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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

8/17/2019 c32 7Professor R.J Lupin1
Oh boy. Am I prepared for this? No absolutely not. Zaira is so dead and I am terrified! Yay! Panic over fictional characters! Woot woot!
Well no one threw themselves to the mines, not that I expected it though.
Alright we’ll, RIP in advance to Zaira!
8/16/2019 c31 Anna
My fricken review was deleted twice already...

I read the whole chapter I’m still here, just not up to reviewing atm sorry xd I will soon though, promise
8/16/2019 c31 6santiago.poncini20
Want to be bloodbath: Lennox, Dennis, Buck, Nikola, Tristana, Glitter, Vincent, Rachel.
Think that they will be bloodbath: Felix, Nikola, Savanna, Quentin, Macey and Tracey,
8/16/2019 c31 7Team Shadow
Felix-Honestly, I was super stoke for his wild revelation at the interviews, but once I read what it was, it made me sad. Most of the Capitol isn't supportive so I have a bad feeling this hurt him more than helped him. I hope he makes it past the bloodbath, but it's hard to tell with him especially with a score of 3. He's a sweet kid though so I'd love to see him have a chance.
Zaira-It's kind of a shame the Careers got to Vincent first, I think he would have been a super valuable asset to Zaira's alliance. He's definitely going to make it further than Ruce would have, and he seems much more likable. I kind of get the sense he might struggle to kill but I could totally be wrong.
Glitter-She just continues to move down on my list. She is constantly complaining, and then she goes on this whole tangent about how she doesn't want to be seen as dumb and sexy, but then immediately reverts on that to use her sexiness and recruit Vincent. This girl can't make up her mind and I think it's going to get her killed.
Trajan-While I think Vincent might do well with the Careers, Glitter's impulsive act is going to cause a lot more tension between the Careers than there already was. I'm hoping the Careers don't fall apart too quickly, but I'm sort of getting that sense, especially with Kade in the group. Also, I love that Cecelia killed her interview. I really hope she kills it in the arena (literally lol I'm not as funny as I think I am)
Nikola-Every POV I read from him I just feel so bad for him. He seems like such a sweet kid, but unfortunately I don't see him surviving the bloodbath. Poor thing.
Tracey-It was nice to see a bit from everyone's interviews, even if they were short. It gives us a good sense of how the Capitol feels about each tribute. Cupid is kind of rude for saying what he said to Macey & Tracey, I want them to survive just to prove him wrong but I get the feeling they won't.
Tristana-Man, Vincent really is a likable guy isn't he? Just, the complete 180 of Ruce. I actually kind of love it haha. I also love that they mentioned Mika, it makes my heart happy. But what they said did kind of creep me out, that so many dead people have slept in the same rooms as them. Super unsettling.
Lennox-I love her determination, I think it's going to help her in the long run. Just like her, I'm excited to see what the arena is! It was super cool and complex last year, I can only assume it will be even better this year.
Update soon!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F), Dennis Fielder (D5M)
Rooting For: Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Zaira Quentin (D7F), Linen Baird (D8F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Like: Glorian Stafford (D2M), Macey & Tracey Aderyn (D5F), Axel Woodleigh (D6M), Felix Camacho (D8M), Buck Hayford (D10M), Arabella Cantros (D10F), Quentin Fredericus (D12M), Savanna Davison (D9F), Vincent Elm (D7M)
Neutral: Nikola Allegra (D3M), Noelani King (D4F), Lucretius Marlo (D4M)
Dislike: Rachel Ivy (D12F), Yael Harident (D11F), Glitter Monique (D2F)
Hate: Kade Anderson (D11M), Trajan Seth (D1M)
8/16/2019 c31 3lionkingfactsguy3
I think for the bloodbath you should do third person point of view. First person pov's are overrated
8/16/2019 c1 Anna
Okay, sounds good!
8/16/2019 c2 3Lilah32
I'll send her in today.
8/16/2019 c1 Anna
Hmm could you have her in as soon as you can? I’m planning to write an interlude, and then training day two with the new character
8/15/2019 c26 Lilah32
I want to submit the extra character. Is there a specific deadline you need her in?
8/15/2019 c1 Anna
Haha you’re fine! Now you know :D

If you don’t want to submit the extra character, feel free to PM monkey so I can make one up myself. :) It’s whatever you feel like doing
8/15/2019 c30 3TacoPhoenix88
Vincent Elm is pretty cool, I like his simple life kinda thing he wants. He doesn’t seem to be the brightest but he does seem kind and very good with an axe. I’m interested to see how you organise everything around him, as he has missed out on training and such. I also can’t wait to see more of his backstory next chapter!
8/15/2019 c29 TacoPhoenix88
1. Yes definitely, he wasn’t going to add much to the story I don’t think, and Yael was going to snap soon no matter what.
3. I have no idea tbh, I can’t wait to find out!
All of this is so interesting, a whirlwind of fantastic writing that really makes me want to read more!
8/15/2019 c28 TacoPhoenix88
OMG I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! WOAH! I loved the foreshadowing you used in this chapter! I didn’t care about Sprucen much and when Yael’s POV was right after his I kind of suspected it. I feel so bad that Glorian had to see his friends all die right before his eyes, that’s horrible. The scores are all what I predicted, I’m glad you gave Glorian and Axel great scores. Axel might have a target on his back now though! Great chapter as always! :D
8/14/2019 c28 3Lilah32
Anna, sorry about not deleting the reviews at first... I didn't realize that after three days they'd automatically be posted. I've deleted them now, though.
8/13/2019 c30 Anna
Vincent: honestly he seems TOO nice. He’s fine and all but I don’t really have any good or bad feelings from him so this is neutral.

At least he’s better than Sprucen...

Good chapter! Also I think TheNoobyBoy like disappeared off the face of ff so..

Good chapter! I’m excited to see the interviews :D
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