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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

4/15/2020 c24 3MonkeyPower435
I feel bad for Zaira for having Ruce as her district partner. I wonder if Zaira and Rachel will ally? That was a sort of awkward exchange in the elevator, though, so I doubt it. I liked the little interaction between Noelani and Cecelia, I could see them working well together. Cecelia has been doing pretty good as the leader so far. I can definitely see Dennis becoming a cannibal and getting killed by the gamemakers. It was interesting to see him and his group during mandatory training. I liked seeing the Careers talk a little, and I'm interested to see if Buck will join the alliance. Yay, Axel's joining Hadley's alliance! I'm excited to see how these three work together. I hope Zaira and Felix ally! :) Unfortunately, I don't see Felix going far in the games- I have a feeling he'll be a bloodbath. It's fun to see Kade try to work his way into the Career pack, even though I have a feeling doing so is not a smart idea.
4/15/2020 c68 Guest

That's all I can say.


Lennox can't be dead.




4/14/2020 c23 MonkeyPower435
Loved this chapter! Ugh, I hate Lennox's stylists. I mean, I know that they're just doing their job, but they're so annoying and treat Lennox like dirt. I liked Quentin's POV- it sucks that he had to cut off all his hair, though. I really liked Lucretius's chapter. I have to be honest, I can kind of understand Noelani's motives for hating him. Still, though, I hope she begins to like him later in the story. Also, I'm glad that Cecelia's the leader! Lol, Trajan's part made me laugh a bit. :) I don't have the energy to review all the outfits, but I thought they were really cool! My favorite was probably Macey and Tracey's, while my least favorite were the loaves of bread. XD Poor Quentin. :( I agree with him about how it's animal cruelty but unfortunately I don't think it'll attract a whole ton of fans.

I think the Careers' plan for a leader was pretty smart, but not having a leader actually set in stone could cause some tension.

I'm routing for Lucretius and Savanna. :D

Suzanne Collins. :) Also Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling.
4/14/2020 c22 MonkeyPower435
I'm gonna knock out a few more reviews here. It's nice to see that Renee is helping out Buck, though I feel a little bad for Arabella. I loved Trajan's POV. :) It was so cool to see his conversation with Cecelia. She came up with the best retort. :D I have a feeling those two are going to be big rivals in the arena. Linen's scene was nice at first, but it took a bit of a dark twist. She's right, it's not fair that a 13 year old should be ripped away from her home and sent off to die. Kade is... just being Kade, as usual. It was fun to see his reactions to all the tributes. The interaction between Hadley and Savanna was adorable. I'm going to love seeing the pair as allies. It was nice to see Malakai as a mentor. I'm excited to see how he does with Noelani.
4/14/2020 c21 MonkeyPower435
I like Estella. It kind of sucks, though, that she did all that work to help her dad and then he died 10 years later. :(
4/14/2020 c20 MonkeyPower435
Yay, last Reaping! Quentin's a cool character- this is kind of random, but the dream in his chapter reminded me of Kana's dream back in Flames. I like him, he's pretty unique. I also like Rachel, but will have to see more of her to form a more solid opinion.

I like Quentin better.

I think they both have the capability to go far.

My favorite was Savanna, my least favorite was probably Dennis, and as for who'll win... I don't know. Since I know who makes it to the finale, then I would say Axel, probably, but I'm not sure.
We'll have to wait and see. :)
4/14/2020 c19 MonkeyPower435
Oohh, Yael is really interesting. She intrigues me, and it's going to be fun reading about her in the arena. I love the way you wrote Kade! He's a jerk, no doubt, but I'm going to have fun reading about him in the future. :D

I mean, I'm biased, but under normal circumstances I would definitely like Yael better.

Again, I'm biased, and I already know who makes it farther... but I guess if I hadn't read the later chapters then I would say both seem like they have a shot of going far in the games.

My favorite sport is basketball but tbh I really want to play Quidditch because it would be so fun!
4/14/2020 c18 MonkeyPower435
I like Buck, but he didn't stick out to me like some other tributes have. Arabella was very cool. I liked her bubbly personality, and I think she's going to do better than Renee thinks she will.

I liked Arabella a little better.

I think Buck will do better.

I love Imagine Dragons too, lol. I also like this bad called The Score- they aren't very well known but they have really good music.
4/14/2020 c17 MonkeyPower435
Awww, Gemma! I feel so bad for her. She wasn't trying to be a rebel, she was just trying to win! I liked this chapter, though it made me sad. :(
4/14/2020 c16 MonkeyPower435
Oh my God I love Savanna so much. She's so, so, so sweet and I feel so bad for her and I want her to win. I also love Hadley, he's really kind, and I hope he does well.

I like both, but Savanna's a little more relatable to me so I like her better.

I think Hadley will make it farthur.

YES THE OFFICE IS AMAZING AND IT'S MY FAVORITE TV SHOW EVER. Besides that, I also like Stranger Things, Community, and Parks and Rec.
4/14/2020 c15 MonkeyPower435
I like Linen! She's kind, but not afraid to stand up for herself or people she loves. She's going to be fun to see more of. Felix is also nice, but besides the fact that he's gay, he didn't stick out to me quite as much.

I liked Linen better (though I liked Felix too).

Felix doesn't seem that strong and Linen is pretty young, but I think Linen will make it farther.

Either Friday or Saturday.
4/14/2020 c14 MonkeyPower435
I liked Zaira and feel really bad for her- I can see her going somewhat far (even though I know she doesn't). Meanwhile, Sprucen is another arrogant jerk that I'm going to love to hate!

I prefer Zaira (obviously).

I'm... actually not to sure about this one. They both seem somewhat strong and capable.

I don't really have one at the moment, but when I was younger it was... either 25 or 125. Now I don't remember. :(
4/14/2020 c13 MonkeyPower435
Lol, this chapter was fun. Chance is kind of a jerk, but I liked him anyway. :D
4/14/2020 c12 MonkeyPower435
I really liked both of these tributes! Axel seems very kind and selfless and he'll be fun to see in the arena, while I like Trixana's fun wit and personality. I'm looking forward to seeing more from both of these tributes!

I like them both equally. :)

I know who makes it farther, but if I didn't, I would probably say Trixana since Axel's only 12.

Probably Lucretius.
4/14/2020 c11 MonkeyPower435
YES DENNIS! I honestly love seeing tributes like this. While they're horrible and evil, they are so fun to read about, especially in the arena. And having conjoined twins in the games will be so cool to see! I love Tracey and Macey and I can't wait to see how they function in the games. I can really relate to Tracey, but I enjoy Macey's spirit as well.

I liked Tracey the best, I think.

I think Dennis will make it farther.

I like pretty much all music. :)
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