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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

12/20/2019 c23 Alcremie
1. 3 and 8
2. Obviously 9 and 6 had the worst but damn half of 12 got it bad too
3. I like the bit of diplomacy, Trajan has already made himself out as a sort of target for the rest of them
, Buck, Kade and Zaira

Scratch the bit in my last review about the lack of talk about lucretius volunteering

12/20/2019 c22 Alcremie
Buck- He seems quite cute in that kind hearted muscly kind of way. I like how he is a little creeped out by Arabella. I do think he won't last very long in the games, specifically i can see him as a bloodbath.

Trajan- I just don't like as a character, I just get vibes that he was casted in the off broadway version of the joker film. His whole sheep wolf thing is already starting to get repetitive. I hope the careers turn on him real quick.

Linen- I feel for linen and enjoyed her descriptions of the luxuries that she found on the train, it was sweet and endearing. Again I do not think she will make it far but I enjoy reading her POV

Kade- While in the reapings I liked Kade because he had this "Nice Guy" vibe to him but now he just seems to be a generic cocky boy

Hadley- Like Buck, Hadley is sweet. I admire the big brother act, which will probably win him some sponsors but I feel he gave himself a handicap immediately rushing into an alliance with Savanna

Noelani- She continues to be middled of the road when it comes to careers and I was hoping for more talk about why Lucretius was there and not his brother

- Alcremie
12/20/2019 c21 Alcremie
I hope this is not foreshadowing for something bad happening to Estella, she seems like a sweet old woman.

- Alcremie
12/20/2019 c20 Alcremie
I have only started reading this, so instead of reviewing all the reapings separately I will just summarize my opinions here.

1) There is a lot of family issues with these tributes, i knew life in the districts was brutal but damn

2) I will be honest most of the tributes i can see as bloodbath tributes. My favourites as of right now are Kade and the D5M (I can't remember his name)

3) I am liking this so far, I understand how tedious the reapings must be

- Alcremie
12/20/2019 c49 6santiago.poncini20
Arabella or Dennis are RIP
12/20/2019 c49 8Team Shadow
Lennox-I'm glad she's sort of holding up alright. She's smart to think about how the Gamemakers view her, I don't think she could face off another tribute, let alone a mutt. I have a feeling something interesting is going to happen to her soon (either finding a gem or running into someone else)
Axel-I'm glad for the most part he's hanging on, Hadley is a really good guy which makes me like him more. I also hope no tributes or tribe members enter the cave while he's sleeping. Like Lennox, I don't think he could hold up against either of them.
Yael-Yeah, they should definitely get rid of Rachel. You could argue what she did to secure the gem is justified (barely, but you could) but yelling at her alliance members is sort of just pushing the boundaries. I think Yael will kill her soon enough, especially when they realize Arabella is gone.
Hadley-I'm happy that Hadley saved Arabella, despite his attitude on the first day or two of the alliance, he really is an incredible guy.
Noelani-THIS IS THE MOS THING I'VE EVER READ. I cannot ship these two enough, they're just so great together. I love them, ugh I can't stand the idea of one or both of them dying, I really hope Noelani can get that last gem and Cecelia can win. I also hope Glorian and Trajan can find some food. That'd be good for them.
Arabella-I feel horrible for Arabella, not only because I'm the reason Dennis exists, but because she escaped one horror (the tribe members) to end up in another. I, unfortunately, believe this will be the end of Arabella. Depending how long Dennis stretches this out, Hadley might be able to kill him in time, but yeah.

