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5/22/2019 c1 12bnr848
Cute- quick and funny. Thanks for the short. Always enjoy a Caskett moment.
4/18/2019 c1 Darlene
So I opened the page and...Yes! If you are still writing, More of this please...
Thank you!
11/10/2018 c1 36InkyCoffee
N'awwwwwww this was sweet! And delightful! Great job!
11/7/2018 c1 darlene
What a great short story! Now if you have the time...something a little longer maybe..?

Many thanks
11/8/2018 c1 blodi52
Nice and cute story!
11/5/2018 c1 Guest
Sweet, romantic, super... We read only Castle.
11/7/2018 c1 19Purple Satin
Really cute story! Thank you for writing.
11/5/2018 c1 natters
Good fic
11/5/2018 c1 Guest
Awwww. So sweet. Perfect!
11/6/2018 c1 southerngirl1
Loved this - thanks for sharing...missing these Caskett days and stories...
11/5/2018 c1 mobazan27
11/5/2018 c1 sasans
I loved this!
11/5/2018 c1 DX2012
Too short but totally sweet and sexy.
11/5/2018 c1 96Lord of Kavaka
I could totally see this happening during Beckett’s suspension. Loved how light and giggly she was with Castle. And how stammering surprise he was at the effect of his ministrations on her. Thanks for writing and sharing.
11/5/2018 c1 TORONTOSUN
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