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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

11/9/2018 c1 Anna Banana
Hi Lilah! I’d like to remind you that your current reservations will only last for two more days.

also, can I have district 10 Female?
11/8/2018 c1 Anna Banana
Did you get the second part of my Form?
11/8/2018 c1 Guest
Omg, so sorry, I hit post..

Personality: Juniper is very focused and anti social around most people, but is still a bit ditzy. He is very intelligent for a district 1 tribute and is humorous and exuberant around friends and family.
History: He is the eldest of the family and has 3 younger sisters and a younger brother; Amber who is the second eldest, Lavender who is the middle, Fuschia who is second youngest, and Indigo who is the youngest. His parents were always employed and have good jobs; they are upper class like most victors.
Family: His mother, Jade (43) who is gentle and sweet, his father, Cerulean (44) who expects lots from his son and is stern, his sister Amber (15) who is the sporty sister, his sister Lavender (11) who is the pretty pink princess sister, Fuschia (7) who is the super smart sister, and Indigo (4) who is the comedy and funny brother.
Friends: Amira (17) his girlfriend who is caring and does lots of things for the district (her dad is mayor), Velvet (15) her brother, Copper (17) his best bro who is popular and sporty, and Silver (17) Copper’s twin brother who is the prep at school.
Strengths: He cooperates and compromises well, he has loads of survival skills, he is good with swords
Wesknesses: He isn’t good with other weapons, he doesn’t like to talk to random tributes, and he likes independent work and can be bad at teamwork
Reaping outfit: A white T-shirt, juniper blazer, and beige khakis
Chariot outfit: Something like his partner I guess. Something colorful and stuff so
Interview outfit: Juniper suit that sparks mini fireworks
Interview angle: Smart, but likable
VOlunteered: He Volunteered, designated by academy
Open to alliances: Careers, and if deemed weak or something, other smart tributes the size of the career group called the anti careers
Open to romance: Not really. He doesn’t want to make friends and mourn them if they die
Strategy: Go to bloodbath and grab a backpack, spears if possible, run and find his anti career group. They stick by water sources and hide. If with careers, stays with them
What they show gamemakers: Spear work, agility,h some survival skills
Suggested training score: 8/9?
Suggested placement: Oooh, for this buddy I gotta actually say first... he’s smart and has weapon talents, but if he needs to die, he can.. ;(
Other: He has a token- a juniper colored thread with 12 beads; one Jade colored (Jade, his mom) one cerulean (his dad, Cerulean) one Amber (Amber, his sister), one Lavender (Lavender, his sister), one Fuschia (Fuschia his sister) one indigo (his brother Indigo) one soft pink (Amira [Her names means princess, and princess makes me thin pink]) one velvet (Velvet, his friend) one copper and silver (Copper and Silver, the twins) and one Juniper, for him. There is one more; rainbow to represent they all will miss him and always remember if he dies.

I hope you like I’m, he’s one of my all time favorite..I’ll miss this bud. ;(
11/8/2018 c1 Guest
Hi Lilah, I’m so excited for this story! Here’s my D1 Tribute (also when you submit the district 6 tribute you reserved, I’ll finally eat able to start the Reapings!):

Name: Juniper Mileniuryn
Age: 17
District: 1
Faceclaim: Um, I’ll just describe him
Appearance: He has nice hair that is blond with juniper tips, a muscular build from training, and is pretty tall. He has blue eyes as well.
11/7/2018 c1 Anna Banana
Remember to put Rosalie in your tribute list! ;)
11/7/2018 c2 Anna Banana
I’m so happy you decided to submit tributes to our SYOT! :D so, reservations only last for a limited time so submit quick!

If we desperately need more tributes I might leave a review, but most likely won’t happen.

Thank you and have a great day/night!

-Anna Banana
11/7/2018 c1 Anna Banana
Can I reserve District 3 Female? (Or male if it was male)
11/6/2018 c1 Anna Banana
Hey Lilah, wanna chat? I’m so bored...
11/7/2018 c1 2InsertUsernameHereThanks
Is there any spaces free? If so which ones?
11/6/2018 c2 Anna Banana
Name: Brookelyn Maywaters
Age: 18
District: Four
Backup District: 12
Faceclaim: Mariah Carey
Appearance: She has tan skin and brown eyes from working outside. She also has blond hair and a tall and althetic build.
Personality: Brookelyn is hyperactive. She’s always on her feet and moving. She’s fearless, brave, adventurous, daring, courageous, and all those big adventure words. She loves getting outdoors and is curious about everything. She is a bit carefree... a bit too carefree.
History: Her sister was born when she was 2, and she had another brother born when she was 5. Her eldest brother is 5 years older than her. Her Brother was chosen as volunteer for the 242nd Games- but broke his arm. She was 12 at the time and her brother was 17. Her mother adopted two children- a boy and a girl who are twins when she was 14. Her father is always away at work as a fisherman.
Family: Her mother, Maria (50) who is humble and kind, her father, Troy (51) who is funny and sweet, her brother, Wade (23) who is enthusiastic and bold, her sister in law, Rivera (23), who is quiet but affectionate, her sister, Ocean (16), who is creative and passionate for art, her brother, Stream (13), who is rambunctious and wild, and her twin siblings, Sheldon and Shelly (4) who are both adorable and energetic.
Friends: Creek (18), her boyfriend who is encouraging and tough, Blu (18), Creek’s Brother who is quiet but gets really wild when you get to know him, Misty (17), her best friend who is loyal and loving, and Aquilla (18) who is hard working and wise.
Strengths: Swimming long distance and underwater, Encouraging others, working as a team, her courage
Weaknesses: She’s super carefree, she throws tridents like a maniac (sometime she gets lucky, other times not), she hates not getting her way, and she can’t run long distance
Reaping outfit: A blue blouse, black leggings, and a white sweater
Chariot Outfit: A sea foam green bra, and a tail that fades from aqua to violet. An orange, pink, and yellow seashell hair piece, and the chariot is filled with water which she splashes at the audience.
Interview outfit: A dress to her knees that Is reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, and a small bit of blue at the bottom like a sunset. The blue part spurts water. She has the same hair piece which have extensions of reds, yellows, oranges and pinks for her hair like highlights.
Interview angle: Daring, corageous, likable
Volunteers and why: Designated volunteer by the academy.
Open to alliances: Yep, the careers and other strong tributes that may make a good career.
Open to romance: Heck yes.
Strategy: Sticks with the careers and does what they want.
What they show the gamemakers: Trident skills, one of which hits the wall next to one (oops), ropes course, gauntlets
Suggested training score: Something over an 8 maybe?
Suggested placement: Um. I guess. First. Idk. Lol...
other: She has a token which is a small fishhook that has eight small ribbons attached: One for each family member.

I hope you like her. You may change any aspect of her!
11/5/2018 c1 Anna Banana
Oh oof, only two reservations. Welp it’s okay, still glad I can submit. I can’t wait to see how this story plays out!
11/5/2018 c1 Anna Banana
Can I reserve district 1 Male, district 4 Female, and district 7 Male?
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