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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

5/6/2020 c70 3TacoPhoenix88
Glorian: Omg omg, first off, I loved the way you’ve set this out. With the ‘(person) is...’ for each of the tributes, it’s a little spice added. Anyway, I can’t believe it is the last day of the Games. They will be going out dead or alive. Of course I’d love Glorian to come out alive, but then I’d also like Cecelia to too. So I really have no idea who I want to survive! I think they can both make a great difference and I’m glad that Glorian has finally seen how horrible the Games really are, all tributes do in the end if they didn’t at the beginning.
Axel: He’s so so close! I’m glad Cecelia agreed to escort him there, she really is a good person. I want Axel to get home so badly, to see his family and live out a normal life (as normal as possible after the hunger games,) of course, he’ll always be traumatised, but I hope he can fight through the painful memories to live just how he wanted to before the Games.
Trajan: FINALLY! I know it’s weird to cheer over a death but I really hate this guy. I mean, he did have a little redemption arc, but he actively fought that and look at where he is again. Was again. For a moment there I thought Cecelia might die, but it has always been leading to a final battle between Glorian and Cecelia. The wolf wasn’t much help, but I was scared for a moment he just might kill Axel. Fortunately, Axel survived the wolf and Cecelia killed one of the main villains throughout this Games. Rip Trajan kind of, for adding a lot to the plot.
Cecelia: YAY! AXEL MADE IT OUT ALIVE! I’m cheering so hard Rn, it’s just amazing to see my little favourite get out of the bloody Games. He was too innocent. And now he can carry Hadley and Tristana’s memories with him. Cecelia has now realised, like Glorian, how unjust the Capitol are, and how they’re all just ‘sheep.’ It’s a fitting final use for the metaphor. I hope Cecelia lives, but then I also hope Glorian lives. Ahhhh, I’m torn.
The Arena: You’re leaving us with so much suspense! Ahhh, please don’t wait another whole month to update! I don’t think I can wait that long to see who the Victor is! Wow that was a lot of exclamation marks lol.
Awesome final in-Game chapter!
5/5/2020 c70 2Tyquavis
I’m glad that Axel was able to survive. I was worried you were going to pull something last minute and he would die. But he’s fine. I’m very happy Trajan finally died, and as for the victor, my heart says Cecelia, but my head says Glorian. I can’t wait to find out.
5/5/2020 c70 Guest
Glad Axel survived and I'm hoping Glorian wins.
Also, since both Glorian and Cecelia are such great characters, and Mika was great too, and the Quarter Quell is around the corner, I have an idea for what it could be. "On the 250th anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that the Capitol is forgiving and believes in second chances, twenty-four second-place tributes from recent Hunger Games will be revived for a second chance at victory." From every district, which means we could see Mika, Glorian/Cecelia and the second-place tribute of Feathers, return along with some new tributes as well. That is, if you go through with it, I don't want to put pressure on you to write it.
5/4/2020 c70 6santiago.poncini20
5/3/2020 c70 6Professor R.J Lupin1
You know, as much as I love Cecilia, I'm rooting for Glorian in this situation.

We all knew that Trajan wasn't going to win, and I can't say I'm complaining that Axel lost. I loved him at first but by the end I was ready to him to die. Still, RIP to both of them.
5/3/2020 c70 6Team Shadow
Glorian-I literally stopped what I was doing (playing Sims) to read this chapter that's how excited I am for this. Glorian reminds me of Malakai for some reason, maybe it's the way he's handling guilt or what have you. This is going to be a tense showdown.
Axel-I really want Axel to survive! And I'm so happy Cecelia is helping him. She's not a cruel monster, she's doing what she needs to survive, and since Axel has never hurt her or anyone she cares about, it's super nice to see this side of her. Also I think she likes Axel more because of what he did to Glorian. I really hope Cecelia can win, I think her interactions with Axel could be refreshing (would they even be allowed to interact? idk)
Trajan-I'm thrilled he didn't get any further, I really am, and I'm even more thrilled that Cecelia got to do it, but there's a part of me that feels...pity? I don't know. Trajan made me feel all kinds of things and I think that's a huge compliment towards yourself as a writer. He's been on quite the journey but I'm glad it's over.
Cecelia-Agh I adore her so much, despite everything she's been through she's still a contender and she's still strong. Everything she's saying about the Capitol though, she's right. And maybe Trajan was onto something, in his own messed up way. I think if Cecelia survives she will definitely join the rebellion alongside the rest of the victors and Malakai, she clearly recognizes their flaws.
The Capitol-omg this is the same ending as Flames and it' me inside cliffhangers are the death of me! The tension is insane right now and I need to know who will win!
Who do I want to win? I think it's fair to say Cecelia. Who do I think will win? I genuinely believe it can be Cecelia. I don't know, I'm biased of course so I can't really justify it without spewing out bias, but, unlike Mika, who I knew deep down wouldn't have survived a fight against Malakai, I do believe Cecelia will win. Wishful thinking maybe? Only you know XD
This is one of my favorite chapters of the story! Please update soon! Don't keep us waiting!
4/19/2020 c69 Guest
Uh, so I didn't really read Flames, so I'll just say I like Axel and Cecelia best. I also like Glorian. Trajan's ok, but most definitely not my favorite.

