hello again!

It seems Jessica has been fairy'd? That should prove interesting, and it plays to a concept I have been looking into recently with ideas of my own.

It could also make things easier on the girls and their human compatriots. They can ditch the longboat if necessary and just put Chris and Art aboard Chesapeake.

In theory.

Now, the big question. Can Chesapeake bring Jessica back to her normal size?

The Captain
11/8/2018 c9 Captain Kurt Hoffman
Hi there!

Now this should be interesting. If she can pull it off, it should also make Chesapeake feel better about her self-worth.

Hopefully the Abyssals believe she's alone but don't ask her to come with them because she's an old sailbote. We'll see.

Maybe she can even gain some useful information?

The Captain
11/5/2018 c7 Captain Kurt Hoffman
Hi there!

I must admit I'm enjoying this so far, especially the use of Age of Sail-era warships and the like, and it looks well-written and considered too.

The first time the girls out at sea meet a WWII-era girl will be mind-blowing. Imagine them meeting the Butler-class DD Escorts, the WWII equivalent of a frigate.

The Captain

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