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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

12/24/2019 c53 6Team Shadow
Oof, I really hope some of these victors are able to not get tortured and murdered, so many of them don't deserve it.

12th-Dennis Fielder, killed by Yael Harident: Dennis is definitely the evilest characters I've ever submitted to a SYOT. He was written perfectly and it always hurt to read his torturous schemes. He doesn't get a RIP from me either, but the story will definitely be different without him.
12/24/2019 c52 Team Shadow
Trajan-While I still don't trust him, I appreciate the shift in his behavior. Who knows, maybe he'll do something redeemable and I'll like him. I'm also shocked Noelani left without telling Cecelia, I really hope nothing happens to them while they're separated.
Dennis-Oh Dennis, this was a ballsy move and it did not pay off for him. I'm extremely shocked at both Trajans and Cecelia's hesitation to kill. I guess Trajan is sick of feeling guilty and Cecelia doesn't like to do what people tell her to do. I'm glad Dennis left his supplies, considering most of them belonged to the Careers anyway.
Hadley-Oh god, I hope there's another way for Axel and Hadley to get up. I couldn't bear to think Vincent would be the end of them both.
Noelani-it absolutely breaks my heart thinking how betrayed Glorian would feel if Noelani and Cecelia abandoned him. Honestly it makes me hope they don't, he clearly has no intentions of killing them.
Yael-I'm shocked the voices came back, but I guess its not too surprising since Arabella died. I feel bad for Yael, she seems like a good person at heart but her head controls her. I am shocked she killed Dennis, but he was pretty messed up. You were fun to hate, Dennis. Rest in hell XD
Lennox-Can you be happy and mad that something happened? That's about how I feel, haha. I'm so happy she got a gem, because now she has a good shot of seeing Ada, but at the same time I really hope Noelani gets a gem somehow. I'd love to see her and Cecelia get a happy ending. Though, those aren't possible in Panem, are they?
Fantastic chapter! Update soon! I voted in the poll as well.

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F)
Rooting For: Noelani King (D4F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Tristana Rockett (D6F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M), Yael Harident (D11F)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F)
Hate: Trajan Seth (D1M)
12/24/2019 c52 acupofdeathflowertea
I'd Love to submit to Feathers but I'm to self-conscious and doubt my tribute would be accepted. Maybe I will... Who knows?
12/24/2019 c53 acupofdeathflowertea
This is probably the first SYOT that I have no tributes in that I am actually invested in! I wonder if the "rebels" will be able to escape harm? I'm happy Dennis died but I am kinda sad Lennox couldn't get her revenge. I doubt she would fare well in a fight with one arm so I see her dying soon :(
12/24/2019 c53 3TacoPhoenix88
I wonder what’s gonna happen now? Will the President find them or will they run away? There’s lots of things happening outside of the Games and I’m excited to see how they all unravel. I agree with you on the Dennis can burn in hell statement 100%.
12/24/2019 c52 2Tyquavis
Well, I’m back after quite a long review absence.

Trajan-I knew this whole wolf/sheep thing wouldn’t last. I’m loving the internal conflict he’s going through.

Dennis-Looks like his lack of judgment finally caught up to him. He’s strong, but not that strong, and Trajan and Cecelia made that obvious. That leg injury sounds pretty severe. It’ll be interesting to see how he manages with that.

Hadley-Okay, you need to stop scaring me. Putting Axel in all these life-or-death situations can’t be good for my health. This is the first time I’ve seen Axel be truly vulnerable. He’s almost been killed by Trajan, shot, and now almost fell to his death. Also, it looks like Vincent has finally lost it.

Noelani-Well she’s completely in love with Cecelia. It’s gotten to the point where she’s experiencing separation anxiety. She can’t spend a single second away from her, and that’s not good. If Cecelia happens to die, Noelani will soon after.

Yael-She finally did it. She gave in to the voices. I’m just glad she killed Dennis and not one of her allies. As for Dennis, good riddance.

Lennox-So she found the last gem. If someone finds out, she’ll have the biggest target on her back. Out of her, Rachel, and Axel, she’s the weakest and the most vulnerable. I really want her to make it back to Ada, but I just don’t see it happening.
12/24/2019 c52 3TacoPhoenix88
Trajan- Having those nightmares again? Yep he’s definitely feeling guilty as much as he doesn’t want to admit it. It’s good to know he has some sort of conscience, but atm it seems like not one of the Career group would be able to kill, and where does that leave them? Not talking about sheep and wolves, wow that’s another big sign something’s different with Trajan, maybe he’ll realise that not wanting to kill is good.
Dennis- Stealing supplies again, Dennis sure likes to take risks. This one doesn’t pay off, but he’s STILL NOT DEAD. Dennis seems to frown upon girls beating him, and he created an excuse when Cecelia bowled him over, when she is just as capable as Trajan, if not more. Cecelia and Trajan fighting over the kill shows that Trajan doesn’t want to kill anymore, and I think Cecelia never did, but maybe they would in a more life-threatening circumstance, but not when he’s lying there on the ground, not fighting them back.
Hadley- Seems like the canyon is the only way over the 2 expanses of land, it’s not looking good for them to cross. And then they cross anyway, Awww poor Axel, hold on tight! Oh no now there’s Vincent, he seems a bit...sadistic now, definitely losing a bit of his mind, maybe the parts of sympathy and empathy. Anyway, I’m glad they didn’t die, but they’re still in a pretty sticky situation on the edge of the cliff, I hope it’s easy enough to climb, but Axel also has his injured arm still. I wonder if they lost all of their supplies in the fall or not?
Noelani- AHHH GLORIAN! He really trusts Cecelia and Noelani, but they’re planning to betray him! C’mon guys if they could just take him along, there’s more than one jewel, do they know there’s more than one? Anyway, they need to take him along with them, he trusts them and sees them as good friends now, he even took Noelani out hunting, proving that when he didn’t it wasn’t on purpose. I do really like them as a trio as well, although Glorian is the 3rd wheel, and he’s not as close as the girls, I think they could be tight and definitely a lethal group. Although, if all 3 of them leave, Trajan will be out for blood, unless he’s changed completely?
Yael- Damn those voices. They’re back again! She can overcome them I believe, but she just needs to KNOW that she’s a good person, and the voices are just trying to control her good nature. But if one good thing did come out of the voices, it’s that DENNIS IS DEAD. FINALLY! I never thought I would be cheering this hard for a death, but he was such a horrible, brutal, psychopathic murderer. I wish we knew what he was going to say “I didn’t think...” what didn’t he think? There’s so many ends to that sentence. We’ll never know I guess. Yael should be glad she killed Dennis, but I guess any killing makes you feel guilty in the Hunger Games, even a kill of someone horrible. Now her guilt is consuming her, I wonder if the voices are done? I hope they are for her sake, and sanity.
Lennox-no no no no. As much as Lennox is a lovely character, I really really wanted Noelani to get the jewel! It would’ve been so much better! I doubt all these jewel holders will stay the same though, I especially want Rachel to not have a jewel.
Amazing chapter! Merry Christmas!
12/24/2019 c52 6santiago.poncini20

