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11/25/2018 c7 T
Ok but does mangetsu still have the water water fruit?
I just realized that mangetsu is part of the Hozuki clan they can turn there body’s into water reflexively and mangetsu was rumored to be able to use all the seven swords of the mist and they all had shark like teeth guess because they filed their teeth down to a point

I can’t wait to see Mangetsu’s swordsmanship or is he just gonna swing his sword around like Hidan I hope he actually has techniques but if he loses his sword he also has his fishman karate, Water water fruit, and intangible to fall back on like people are shooting him the bullets pass right by him they’re like he has a devil fruit but then he jumps into the water emerges and say Nope no devil fruit just a rare extinct breed of fishman that can turn into water but I also like the water water fruit as well.

I hope that the new members are strong and are non devil fruit eaters because we need some the only swimmers is the Shikmaru (Cook and he is not as strong as Sanji in terms of the reds leg style) and he ain’t rocking Moon walk or blue walk (Moon walk but under water)

I can’t wait to see people reaction to when Naruto reveals he is a logia and not a paramecia (because he didn’t go intangibles and let attacks him making people think he is a paramecia) the only people who know he’s a logia are members of his crew, and I think Luffy Ace also thinks he’s a paramecia but he’s not sure now.
11/25/2018 c6 Shadowdragondanny
Love it can’t wait for more
11/22/2018 c6 T
Big question is Naruto gonna follow Luffy to Whiskey peak cause that could be a good opportunity to get Temari to harden her heart just have them drink and eat have everyone fall asleep (except for Zoro,Nami,Itachi,Mangetsu,Naruto Garra, and Temari have Garra guard the ship and after Zoro,Itachi,and Mangetsu clean house and Luffy wakes up and fights Zoro while itachi, and mangetsu fight Mr 5 and miss Valentine’s for a bit have temari kill about 50 of them cause then there are 50 left alive because zoro counted 100 of them so that should get her to harden her heat and she can use her wind to take away the air around them. Actually I take back what I said make it Shikamaru who guards the ship I don’t see shikmaru sleeping like Sanji and garra he can take the other 50 that Temari didn’t get to finish and you can write it as Shukaku’s influence is stronger on a full moon.
11/19/2018 c6 T
Ok got to ask Who are the Top three strongest on Naruto’s crew cause I can tell it ain’t Shikamaru or Temari it’s most likely Naruto (Captain), Gaara ( Archaeologists), and Itachi (First mate) or Naruto, Mangetsu, and Gaara or itachi at least that’s what I think. Also if Naruto ends up on Alabasta when Luffy meets Ace they can see that Ace has a devil and it’s a Fire type like Naruto then marineford Ace still dies Luffy still has that mental breakdown but I feel like Naruto wouldn’t breakdown like that since it’s Ace that died and not Luffy. Another thing is their a chance of Naruto and his crew going up to a Sky island as well.

Guess their goes my dream of Captain V Captain, Swordsman V Swordsman, and Cook V Cook.

I know your busy with life and probably get tired of people asking you to update your story but all this feedback mean your doing something right it’s means We love this story.
11/9/2018 c5 Guest
One more thing why did mangetsu going to a sword shop he already has samehada why would he want another sword unless he wanted to see zoro he was jealous about zoro’s Santouryuu and wanted to try it. No maybe he wanted to get a regular sword and be like HA HA HA HA fool you broke my regular sword but watch me get serious and pulls out samahada kinda like how zoro puts on his bandanna for really strong opponents just saying don’t see the reason for Mangetsu to go to a sword shop
11/9/2018 c6 Guest
Man forget Kankuro where’s Rock Lee, Neji ( RIP )
Tenten, Ino, Choji the other Jinchuuriki minus garra. We need those not puppet cat costume wearing kankuro. Also whoever said Hinata for doctor . Another don’t think you need another cook if Shikmaru is anything like Sanj I think the crew is good but gotta say got a lot of devil fruit users on that boat one good wave or a well placed cannon ball and their goes the captain, the swordsman, First mate, Archeologists, whatever temari does and the only none Devil fruit eater is the cook and last I checked he ain’t rocking blue walk. Just saying otherwise doing a good job
11/8/2018 c6 Guest
Ok question what is with Mangetsu going to the sword shop like why he has Samahada a sword that shereds why would he go to the a sword shop makes no sense to me zoro went to the shop because he need Three swords so why would mangestsu go there. Also like how the ending went on hawk pirates he went aboard Luffy ship and stay with them until after the whole laboon thing and left his crew to make it through reverse mountain by themselves. I also think he might of added chopper too.
11/8/2018 c5 Guest
So if Naruto is gonna be godlike how’s he gonna handle Gear 2 and 3 Luffy, Asura Zoro, and Diable Jambe Sanji unless you plan on give the Top three fighter of the Hawk pirates power ups can’t think of anything for. naruto but I was think of something I know it’s stupid and makes no sense but I was thinking of shikamaru Shadow like with sanji spinning but he focuses his shadow on his leg or something
11/8/2018 c5 Guest
Good story
11/9/2018 c6 DARTHCAEDUS2
This is a fantastic story. SEE YOU NEXT UPDATE.
11/7/2018 c3 Matt
Will Kankuro appear in this story?
11/8/2018 c6 Dr1zzy
Good start
11/8/2018 c6 Greer123
I am enjoying this story very much. Hope you are doing well.
11/8/2018 c6 TheForgottenSuns75
Nice lol keep them coming my friend
11/5/2018 c1 Guest
Reminds me of the Hawk pirates story
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