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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

11/25/2019 c43 6santiago.poncini20
11/15/2019 c23 2Aurora336
Hi! I really love this fic, I'm all ready on chapter 24 and I just started reading lol!
11/13/2019 c41 6Team Shadow
Glitter-She's crazy if she thinks Vincent likes her enough to "form a special bond" with her. Unless his viewpoint has changed since we last checked in on him, he hates her lol.
Lennox-that was absolutely HORRIBLE TO read! I feel so so bad for Lennox, oh god I don't think she's going to survive past this. I also can't remember if Dennis can swim, so this might be the end for our solo tributes. I'm so sorry Lennox for creating a monster.
Glorian-I'm shocked neither of them took it. I didn't think Cecelia would want it, but I would've thought Glorian might have taken it just for the security of having it. Interesting play by these two. Also, Cecelia kicked that jaguars butt and I'm all for it.
Arabella-Awww, I'm really happy they found each other. Other than the mutt attack, I feel like they've had an okay time in the Games (granted I did just read someone getting their arm sawed off so anything is better than that). My point is I think something bad is going to happen to this alliance soon.
Trajan-I don't think this plan is going to work out in their favor. Neither of them strike me as extremely good liars, and the rest of the Carers already don't like them anyway. I hope Cel can kill Trajan. That would make me happy.
Cecelia-I do like this plan she suggests, where they could both make it back. Is it just me, or am I sensing some sort of romance beginning? Its just me? Oh okay. Well I def ship them and I would def love it if they could both return home.

16th: Linen Baird, killed by Trajan Seth-I always liked Linen, I thought she was always really sweet and I really enjoyed reading about her. Rest in peace, Linen. You definitely deserved better.
Fantastic chapter! Update soon!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F), Dennis Fielder (D5M)
Rooting For: Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Axel Woodleigh (D6M), Arabella Cantros (D10F), Vincent Elm (D7M), Noelani King (D4F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Neutral: Lucretius Marlo (D4M)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F), Yael Harident (D11F), Glitter Monique (D2F)
Hate: Trajan Seth (D1M)
11/13/2019 c41 3TacoPhoenix88
:’(, Omg Linen’s death is still clawing at my heart, I loved her and really thought she had the true spirit of a Victor, and could’ve been one, but obviously that was not to be. She just seems too young, but everyone in the Hunger Games is. Glitter’s true colours are really shining now, I absolutely detest her and her silly girly fantasies, the seriousness of the Hunger Games seems to not be sinking in. She’s bound to be killed sooner or later for that stupidity. Oh no Lennox! Ada is gonna be absolutely heartbroken! And she had to go in a horrible, painful way as well (unless she hasn’t died from blood loss?) Dennix has secured his first victim, I really want to know what’s happening with him, after he fell into the river, I honestly hope he drowns, so no one else can be tortured like Lennox. I understand Glorian’s and Cecelia’s reasoning, but it confuses me why one of them didn’t just take it just in case, and then I realised, both of them would rather die than go back to their old lives, they want new beginnings with riches, fame etc. And only the winning can bring them back. It’s so horrible to think that death is preferable to District life, even in District 1 and 2! I’m glad Arabella and Yael found Tristana and Rachel, well, partly, I still want to know what Yael is planning and if it’s possible for her to overcome the ‘voices.’ Trajan and Glitter? An alliance? Glitter’s really grasping at the last straws here, she knows Vincent is closed off from her, and deep down I think she also knows she can’t match up to the other strong tributes, so she’s trying to get with Trajan now, pretty much last resort. I absolutely hate Trajan, and his lunatic thoughts of wolves and sheep, poor poor Linen, who had to die at his hands. Then he BOASTS about it, his ego inflating because he KILLED someone, a young girl, I’m absolutely appalled. Cecelia’s idea is a really good one, and the Careers are bound to split up sooner or later anyway, and Noelani and Cecelia are amazing and I’ve grown attached to both of them and their relationship, so I would love it if both of them made it home! They could definitely make it with the added chance of the gems! Great chapter as always!
11/6/2019 c40 2GaleWrites
Aaaah my poor girl! It makes perfect sense for her reckless butt, but it's still quite sad.
11/6/2019 c40 R3mii
Why must you keep tugging at my heartstrings ;'(
I was not expecting Linen to die - she was one of my favorites after all. Oh, and the way she died; so very gruesome and so in tune with the hunger games style. (Doesn't make it any less depressing though) Trajan killing her has preceded to tip my love-hate relationship with him just a bit more to the hate side. (Good on Lucretius for keeping his morals! My lil Lucy ;) I can only hope that when Dennis undoubtedly finds Lennox she can somehow ex-machina her way out of the fight. I need my precious bean to fight for all she's worth :) [Although I hope my faith isn't too misplaced because Dennis is hecking strong.]

This waiting game is going to be the death of me. xC
11/6/2019 c40 6Team Shadow
A death, you say? I wonder who it's gonna be...
Axel-I'm kind of surprised at Axel's negative view towards Linen. I'm not surprised they didn't tell her about the jewel, but they really don't trust her, do they?
Rachel-Pft, these two's interactions make me laugh. Tristana is a little naive here, isn't she? I'm genuinely surprised no one (other than Vincent) saw them.
Glorian-Oh god I hate cliffhangers, especially when my tributes are in danger. I think these two found another jewel room (that or they're in the one Axel and Hadley found, but that's unlikely). I wonder which of them will get it (if this is a jewel room). I guess it'll depend on who's alive after this mutt attack? (please don't kill Cel I love her too much to watch her die now XD)
Linen-This was tense to read. I felt so bad reading her death, I honestly wouldn't have picked her next to die. I was thinking it would be Lennox, Arabella, or Tristana.
Dennis-Yup, this looks horrible for Lennox. I really don't know who is going to come out on top. Agh, I feel so bad for Lennox. I'm so sorry I created a monster.
Trajan-I wonder if Lucretius lost Hadley and Axel or if he just didn't want to follow them or if these two Careers will go back for them. Either way, Trajan is annoying and I don't like him still.