Update soon!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F), Dennis Fielder (D5M)
Rooting For: Noelani King (D4F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Tristana Rockett (D6F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Axel Woodleigh (D6M), Arabella Cantros (D10F)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M), Yael Harident (D11F)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F)
Hate: Trajan Seth (D1M)
12/19/2019 c49 3TacoPhoenix88
Lennox- I’m glad she’s doing ok, she’s right about the Capitol sending mutts after her though, I think she might end up in the tribes hands. The pain is subsiding in her ark which is good! I hope she can have a painless death or maybe find a gem!
Axel- Oh noooo, his poor arm! At least it’s not his throwing arm. Leaving Axel there sleeping isn’t a great idea, but without food they won’t last much longer. I wonder what happened to that little girl, I feel like you’re rote something last chapter but I can’t remember it lol. She seems like part of a tribe, but who knows? And if the tribes are real people, where are they from as they don’t speak the same language. Anyway, I’m glad Axel’s not too hurt, although he’s not at his best he’s alive. Keep going Axel!
Yael- I’d be sick of Rachel too, I’ve never been fond of her as a character, and she just keeps getting worse. I wonder what’s happening with Yael’s voices? Are they going to make a surpris entrance and kill everyone, or has Yael overcome them somewhat. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see more of her character development and whatever the voices decide to do.
Hadley- Oh wow. He certainly loves little kids, and that’s why I think he’ll die, his kindness and generosity towards the younger tributes is a huge weakness, especially if he’s protecting them more than himself. The tribal song/dance/meeting thing was interesting, again, where are these people from if they’re real, or maybe they’re mutts and some of the other tribes are real people. I’m super super excited to see how you work this side of the story, and what did they mean by sacrifice? Arabella is lucky Hadley saved her, otherwise she would’ve been toast. Are there more than one tribe? And who is the man with the gun, how did he even get a gun? I wonder if they’re all looking for the crystals too, that would be likely. There are so many ways these tribes could be incorporated into the story, and I’m pumped to see what you do with them.
Noelani- AHHHH HONEY! YES YES YES YES! I WAS SO EXCITED READING THIIIIISSSS. Cecelia and Noelani are absolutely adorable and I ship them so much! I really hope Noelani finds the last gem and Cecelia wins so they can live a happy life together, but it’s the Hunger Games, and romance always brings so many complications. I feel bad for Noelani, with Glorian not letting her go and hunt, I don’t believe he’s doing it purposely, he probably is just dismissing her accidentally and not realising it might hurt her feelings. Cecelia is a great support to Noelani and the opposite way around, they are an amazing couple and I hope they can make it through!
Arabella- o h. o h n o. Eeek Arabella’s in a bit of a sticky situation, does she have any weapons with her? I hope she does because otherwise she’s gonna fall subject to Dennis, but it’s pretty much too late. I’m really hoping that Hadley makes it there before Arabella dies, or gets too traumatised from the torture. Maybe Hadley will be the one to put an end to Dennis’ torture and insanity.
Very well written chapter, I’m excited to see what comes next! And I’m wishing all the best for Noelani and Cecelia!
12/16/2019 c48 R3mii
Oh my dear lord this definitely doesn't spell well for the careers. As fragmented as they are, will this be what finally tears them apart? The tribals being real people are also quite interesting. I cant wait to see what is in store for that can of worms.

Cant wait for the next update!
12/16/2019 c47 R3mii
Oof you don't know how ecstatic I was to see rapids had been updated - Ive been super busy with holiday prep, so this was a welcome surprise! To begin with, Im glad yael hasn't had to suffer from the voices in a hot minute. Although we know good and well how long that is going to last. (as yael herself had even observed.) Though now that Rachael has a gem, Im sure discord is going to befall them even quicker than any of them can imagine. I am beginning to also find myself feeling just a smidge bad for those in the career group. They definitely havent had it as easy this year as previous years, which I can see is beginning to really take its toll. Vincent is really starting to give me those creepy-psychotic-cannibal esque vibes. Trajan is making me feel some kind of way that I cant even begin to describe. Is it sympathy? Who knows anymore lol. On a different note, I live for those sweet fluffy moments between my girl Noelani, her wifey Cecelia, and best boy Glorian. Made me do the cringiest UWU imaginable.
1. I really hope either Lennox, Tristana, or Noelani get the last gem. Lennox for Bias sake, Tristana because I feel bad she wasn't able to grab the other gem, and Noelani because I really want her and Cecelia to make it out of this together.