And yes, I hate you for killing Lennox. So hopefully in Feathers there'll be someone I love just as much, maybe even more.

Saddest death: Lennox. Bring back: Lennox.

-Crazy Lennox Person

(PS Can't wait for the last chapter and Feathers!)
4/18/2020 c69 Jwz123
my preference for the story would be that Axel go home and the other three will have a final fight. I think it's unrealistic for Axel to beat Glorian, Cecilia or Trajan let alone win the game. I don't really have a preference among the other three.
4/17/2020 c69 6santiago.poncini20
I want Glorian to win, cause bias, but i think Axel or Cecelia will survive or win, if not both.

Everyone just sees Glorian as some kind of demon, so he is not surviving. No one will vote for him to live so i will just wait for his immediate death. Maybe he will die after Trajan, or before. I dont know.

Cecelia and Axel are obvious victors, with no offense. I am not saying they will make good victors, just that they are pretty damn obvious. Since they entered the arena they have a big flashing sign on their foreheads that says "VICTOR IS ME HURRAY". I am not saying i would be mad if they won, and who i am to judge your story, but, yeah, obvious victor.

Trajan would be my preffered victor out all of them actually. He is the one who has changed the most out of all of them. And he is the only who had a "positive" character development/arc, so yeah, i would like to see him win and repent his sins.

I wont talk about Glorian cause is mine.

Also, i dont care for morality, so i dont like answering this one because, what, are you gonna choose the most morally good as victor? idk. I think its Axel, as the outer 12 year old.

Again, like i said, i think Trajan is the one who deserves to win.

I havent read Flames, but my preferred villain in Rapids was Trajan. So cool.

Noelani i would bring back from the dead, so everyone would stop demonizing Glorian from one little thing