Great chapter! I voted on the poll btw.

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F), Dennis Fielder (D5M)
Rooting For: Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Axel Woodleigh (D6M), Arabella Cantros (D10F), Vincent Elm (D7M), Noelani King (D4F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Neutral: Lucretius Marlo (D4M)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F), Yael Harident (D11F), Glitter Monique (D2F)
Hate: Trajan Seth (D1M)
10/26/2019 c39 Team Shadow
Oof, it looks bad for these mentors. I have a really bad feeling this isn't going to end well with any of them. Alexandros seems to get what he wants most of the time...
Great chapter! Update soon!
10/26/2019 c38 Team Shadow
Dennis-This is bad for Lennox. Very, very, bad. I truly fear for her safety. I don't think she could beat Dennis in hand to hand combat.
Hadley-His overall attitude is still really bothering me for some reason, I can't quite put my finger on it but I'm not liking this new Hadley. I do love the mention of Mika, my girl lives on!
Tristana-I have a feeing they aren't going to find each other, I do fear they're going to run into the Careers. There's been a lack of activity lately so I wouldn't be surprised if the Gamemakers started pushing tributes together.
Axel-Ooooo, interesting twist! I think it's super cool, I've seen SYOTs have more than one Victor ( myself) but I've never seen anything like this. I love it! I wonder if the boys will keep this a secret from Linen or tell her. I don't think she'd be one to kill Axel to take it from him, but I do think it'd cause a little bit of tension overall within the group.
Noelani-Every time I read Cecelia being a sassy girl I laugh, and I laughed during this. It's so funny to read, even if I fear Trajan is going to snap and try to kill her. I still love it though.
Yael-I'm surprised she could stop herself, I don't think Arabella is going to make it much longer alone with Yael. I actually don't think either of them will make it much longer.

1. I really like the twist! I think it's super unique and interesting.
2. In my ideal world, Cecelia will be victor and Noelani and Lennox will survive (Noelani because I like her and Lennox because of her daughter)
3. No, I don't

I voted on the poll btw!

Great chapter! I love these fast updates, keep it up!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F), Dennis Fielder (D5M)
Rooting For: Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Linen Baird (D8F)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Axel Woodleigh (D6M), Arabella Cantros (D10F), Vincent Elm (D7M), Noelani King (D4F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Neutral: Lucretius Marlo (D4M)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F), Yael Harident (D11F), Glitter Monique (D2F)
Hate: Trajan Seth (D1M)
10/26/2019 c39 2GaleWrites
Dang, a good Games plot *and* a good Capitol plot at the same time? Awesome. I'm eager to see what comes next
10/26/2019 c38 GaleWrites
Aw yeah, things are heating up!

1. I am fascinated by the twist and eager to see how the Capitol turns it around and makes it horrible
2. I definitely want my girl Linen to survive, and I really want Lennox to survive to get home to her little girl. As long as they survive I don't know that I care much who actually wins.
3. I don't think so, no. In fact, I'd be surprised if Arabella survives Yael's blackout. At that point, even if they find Yael, the alliance is dead.
10/26/2019 c39 3TacoPhoenix88
Oh no! Torturing people? That’s extremely harsh and makes me dislike Alexandros even more. Why is Dara so high though? Higher than people like Malakai who are actually involved, or were at least asked to join the rebels. It’s confusing but I’m loving it, can’t wait till it all comes together!
10/26/2019 c38 TacoPhoenix88
1. I think it’s exciting! It adds an extra element that really gives more hope to tributes who can’t fight as well, since it’s extremely rare for someone who can’t fight to win. It’s understandable not to have the riches and Victor’s Village, because otherwise it’s an easy out, they don’t have to do much to win in this case. I’m so glad Axel got one, but the fact killing a tribute transfers the power of the Jewel is scary, I really hope he isn’t killed before it’s time to use it.
2. Victor: ideally Linen, but I can hardly see that happening, so I probably want her to get the jewel. Another jewel to Axel, which he already has so I’m glad about that, Victor Noelani or Glorian, because they both seem deserving, and it’s actually realistic for one of them to become the Victor. Which ever one of them doesn’t become the Victor I would want to receive a jewel but that’s just my opinion.
3. I hope they don’t reunite, Rachel and Tristana are both strong tributes, and I think Arabella and Yael are weighing them down. Yael could also kill them, which I don’t want, but at the same time I want to know her plan for them, or the ‘voice’s’ plan for them at least. I think they might reunite, since they’re both thinking of going to the same place, but that’s very close to the Careers, so they all might end up dying anyway.
Great chapter!
10/26/2019 c38 R3mii
Holy hecking heck my baby Lennox is being hunted by a madman ;(
Great chapter as always btw. I've been too lazy to review the last chapters so I thought I should do just that lol.
? I love this twist. It puts forth an option to have more than one person survive, which is sure to cause some drama.
2.I would love it if my Lennox won for bias sake, but having Linen or Luc survive would be just as endearing.
3.I hope they reunite. I really like Yael and want to see more of their alliance.
10/25/2019 c37 6santiago.poncini20
RIP Probably my tributes soon

Great chapter!
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