Noelani if you touch a single hair of Glorians head i swear i will murder you
12/22/2019 c51 6Team Shadow
The rebels are growing! I'm both intrigued and scared to see where this ends up, as rebel plans rarely bode well for the rebels.
Incredible chapter! Update soon!
12/22/2019 c51 3TacoPhoenix88
Rip Arabella, she was very kind and sweet, but when it comes to fighting, she was too small and not strong enough, although she fit fight against Dennis.
Ariston Thorn sounds like a really cool guy, I can’t wait to find out more about him, recruiting is a great idea for the rebel side, I hope they can get many more members. I also hope Malakai shows up again soon.
12/22/2019 c51 6santiago.poncini20
Arabella cantros is rip
12/22/2019 c50 santiago.poncini20
Glorian! Pls stay safe
12/21/2019 c50 3TacoPhoenix88
I think once you get to top 8 or 6 you should switch to 2 POV’s per day, 8 is probably better but it’s up to you!
Glorian- Getting lost is never good, I have a feeling something is happening with Glorian, forgetting the compass is in there? Doesn’t seem like something he’d forget. Good idea for once Trajan, going towards the Capitol anthem.
Lennox- She made it to the top the the cliff surprisingly, that is true determination, I applaud her but still...not my fave character. It’s good she’s pushing thru for Ada.
Dennis-Oh no. Ahhhhh poor Arabella, but with him finding her last time, I was expecting it. His plans for her seem horrifying, and I’m truly sorry for Arabella, even though she wasn’t a favourite of mine, she was still very sweet and innocent.
Vincent- I don’t think he’s too crazy yet, but the fact he feels proud of killing Glitter and defeating Trajan in battle is worrying, he’s starting to get too glorified. A gunshot? Interesting, I wonder where it was from? Maybe the man that shot Axel?
Arabella- POOR SWEETHEART. As I said before she wasn’t my fave but that’s still a HIDEOUS death, Dennis and his torturous nature needs to be stopped, bcuz innocent people are being mentally and physically scarred before their brutal deaths (or not in Lennox’s case), I feel so so much sympathy for Arabella. RIP.
Trajan- It’s Nice they have food, I’m still overwhelmed with the adorable ness of Cecelia and Noelani, but I hope they don’t leave Glorian, bcuz it seems like he trusts them and I think he would feel horrible and outcasted if they left.
Great chapter :D!
12/20/2019 c50 6Team Shadow
Glorian-I don't think Glorian would be desperate enough to ally with Trajan because of Cecelia and Noelani, despite how close they are. They are less likely to betray him, and I think he knows it. Regardless, Cel and Noelani are the cutest couple ever.
Lennox-I'm glad she has her confidence back. I have a really good feeling she's going to find that gem. It's so sad knowing her chances of survival are extremely slim if she runs into another tribute, which I expect will happen.
Dennis-This was soo hard to read, god Dennis is an absolute monster aint he? He does seem extremely beat up so I don't think he's going to make it much further.
Vincent-It sort of sounds like he's being set up to run into Hadley or Axel, which is not a great sign. I feel like there's going to be another confrontation soon.
Arabella-God, I felt so bad reading this. Arabella did not deserve to die like this. Rest in peace, Arabella. I'm so sorry Dennis got ahold of you.
Trajan-I'm glad they got food, that sound rejuvenate them a little. I wonder when the Careers will break. I feel like they're all not strong enough to separate, but maybe having food will change that. There's also only four of them and eight other tributes, so them splitting might not happen for a while. I still adore Cel and Noelani. I really hope they can survive together, that'd be the cutest love story ever.

I definitely think two chapters a day (one in the Games and one Capitol) would be good for this point. If you do six POVs a chapter, you cover each group and then one more. I also don't mind the short chapters/POVs, the chapters are still incredibly enjoyable and its still full of action.

Update soon!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F), Dennis Fielder (D5M)
Rooting For: Noelani King (D4F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Tristana Rockett (D6F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M), Yael Harident (D11F)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F)
Hate: Trajan Seth (D1M)
12/20/2019 c23 Alcremie
1. 3 and 8
2. Obviously 9 and 6 had the worst but damn half of 12 got it bad too
3. I like the bit of diplomacy, Trajan has already made himself out as a sort of target for the rest of them
, Buck, Kade and Zaira

Scratch the bit in my last review about the lack of talk about lucretius volunteering

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