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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

12/10/2019 c46 6santiago.poncini20
Pls kill Dennis pls.

Also Hadley could die easily and i wouldnt care
12/9/2019 c46 3TacoPhoenix88
Trajan- Hmm not as tough as he seems. I like the way Luc came up in his nightmare, or ‘dream’ Trajan would say, and how Luc told him about the nameless tributes, while Trajan is still saying they’re only sheep and don’t deserve names, it’s a driving point in the Hunger Games, the whole idea of humanity and you highlighted that really well through this particular part. Trajan now seems conflicted, a different side of him could show, one that isn’t a bloodthirsty killer.
Hadley- Ugh Rachel, I’m really starting to hate her. I understand her point, but it’s completely annoying and rude to wake them up, she could’ve just waited. I’m glad Hadley took a stand against her, even if it was only small.
Dennis- Oooo acid rain, the first Gamemaker controller thing (other than mutts) the Gamemakers have thrown into the Arena. I don’t really care if Dennis dies, and partly hope the acid rain is the end of him, but know it won’t be.
Noelani- Noelani and Cecelia are just SO CUTE! I went awwwwwww throughout the entire part of Noelani taking care of Cecelia, it’s absolutely adorable and couple goals. Glorian’s there like the 3rd wheel lol, sucks for him. Cecelia is right to want Trajan gone, but if the Careers as a whole want a chance in the Games, they’ll have to keep him like Glorian said, plus, you wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.
Axel- OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG i have sooooo many theories about what this girl could mean, and is that dude with the gun a future version of the tributes? That could add a super cool new aspect to the Arena. And that girl, I’m assuming she’s a tribal member? Why did the dude attack her? Why did the dude attack Axel? So many questions! This part of the story is really interesting me and I can’t wait to read more! There’s just so much suspense now!
Arabella- Ooooo Will there be a fight between Tristana and Arabella, and then Yael and Rachel, I can’t imagine the first two fighting but people can do crazy out of character thing when their life is on the line. Rachel and Yael will also have no idea what it is, so I wonder how that will come in and will Yael finally snap?

You probably weren’t expecting a review this early Lolololol but it just came up when I went on mail XD Loved this chapter, it’s left me with heaps of unanswered questions and I’m excited to see where Vincent is at.
12/1/2019 c40 Guest
OMG NOOOOOOOOO DENNIS CAN'T KILL LENNOX! I mean, I know you've probably already written her death (which makes me want to cry) and I have no control over it, but still...please...NO!
Oh, also, I'm sad that Linen died. Good death and stuff!
12/1/2019 c38 Guest
2. Lennox must survive/win, obv (I don't care which)
3. Maybe, IDK
12/1/2019 c27 Guest
I kinda skipped a lot of this chapter (I'm doing a lot of back-and-forth now), but I'm that Lennox person, and 3. LENNOX!
12/1/2019 c26 Guest
I wanna see a Lennox/Nikola alliance, and maybe Buck or someone random like that plz! (I'm the Lennox-crazy person)
12/1/2019 c24 Guest
Lennox, girl! Get an alliance or something! But be careful, you CANNOT die!
12/1/2019 c23 Guest
Uh, yikes/wow?! Quentin (whose reaping I skipped because Lennox) seems very...feisty?
1. District 3 sounded interesting, I think the Capitol should've given them more attention. 8 sounds okay...5 sounds really cool! I skipped that reaping...there are 3 tributes? D1 sounds cool-ish.
2. I did not like 12. Or 11. Or 10. I felt really bad for the 9 tributes. Actually, I didn't really like any except for 3, 8, 5, and 1.
3. Wait, whaaaa? I skipped that!
4. Lennox! LENNOX 4EVA!
11/30/2019 c21 Guest
I skipped ahead to this chapter (I'm the one who loves Lennox and couldn't focus on any other reapings.) I decided to try this one because I remembered liking the first Estella Blake chapter. This one did not disappoint, though I still am in LOVE with Lennox!
11/30/2019 c10 Guest
Okay, I couldn't even focus on this chapter because I was still in awe of Lennox. I'm just gonna skip ahead to some random place in the story.
11/30/2019 c8 Guest
This was BY FAR my favorite chapter so fa 1. Nikola. Right. Um...he's good! I like inventing and stuff...
2. Lennox. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! AAAHHH! I love her so much! My favorite tribute BY FAR! Ada is SO SWEET! Lennox better win. I will be so mad at you if Lennox dies. SHE NEEDS TO COME HOME FOR ADA! AAAHHH! (By the way, the fact that you made me feel like this is a sign of good writing!)
3. Um, if you couldn't tell by the above questions, Lennox is better by a MILE!
4. I don't really know, but it BETTER be Lennox.
5. I shouldn't be saying this, because again, you're a STRANGER, but I completely agree with you. PJ movies SUCK!
11/30/2019 c7 Guest
1. WHAAAAAT?! I better get details before he's killed! How did his friends die? This is insane! (Nice job building suspense, hee hee)
2. First of all, ridiculous name, which I know was the point, but still. And, like, get over it, Glitter's mom! You live in 2! Accept that and get on with LIFE, already! Glitter's pretty headstrong, but confident. I like her okay, but I think Glorian is a little bit nicer. Still, they are D2. What did I expect?
3. I prefer Glorian. As I said, he's a little bit nicer, and besides, I'm a sucker for a good tragic backstory.
4. Honestly, I think Glitter will come farther in the Games, but I can see Glorian doing well, too. It probably depends on the arena.
5. Again, you are a STRANGER!
11/30/2019 c6 Guest
1. Trajan seems like a jerk but his "wolf & sheep" philosophy is kinda cool.
2. Cecelia seems nice for a D1 tribute! I'm curious to find out more about her family, especially her father...
3. Preferred Cecelia ALL THE WAY! I haven't read any of the other Reaping chapters yet, but so far she's my favorite Career tribute I've EVER read about!
4. This is pretty tough! Trajan is strong, but Cecelia seems crafty...hmm...I don't know!
5. I'm not answering this because you are a STRANGER!

