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for The Hellfire Fox

10/31 c7 Black Shisui Uchiha
This story was really good. I hope you update this sorry
8/25 c7 kiritouzumaki089
Dude more more
6/10 c7 xsqewaaxs
please continue writing this story
5/9 c7 Guest
je veux la suite de le hellfire fox
4/25 c1 Guest
why would you call the story hellfire fox if you named Naruto hawk d. Naruto it makes no sense at all cause where does the fox come into it. you might aswel call him the hellfire hawk for his nickname cause he has nothing todo with a fox no devil fruit power to turn into one and it is not in his name so unless he as a fox for a battle partner like kiba does then it does not make sense
4/19 c7 5ZenRaven
Naruto x Hancock x Robin x harem ftw
4/18 c7 hansgyver62
Update soon
11/1/2019 c7 Guest
la suite de le renard des flammes infernales
8/23/2019 c7 Mystic
This is good story . Hope you don't abandoned it.
I like the way you present Naruto ...
1/19/2019 c7 Aetheriol
I do hope you plan on continuing this story? It’s very good!
1/4/2019 c7 Guest
la suite de le renard des flammes infernales
1/4/2019 c7 Guest
This story is really good but making Naruto admiral level this early takes away from the story. Even making him yonko commander level is too soon. There’s a reason Oda did the time skip. Imagine how uninteresting the doflamingo fight would have been if luffy was like the Naruto from your story. It also makes the story seem rushed. Having an overpowered main character can make a story boring. Plus no one on the creaw knows how to use Haki yet , meaning they can be hurt. . Watching a character grow is part of the joy of reading a story and it doesn’t seem like Naruto needs much development to reach his potential.
12/23/2018 c7 1Cha0ticM3ss
excited for the next chapter, but it does seem faintly rushes to a degree, but that’s just my thoughts, overall it’s good. As I said, excited for the next chapter.
12/21/2018 c7 Jojotheshadow
Hopefully you updated this soon.

Good story.
12/21/2018 c3 GamerX568
The fire would not destroy the sand. The sand would be turned into glass.
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