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6/19/2020 c4 68BrokenKestral
That was a perfect ending, a master of weaving of themes.
6/19/2020 c2 BrokenKestral
Have you read Drag0nst0rm’s “The Dying of the Light”? It’s an Avengers take (told before Infinity War came out and going off the comics idea that Thanos was courting Death by sending her gifts)—this reminded me of the way Doctor Strange is spoken of there, endurance in a pain that cannot be forgotten.
11/17/2018 c3 35ScribeofHeroes
Hee-hee! I like the first description of the piece, "Drabble and a half."

Awww ... The title is so sad. :'L

Ooooohhh ... Veterans Day ... The timing of the piece makes sense now ... :o

They may have barely known your name, but they knew you came to save them. :)

Oh my ...

How perfect a piece ... :o

God Bless
11/14/2018 c3 4Weird Inhuman
This didn’t physically hurt, not at all. Just leave me here to suffer, it’s okay.
11/4/2018 c1 35ScribeofHeroes
I was able to recognize every one though I've not seen every movie. The ones I have seen with the character I love made my heart throb with shared emotion, shared love at these encapsulations of their characters. Great job. :)

God Bless
11/4/2018 c2 ScribeofHeroes
This is very graphic especially in the first four lines of description. The first line of dialogue brings it in nicely. It is a horrible price to pay and that is obvious in every line. Great work.

God Bless

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