2. Sadly I do think the next die is either going to be one of my two tributes, or Rachel. To me atleast, there have been some death flags from Noelani, and right now my poor bebe Lennox is just getting by on pain pills. (I do hope though, from the bottom of my heart, that im not right on this.) Rachel, because I do see her getting killed by one of the other girls for her gem.

3. Im torn between whom I want to survive really, as the careers have once again grown on me - along with Yael and Axel. (I know they arent in my reviews alot, but trust me they have found there respective places in my NEET heart..)

4. At this point in time its anyone's game really. Everyone is on a nearly even playing field when it comes to supplies and such this year.

of my biggest predictions is involving Lennox (go figure!) If she manages to live, I see her forming a temp alliance with somebody. I hope im right just for my poor bebes sake.
12/15/2019 c47 Guest
OMG, you haven't given Lennox a POV in SO LONG, do it NOW!
-Crazy Lennox person
12/14/2019 c48 TacoPhoenix88
Oooooo that’s exciting! The tribes are actual people, wowowowowowow! How did that other guy get the gun, are there some tribes that have more advanced weapons? I’m really interested in these tribes and I’m very very excited for the next chapter:D
12/14/2019 c48 8Team Shadow
Welp, this doesn't sound great for the Careers. They haven't had a great time this games, have they? I think the four that are left will be able to kill a few tribe members, and Cecelia already killed a jaguar, but still, I have a feeling a death or two are coming soon.
Great chapter! Update soon!
12/13/2019 c47 Guest
Lol I can’t be bothered logging in but this is TacoPhoenix88.
1. I have a feeling Noelani will get the next jewel, because she knows where one is, or is that the ruby Rachel got? Anyway, I feel like there’s going to be a run in with the Careers and another alliance, or Vincent and whoever wins will get the jewel.
2. Hmmm next death, that’s difficult. I think one of the people going solo will die next, so Vincent, Lennox or Dennis, Lennox would be the most likely since she hasn’t had too much action and is simply surviving on pain-meds and will find it hard without an arm.
3. Win: Cecelia, I think she’d be a really deserving winner and that would mean she could escape her dad.
Survive: Axel- he has a very good chance of surviving which I’m excited about... however with that wound in his arm will he be able to throw darts and make it to the top 5?
Noelani- PLS PLS PLS I WANT HER AND CECELIA TO HAVE A HAPPY SAFE LIFE TOGETHER AHHH, and she’s one of my favourite characters and has been since the start she’s just got such a bubbly great personality!
Glorian- I know he wants the fame and the money and the victory, but I’d love for him to survive because he’s an interesting character that I find relatable and fun to read.
4. Hmmmmmmm... I reckon Cecelia or Glorian will win. Then probably Axel and Tristana get a jewel? I’m not very sure it could go lots of different ways depending on how you want to advance the plot, and I don’t see Cecelia and Noelani both making it out as much as I want that for them.
5. Dennis- No character arc for him I don’t think, I’m guessing he’ll die by the hands of a Career or possibly have a battle with Vincent, it could make a very good showdown between those 2.
Lennox- Unfortunately I think she’ll be finished off by Dennis or one of the Careers soon, still as herself though.
Trajan- there is the possibility for a HUGE character arc, I think with all his nightmares and guilt he’ll figure out what a horrible person he has become and change his ways, maybe a sacrifice? Maybe a dying realisation?
Rachel- Shell be ruthless until the end probably, maybe a betrayal in her alliance? Anyway I think she’ll kill a few more people before her death and become too ruthless.
Arabella- The poor sweetie will probably die at the hands of Rachel, Yael or a Career, there’s many possible reasons for this, but I can imagine her being too frightened to move and getting caught in the crossfire. I’m sure she’ll push til the end though.
Tristana- I think she’ll become very tough but still remain kind, I think there could be a possible battle between her and Rachel, and then she could die from Rachel’s gun.
Yael- This is a very very interesting one, it could really go either way, the voices could win and Yael could become a killing machine with more skills than some of the Careers, or Yael could defeat the voices and die nobly with them gone from her mind.
