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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

6/5/2020 c72 6Team Shadow
Ahhh I can't believe my girl did it! I'm so happy she won, I don't even know how to explain it. She has been one of my favorite tributes I've made and watching her develop and grow throughout the Games was absolutely incredible to watch. And she gets to win knowing she helped Axel survive, which is certainly something that will bring her happiness. I'm pretty certain she's going to be apart of the rebellion, she certainly came to the conclusion that the Capitol is horrible during the last chapter of the Games.
I always respected Glorian and it really was an equal battle between him and Cecelia. His backstory was always one that intrigued me and he always felt like he had a secret side. He definitely had a hard past and an even harder time in the Games but he was always a fighter and fought til his last. Someone said it in another review, but I think he'll be at peace with Gonzalo now.
Even though these chapters are short they're enjoyable! Don't feel bad if you don't have the motivation for these epilogues, it can get like that. Regardless, this was a great chapter and I'm excited for the next one!
6/4/2020 c72 3TacoPhoenix88
I’m glad that Cecelia won. Between her and Glorian I didn’t know who I wanted to win, but Cecelia did grow on me throughout the Games. Her relationship with Noelani was beautiful and adorable in one, and I loved how I saw the vulnerable side of her after Noelani’s death. Cecelia overall was very level headed for all of the Games, she never lost sight of her ultimate goal even when Noelani was there. She thought logically but not too much and fought well. Towards the end she really became a powerful character, that I now know is not only strong but rebellious, and ready to help take down the Capitol. I can’t wait to see her defiance and hopefully sparks of rebellion in the next epilogues/epilogue and in feathers.
Now I’m gonna talk about Glorian. While he was one of favourites once I saw how he bonded so well with Noelani and Cecelia, I did find him cruel when he killed Noelani. However, he had a good heart and good ideals. His reason for coming into the Games wasn’t the best, but I admire his love for his friends. Glorian was a leader and would have gone far as the Victor, I think he would have been fantastic at rallying people to fight against the Capitol with his passion for what he believes in and his unflinching bravery. Rip Glorian, you will be missed and remembered, and so will Gonzalo.
As for what I thought of the actual chapter! I wonder what was slipped into Malakai’s pockets and anxiously await the next epilogues.
I’m super pumped for feathers! Can’t wait to see how you write my characters for it!
6/2/2020 c71 Guest
Pls update!
5/31/2020 c71 Guest
omg plz update soon
5/27/2020 c71 1Thefifi18
Please please update, I’ve been waiting forever!
5/27/2020 c71 Guest

-Crazy Lennox Peep
5/25/2020 c71 6Team Shadow
I'm super happy Axel survived, and honestly if two people survived I think it would have been a little too many. So I'm really happy Axel was the one who made it out alive. I was always pretty neutral to him but I always respected his skill and I'm thrilled he can live out the rest of his life back home.
3rd: Trajan Seth, killed by Cecelia Hart-Yeah I never really liked him haha. I enjoyed his interactions with Cecelia (mainly when she was snarking him. His arch was definitely one of the most interesting archs out of both Flames and Rapids, but I am glad he didn't win. I would have been a little mad.

PLEASE update soon! I need to know who the other Victor is! I'm praying for my girl to be the victor!
5/25/2020 c71 3TacoPhoenix88
You are truly evil! Still so much suspense for the Victor! I was still glad to see Axel though, I’m so so glad he survived, as he’s been one of my favourites from the beginning. You’re right in that he’s a complicated younger tribute, and you really portrayed that in your writing. I loved Axel because he was scared but not weak, he pushed through and did what he had to do to survive all while keeping his sweet side. He will be forever traumatised by his kills, but most of them were for self-defence. He is a loyal, strong and kind tribute that hasn’t had his sweetness corrupted by the Games, as I see happening to most kind tributes. I just love him so much and I’m so glad he made it out. As for Trajan, I never had any love for him, I hated him as a person, but as a character...I loved to read about him. He wasn’t a classic villain like you mentioned because he had layers and a unique mindset. I never wanted him to win, but I did want him to go a fairly long way for the plot. It would have been interesting to have him win though, because with most SYOT’s I see character that never serve as villains to the plot, so him winning would’ve been the first I’ve read and I’d like to see the Capitol’s reaction and his own. Anyway, bye Trajan.
5/23/2020 c70 Guest
C'mon, Lilah, pllzzzzzz update soon! I'm rooting for Cecelia!

-Crazy Lennox person
5/21/2020 c1 Guest
Great story. When will you update again?
5/13/2020 c70 Guest
Plz update
5/13/2020 c70 Guest
please update soon! dying to know what happens next
5/11/2020 c70 Guest
Plzzzzzzzzzzz update soon!
5/9/2020 c70 Guest
I want it to be Cecelia. So badly. Please. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Cecelia.

I don't really know who i think.

-Crazy Lennox person
5/6/2020 c70 Jwz123
I hope Cecilia wins
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