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for My Hero School Adventure is All Wrong, As Expected

9/27 c6 yasserkend8
Great first chapters your writing is really engaging to read though I am worried if the fan service is gonna be a regular thing because that's just not fun to read at all.
9/23 c39 Guest
OOOOO he dropped the ball on that one yikes
9/23 c39 Samuel Santillan
I like it, please upload chapter 40.
9/12 c39 exomatt
What an incredible story
8/9 c22 2Overlord TH
Well this was definitely one of most read I had in a while, but I'm really starting to hate this haruno and her entire family.
7/24 c1 GodAxe
This whole ramble at the beginning for some reason is giving me very Tanya Degurechaff vibes, and I'm realizing just how similarly these two characters are
7/21 c20 34LanceSennin
Bakugo is actually more likable than Todoroki here, wow
7/20 c13 LanceSennin
Wow, it's so unreal to see Kacchan respect Hikki for his methods
7/14 c39 Guest
Yeah no I really don't think Ms. Wannabe Starlet is really upset, more just saw Hikki serve her an easy bit of extra 5-minutes-fame on a silver platter by dancing with more people than she expected and thus setting back her networking attempts.
7/14 c39 Hmmineedtothink
So 8man’s excess cynicism has finally come back to bite him in a way he noticed, huh? Big, justified oof. Also Stain getting stained (hah) with the rep of being an obsessive creep! Nice, honestly do not feel bad for him (i know itsbad in some ways (actually having news report the truth, etc) but there are few better characters to have their rep dragged through the mud). I mean, I do think that having ‘heroism’ as a job option is just silly, and think it would be better to get rid of the concept, having more of a section of the police allowed to use quirks, get rid of some of the gloryhounding and idolization etc.
But when youre going about murdering people because they do their job for a paycheck all your arguments fall very flat very fast. I mean, whats next, you gonna attack a bunch of salarymen bcus theydont do their soul-crushing job for the joy of it?

Sorry, sorry! Went entirely off the tracks for a second there. Love how 8man is like: ‘im merely a fake, blah blah blah’ and most people are just like: ‘ah yes what a jolly-good fellow!’ I think the other people are closer to the truth than you are sometimes, 8man.

Wonder what’ll happen if he ever gets his hands on AfO. That could be interesting!

Great fic! Really enjoying each and every moment of it (ive reread the thing like twice now? Just as an indication of how much i like it).

Have a good one! P.S: sorry if this is a mess.
6/26 c39 Guest
Hmm he reaaally should get therapy for his gloom and doom
6/24 c31 Guest
whyyy do I feel like her sister is missing and kidnapped by the league?

Although it would be pretty freakin hard to hide from their mom who has the quirk byakugan

He has a byakugan now too tho

Does it just scan surface level stuff or could he do an x ray like the byakugan can?

That would be pretty awesome

Also I can’t believe MHA doesn’t have food pills or food bars that function exactly like DBZ senzu beans lol

Kinda weird how there isn’t a quirk that could do that since quirks are so freaking random

I saw a spray bottle head and a lego head human for fucks sake

Speech Bubble head guy is the weirdest one tho

His head is basically 2 d i world

How is U.A. now having head aches on how he functions even?
6/24 c20 Guest
How many quirks does Hachiman have?
6/24 c15 Guest
Would be cool if Hachiman could use all 108 quirks at the same time
6/19 c39 NovaWars
Oshi no Ko reference? Nice.
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