Savana was the saddest death for me.
4/16/2020 c69 3TacoPhoenix88
Victoria: I do really like her, she seems like a Capitol character that doesn’t get caught up in luxuries. I really want to know what happened to her husband, Quirinus, they were so cute together!
Leda: I forgot, or maybe didn’t realise, Leda and Victoria were sisters. I really like these insight into the Capitol chapters.
Marlor: He is a truly sick human being, reminds me of Dennis a bit. Anyway, NOOO MALAKAI! Poor thing, after his trauma of the Games having to see the virtual reality stuff, he’s already broken, they can’t break him much more. For once, I’m thanking Alexandros, I don’t care that he thinks lowly of Malakai, as long as Malakai gets out of the torture room.
1. I honestly have no idea. I know 100% I don’t want Trajan to win, but between Glorian and Cecelia I cant choose. I’m going to say Glorian, because I’ve liked him for longer, and I feel that his story has really evolved while staying fairly true to himself, unlike some other characters. I think he needs to honour Gonzalo, although I wish he had honoured him in another way. After the Games, I also think he might be able to have some part in the brewing rebellion, if it’s still needed. Cecelia is an amazing character too, and I can see her as the Victor. I feel like she’s not only winning now to get her family out of a bad situation, but to honour Noelani. Unlike with Glorian, I think Cecelia has developed a slightly different character to when she started, although her values are still the same. Now that I’m describing them I really can’t choose again! Oh, and obviously it’s a no brainer for me that I want Axel- now that he can- to survive with the crystal. It’s realistic, and he deserves it for getting through such hardships at a super young age. He should feel proud that although he did kill, he stayed mainly sweet and himself.
2. Cecelia: I think Cecelia grew quite a bit as a person in her time with Noelani. After seeing her being more carefree than uptight, I realised how good of a person she really is. Although Cecelia came in to kill, she has the lowest number of kills out of anyone left, and that’s not for a lack of skill. Throughout the beginning, she never really interested me, but as I’ve come to know her more I’ve seen more depth to her character. She also has a reason I think is much more reasonable than most Careers to come into the Games. Overall, I think she’s very levelheaded, serious, kind but guarded, determined and brave. She has a point she wants to achieve, and she will stop at almost nothing to get there. That makes her very ambitious also.
3. Trajan: Ugh, Trajan has annoyed me most of the time. His ‘redemption arc’ was interesting, because he had no control over it, he didn’t want to be good yet he was traumatised by the things he had done. It’s something I’ve never really seen breached in the Games, someone who doesn’t want to be redeemed, someone who wants to kill and torture but some part of them is still repulsed and traumatised. That was very interesting, but then he went back to his whole sheep and wolves. His mindset is very twisted, and that is why he has been such a powerful character to the plot. Trajan is the true villain, rather than Dennis I think, because he controlled so many of the tributes and had many relationships with them- although bad relationships- he wasn’t the mindless psychopath that just went around torturing for fun. The thing I’m most interested in in Trajan, is the fact his reason for coming into the Games changed from his reason to get out. His reason for coming in was to kill, but after his morals checked in, he decided only to kill when necessary, not mindlessly hunting (until the end finals.) And now he’s getting out because he wants to live.
4. Glorian: I really do like Glorian, I feel like he’s an impossible character to full on hate, but can be disliked, but that’s just my opinion. The part I really like about him is his softer trusting side. His magic tricks and his goofy smiling at other people’s jokes. That part of him was rarely shown because Noelani and Cecelia quickly betrayed that trust. Glorian is loyal as hell, and made a good leader for the Careers, but not a good enough leader to keep all the vastly different personalities united. When he killed Noelani, it was accidental. He’s also not a complete angel' he has his faults and the mistakes he’s made, but overall he’s a good person. The way he wants to honour Gonzalo isn’t the way I think you should honour someone. With a battle to the death of children. I think once Glorian’s mindset about the Games being for fame and glory, rather than to scare the Districts, he will be a valuable asset to the rebellion (if he gets out.)
5. Axel: awww, little Axel. He’s gone through so, so much for such a young boy. And he’s made it through, he’s fought those battles, he’s done as much as anyone else has to survive. Yet, for most of the time, when he had Hadley, he stayed sweet and loyal. His relationships with Hadley and Tristana were strong, not only because they both felt bad for him, but because they had a mutual love that grew. Axel’s growth throughout the Games has been enormous. He’s faced his worst fears, but tried to fight through for Hadley. He’s killed mutts that looks like people with his dart skills, and towards the end he’s tried to kill real people, because he thinks that’s the only way to get out alive. Yet he feels so guilty after, he is completely scarred by the thing he’s done, and will be forever. I think he’s the character that has faced the most. He cries and doesn’t feel weak, he knows how horrible these Games are. He is smart, and growing out of his innocence, but still has that kind heart he came in with. He has so much to live for back home as well, his family and his friends need him in their lives for his kindness and loyalty. Axel also has 2 people to honour, and he will if he gets out alive. I love him so much, please let him make it back to his family and friends!
6. Axel
7. Axel. He’s fought through the most in my opinion.
8. I haven’t really loved the main villains in either, they’re usually really sadistic, way too sadistic for me. But I liked Vincent a bit, if he can be considered a villain, and Yael was quite interesting to read, I wanted to see a ‘redemption arc’ for her, but sadly that never got to happen :(.
9. Hmmmm...honestly I’ve forgotten most of the names of the people from Flames. However i still think I want Noelani back alive more than anybody else, since my Flames favourite, Malakai, made it out. But my Rapids favourite (other than Axel) sadly didn’t. Noelani was just such a fearless, determined and loving person, she and Cecelia would’ve made a great, long lasting couple outside of the Games.
10. I can completely think of the death in my mind. But I can’t remember her name! Ahh, I’m thinking, I’m thinking. It started wit think, she was Malakai’s best friend and district partner. Ummm. KATA! Boom I got it. Yeah her death was the saddest, mainly because her and Malakai were so close, and his reaction after her death was completely heartbreaking.
So excited for the finale!
4/16/2020 c69 Guest
Love the story and LOVE Axel so much! Really want him to win the games!
4/16/2020 c69 6Team Shadow
Malakai! He seems like he's in for a bad time, even if they don't suspect him of knowing much he is in for a bad bad time.

6th - Vincent Elm, killed by Lennox Porter: I always felt bad for Vincent, he was home free until Sprucen died, then he not only got taken away from his life without suspecting it, he had, what, two days until he was thrown into the arena? He made it further than I thought he would have. I never hated him, I enjoyed his interaction with Glitter and Tristana. Hopefully he finds peace.
5th - Lennox Porter, killed by Axel Woodleigh: Lennox was always a favorite, I think most people would agree. She was tough, strong, and intelligent. I always saw her as a survivor, but when her mindset changed to killing instead of merely surviving, to me it became less and less likely to see her as a winner. She was one of my favorites throughout and she will be missed. Rest in peace, Lennox.

