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11/5/2018 c1 Guest
I have seen something of the same thing where Naruto got caught in a maelstrom and ended up in a Sandy place where he meet Garra then meet Sasuke and itachi. Is this a rewrite
11/6/2018 c4 2Hedonistic Wanderer J
Interesting story but as it is now it feels like most of Naruto's crew members have the same interests and motivations as Luffy's crew, also it looks like Naruto is just performing cleanup duty for Luffy right now hopefully that changes.
11/5/2018 c3 Portgas D. Potter
11/5/2018 c1 zhojanwow94
very good I like it still so for tiradora would be good try and for doctor to hinata since with his byakugan could see the fractures or the contuciones in the sane to know how to cure them not that you think
11/5/2018 c2 foxyalienmonkey
Interesting, looking forward to the next chapter.
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