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for Legend Of Zelda: Harp Of The Gods

12/15/2018 c3 Guest
The second I read it I knew it was a smash 4 reference. Nice.
11/22/2018 c6 14FireFlamerx9z
So is Dimentio going to trap everyone in paintings? I kinda want to see that
11/10/2018 c6 Guest
Oh god. RUN LUIGI!
11/10/2018 c2 CrystallicCrest
I love it already,please don't stop writing!
11/9/2018 c6 6GlowingGem
Okay! Glad that things were all sorted out in the end! Hmm... I wonder what Dimento's plan is... Can't wait for the next story! :)
11/9/2018 c6 Carlos
The next story probably gonna be calles Sonic Forces Fanfiction Remake.
11/9/2018 c6 102Phantom Fan 21
From what I read, you might follow on Luigi Mansion Dark Moon, because Luigi Mansion 3 is still in works and you have it past the first Luigi Mansion. Glad to see that the Lord of the Universe knows about his mistake. I wait for the next story!
11/9/2018 c6 Owyn Ross
Well, now Link and Pit and Dark Pit got the background on Kyrin (the mysterious figure in the cloak with the missing left arm).
11/8/2018 c5 6GlowingGem
He he! Nice work with the forcefield battle! Especially the part where Link's attack bounced off the walls of it and hit Thanatos! And speaking of him, we won't be seeing him for awhile! Better hurry heroes! Before the full moon!
11/8/2018 c5 102Phantom Fan 21
Poor Thanatos... that guy is funny as hell. And real big mouth too! Man Skull Kid still haven't change! Believe or not, Majora Mask's was the first Zelda game I own. It with my Mom now because I don't have a N64. I been quiet for some time because of how you written the Lord of the Universe, I know he's a good guy and all, but did he even try to find clues of why Zelda might take it? I could just feel someone should point out the mistakes he made. I'm not going to rant, but the so call Lord really need to think before he acts.
11/8/2018 c5 Owyn Ross
Alright! Guess Skull Kid hasn't forgotten Link since the latter freed the former from Majora's control. Plus, I like how Skull Kid sent Captain Keeta to keep Thanatos busy. Next one would be Pandora, right before Link, Pit, and Dark Pit could reach Medusa and Ganondorf.
11/7/2018 c4 Owyn Ross
What Medusa and Thanatos doesn't know is that a certain S-Ranked god and his followers are helping Mario's team the whole time since Tabuu started to wage war on Mario.
11/7/2018 c4 6GlowingGem
Woah, woah, wait! So Arkness, The Lord of the Universe, can't tell the difference between the Triforce of wisdom and Triforce of power... *Puts hand on forehead, closes eyes, and inhales deeply*
You know what, no. I'm not going to say anything! I vented out all my anger against Arkness's decisions in the last chapter and I don't want to get myself worked up again and I don't feel like writing an essay.

But onto more interesting things: that's a very to Link's ansestor and his clash with Majora! And It's so cool that Aryll can use telepathy now!
Looking forward to next chapter! Nice work! :)
11/6/2018 c3 GlowingGem
*reads first part* Aw, cute! I see Viridi is interested in now two members of the Mario Bros team!
*Reads second part*
Ok, So the Lord of the Lord of the Universe's name is Arkness. But now...I am absolutely LIVID in the second half of this chapter! I'm sorry, I've got to vent here! Arkness made a terrible first impression in my opinion! Okay I get that the harp of the gods is important and is a huge disater if it goes missing but... If Zelda did steal it, wouldn't he oh, I don't know... SEND HIS TROOPS TO LOOK FOR THE THING!? HE LITERALLY JUST SENT HIS TROOPS TO ARREST ZELDA AND JUST LEFT WITHOUT SEARCHING FOR THE HARP! I mean that's just so irresponsible! And even with this "evidence" of two gaurds just seeing a shadow of someone with long hair and a dress and the triforce. Maybe look a little deeper into it!? Like what kind of moves the person used, witnesses from Hyrule, or at least question some other suspects before jumping to conclusions!? I mean, how would Zelda know about the harp? Why would she steal it? Or hey, she does have an enemy who will take any chance he's got to kill her and Link maybe check about that first?
Pffth! Oh, who cares about that?!
Oh, and the Cherry on top of this sundae of anger! Didn't something similar to this happen 1000 years ago? A god was framed for a crime , Arkness exiled him, and it almost blew up in his face?! Yeah? Yeah? YOU'D THINK HE'D LEARN HIS LESSON ABOUT JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS AFTER THAT!

*Breaths* whew! Sorry, about that! I got pretty heated there... It's just I absolutely cannot STAND injustice! And the "hero gets framed and hunted" trope always gets under my skin! Don't worry, none of that anger was directed at you, it was at what was happening. And I'm sure Arkness is a really nice guy but right now,.I'm just upset at how he's responding to this whole thing...
Anyway, good work with this chapter! Looking forward to the next!
11/6/2018 c3 Owyn Ross
Okay, looks like Stone Tower Temple, Termina was Ganondorf's best hiding place from A-ranked gods, but not from S-ranked or upper S-ranked gods.
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