I'm excited to read the rest!
11/29/2019 c45 TacoPhoenix88
Hmmm I wonder how they’re going to spice it up, I’m very interested to see if it’s to do with the temples or not. And starting arena for the 256th Hunger Games, seems like its going to be a captivating one.
Glitter- R.I.P Glitter, she wasn’t a tribute I liked at all, I hated her actually for her ditzy nature. I’m glad she died tbh. It also gave me a better idea of what Vincent is truly like.
11/29/2019 c44 TacoPhoenix88
Tristana- I really like Tristana, she’s really friendly and kind, but that’s not the type of nature needed to win the Hunger Games. However, I like the way she let Axel and Hadley stay for a bit, and Axel’s and Tristana’s friendship is a warmth and happiness in the darkness of the Hunger Games. Rachel is very skeptical of them, and that makes me not like her even more, although it’s very smart to be skeptical of them, I love Axel too much. Rachel has a lot of strategy, and I’m interested to see where she goes.
Vincent- Omg. I wouldn’t think of Vincent as the person to just randomly kill, yes Glitter was a bad person, but it’s murder, this kill has completely changed my whole perspective on Vincent, and given me a better insight into his character. He’s much more ruthless than I thought. I’m glad to have Glitter gone though, she was an annoyance and becoming too cocky for her own good. She was also dumb and ditzy, definitely not a death I’ll be sad over.
Arabella- Her and Hadley seem to get along quite well, but that was not a good idea from Hadley to tell her about the gems. But at least it was Arabella, who’s not ever gonna hurt a fly. I really want Tristana and Arabella to join Axel and Hadley, I think they would make a better alliance, but all of them might get too attached, and that’s the only downside.
Yael- She’s bound to snap soon. The voices are very strong, and very convincing to her. I only hope her alliance are able to stop her when she does. Or maybe she’s strong enough in herself to overcome them. Yael is an interesting character, but the voices make her especially interesting, I wonder what their plan is for her alliance, and if it’s coming anytime soon.
Axel- Aww Axel, hes the most innocent, sweet child, he just told Tristana about the gems easily, he should really be more careful. But Tristana is a very kind person, and they do have a heartwarming friendship. I’m very glad Axel has a gem, but since he was the first person to get one I’m highly doubtful that he’ll keep it, especially when he’s told Tristana, who could possibly tell Rachel and Yael, 2 very untrustworthy people, as they are ruthless in the Games. I just hope he can hold on til the end.
Cecelia- AWWWWWWWW I absolutely adore Noelani and Cecelia, their relationship is beautiful, and I really really hope they can make it out together, that would be just fantastic. But most love stories end badly in the Hunger Games, and even if Cecelia does win and Noelani gets a gem, will they be able to live together? I hope they tell each other how they feel soon, and maybe just maybe make it out alive and get to live happy lives together. However Cecelia’s crush on Noelani is making her a little bit of an idiot as she said, hopefully she can keep her senses centred to keep herself and Noelani safe.
Loved this chapter! I wonder how Lennox is doing, and if Dennis has found another person to hunt.
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