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for Snow and Ashes

6/22 c1 malasias998
Please update this story again, SERIOUSLY IS VERY GOOD!.
5/2 c2 3prietar
No more? Really sad, it was really interesting
4/16 c1 Altsncro
Love him already. Just WOW
4/13 c2 Abhishek Manivasan
Eisen could work. Its Iron in German and apparently acommon surname. Or Spiegel another surname meaning mirror. Light Snow White reference. Would be a bit weird having a real world last name as a first name but not that much for RWBY.
4/8 c1 anbu31uchiha
Nice story
3/15 c1 DonutGladiator
man in only twelve days it's dead, that's the quickest i seen a fic died
3/12 c2 Arjay Misal
uPdate pleass
2/21 c2 Issei ODR
Me parece muy buena la historia
2/18 c2 Rp13579
Loving the story so far!
2/1 c2 1Lin faz
Update this please!
1/24 c1 ini.panduuu
please update this fic
1/23 c2 jjasonbornn
1/20 c2 malasias998
You may consider bringing this fic back up as I've been waiting for over a year to update please
Since his fic is the only one I've ever seen that he doesn't talk about the redemption of EMIYA's heroic spirit
I'm expecting some news about what you think of this
Thank you
1/6 c2 ninjafox911
Okay, so why is this left in the dust?
12/15/2019 c1 1NewOtaku
I want Shirou to design Weiss"s hunter's outfit which will be her usual white and blue battle shirt with the armour of Saber (Breastplate and shirt armour)... and it is so cute to see when team RWBY and JRPN comment on how short weiss is and how tall archer is.
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