Vincent- another interesting one, but slightly predictable. I think the most likely outcome for Vincent is him going crazy, maybe even becoming a cannibal, slaughtering many tributes before dying at the hands of a trained Career or someone with skills like Axel.
Hadley- I think he’ll stay true til the end and protect Axel, maybe sacrifice his own life for Axel’s, and then it’ll be a bittersweet moment when he dies and Axel is able to survive with the jewel. But that’s only a prediction.
Axel- Following on from Hadley’s, I think him and Hadley will get wrapped up in whatever the temples are all about and then while fighting their way out Hadley will sacrifice himself for Axel, or something like that.
Cecelia- I can imagine her realising her feelings for Noelani and them becoming an unstoppable duo but Noelani being killed and Cecelia struggling to win but still coming out on top, maybe after turning on Glorian? Or Noelani could survive and Cecelia would help her til get a jewel and only turn on Glorian if he turns on her first. Maybe her and Noelani would become closer with Glorian as well and those 3 would become almost unstoppable.
Glorian- I think he could either kill someone who has a jewel, be killed by Cecelia after she turns on him in anger or grief, or be killed by one of the other physicall strong and skilled males, such as Vincent or Trajan, and go into a battle against them, either coming out with a jewel or dying. Maybe he could become closer to Noelani and Cecelia and survive with them or fight with Cecelia for the glory of winning.
Noelani- I think she would either die protecting Cecelia or Glorian, or possibly surviving alongside them. She would fight fiercely but be more worried about Cecelia in the end.
I think that’s all of them lol, I’m excited to read more, we’re certainly nearing the end!
12/13/2019 c47 6santiago.poncini20
1. A career, probably Trajan.
2. Most likely Dennis
3. I want Glorian to win (duh) and Cecelia, Trajan and Yael to survive.
4. I think Cecelia will win, and Noelani, Axel and Tristana will survive.
5. My Prediction is that Noelani will die and then Cecelia will come clean about her feelings.
12/13/2019 c47 8Team Shadow
Yael-Yael seems pretty stable in this moment. It's interesting not having her voices take over. I wonder how long that will last. I also absolutely love Tristana and Arabella trying to be discrete about what's in this structure. It's really funny to read.
Cecelia-This was absolutely adorable, and such an interesting side of the Careers. I guess out of these three, none of them are really typical, bloodthirsty Careers. I still ship Cecelia and Noelani
Rachel-I'm not surprised she did what she did to get the gem, out of all of them I would definitely consider her the most selfish. I do wonder what this is going to do to the dynamic of the alliance.
Vincent-He's turning into an absolute mad lad (could he be worse than Sprucen was?) But I really love that he beat Trajan in a fight. I guess Trajan isn't as high and mighty as he thought.
Glorian-Another scene I absolutely adored. They're all just so cute together, it really sucks knowing they might have to kill one another at some point.
Tristana-Yeah, the alliance is definitely going south. I don't think Arabella or Tristana would kill Rachel to get her gem, but Yael might, and they would kill Yael if she attacked her ally. I don't see this lasting much longer.

Fantastic chapter! Update soon! I voted in the poll.

1. I'd like to think it'd be Noelani, but Rachel just took the one the Careers found. I would guess it would be Noelani or Lennox.
2. There's a couple I think it could be, but I'm going to say Rachel.
3. I want Cecelia to win and Noelani to survive (yes I'm selfish whoops)
4. I think Glorian will win and Axel will survive (I hope I'm wrong XD)
5. I suck at predictions. But I think Rachel's alliance will fall apart. I think Cel miiiight reveal her feelings for Noelani, but that might be a stretch. I think Hadley and Axel might kill Dennis. He might kill one of them in the process. I could see Tristana and Arabella teaming back up with the boys, but since that already happened I sort of doubt it. I think Yael will kill Rachel and Tristana will kill Yael so Tristana might get that gem. I think one of the Careers will kill Vincent. I dunno. I don't think any of this will end up happening XD

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F), Dennis Fielder (D5M)
Rooting For: Noelani King (D4F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Axel Woodleigh (D6M), Arabella Cantros (D10F), Vincent Elm (D7M), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F), Yael Harident (D11F)
Hate: Trajan Seth (D1M)
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