1. I want Cecelia to win, it's pretty biased of me honestly haha.
4th. Trajan
3rd. Glorian
2nd. Axel (but really I'd like to see him survive)
1st. Cecelia

2. Everything I say is incredibly biased but I'll do my best. I loved watching Cecelia's transformation. Her relationship with Noelani is one of the best things that happened. She is tough, but she learned how to be more sensitive (which is not what she wanted but it was so nice to see nonetheless). She's had a hard time in these Games, but that can be said for all of the remaining tributes. I'd love to see her return home, I know she misses her sister and her friends. And she'll never forget Noelani, that's for sure.

3. Oh Trajan. It's safe to say he's been one of my least favorite tributes I've ever read. But, it was nice to see him change. He went from the worst person ever to realizing life isn't simple black and white, and that was something I didn't expect but it was refreshing. While I appreciate his change of heart, he better not win XD

4. Glorian has always been an interesting one. He was always so mysterious, someone I never fully understood but respected nonetheless. He's strong and polite, I think killing Noelani definitely added him to a lot of people's shit list (mine too) but I think he means well. He has a lot of past trauma and I think it's affected his present life. Could I see him as victor? More so than Trajan and Axel, but I don't know if he'd enjoy that life.

5. Axel is definitely an underdog, someone I never expected to make this far. I've always liked him, him with Hadley was super fun to read and I'm really happy he mad it this far. I want him to survive, he won't survive fighting against three Careers, no matter how talented he is so I really want him to get out through surviving. I think he deserves it.

6. Morally good? I mean, I'd say Axel. Trajan is horrible, and Cecelia and Glorian have done their fair share of killing. I know Axel killed Lennox, but, I dunno. That feels different to me.

7. Axel deserves to survive and because I'm biased I'd say Cecelia deserves the win.

8. Hmm, favorite villain, that's hard to say. Maybe, Aurum from Flames. Dennis was fun to read as well, but he was so cruel it's hard to call him a favorite haha. Though, I don't know if Aurum was technically a villain.

9. Mika XD To not be biased, Noelani. Though that might still be slightly biased. So...Savanna. Mika, then Noelani, then Savanna.

10. Flora's was really really sad. And Ash's. Arabella's too.

Great chapter! Please update soon! I'm so scared and exciting for the ending!
4/16/2020 c69 2Tyquavis
1. Obviously I want Axel to win. My guy deserves to live a good life.

My final placements are as follows:

2. She’s been through a lot. From falling in love with Noelani to losing her and being heartbroken. And dealing with such a dysfunctional career alliance. Out of the final four she’s probably the most deserving of the victory, but you know It’s biased so obviously I want it to be Axel.

3. Trajan needs to go. He’s the least deserving of the victory and he had no business making it this far in my opinion. He has been the constant source of tension in the career pack and his toxic personality is unbearable.

4. Glorian has also been through a lot. He wasn’t the best leader of the career alliance and he knows that. He’s had a lot of childhood trauma prior to the games, and he is arguably the real reason the career pack broke up. In my opinion, he just needs to go be with Gonzalo.

5. You’ve written Axel so well throughout this story. His adorable personality and intelligence shines through in each chapter. In my (obviously biased) opinion, he’s the best candidate for victor. I’m just glad that you like him enough to keep him around for this long.

6. Axel

7. Axel

8. Yael and/or Rachel

9. It’s a three-way tie between Hadley, Nikola, and Kayden

10. The saddest death for me was Hadley
4/15/2020 c26 3MonkeyPower435
Gotta admit, Glitter is starting to irritate me a little. I feel like she'll either get really far in the arena or die early. I also don't like Rachel as much anymore. I know she's just trying to survive and go home to her family, but she's being really manipulative and something about her just irks me. I guess Buck decided not to join the Careers. Lol, Kade's plan is... not going to end well, that's for ure. XD Even if he does get into the pack, they'll probably get fed up with him very quickly and kill him when his guard is down. I feel terrible for Nikola, but I think him and the announcers are right, sadly- he'll probably be a bloodbath. :( Oh, God, I love Yael but I think she's going to kill a lot of people in the arena. I hope she doesn't kill her allies. I honestly kind of wish that Axel and Tristana were allied together, they're so cute together.

I like Hadley's alliance the best, they're all pretty kind and I think they'll get along well.

I think the Careers will make it thee farthest, I guess. Although, if you mean like what group has the best chance of making it far before splitting up, then I would say Hadley's alliance.

Definitely Rachel's alliance. With Rachel manipulating the group and Yael plotting to kill them all, it's probably not going to end well for them.

I'd love to see an alliance of Axel and Tristana, I think they'd work so well together.

If I was reading this right now without having read the other chapters, then I would say... maybe Dennis, actually. But what you did with Trajan in the games is super awesome and I'm really glad you redeemed him a bit.
4/15/2020 c25 MonkeyPower435
Oh, dang, plot twist. :0 Oh, no, I don't want anything to happen to Malakai! He doesn't deserve to die. :( It was so sweet how he took Kata's chair to his room.
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