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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

4/14/2020 c10 3MonkeyPower435
Noelani was interesting and I liked her, but besides only having one arm she didn't make a super big impression on me. I want to see more of her to form a better opinion. I LOVED Lucretius! While I'm not sure if it was smart for him to volunteer and I can't really see him winning, I loved his personality and I hope he makes it far.

I liked Lucretius better.

I think Noelani will make it farther.

I like dogs better. I like cats, too, but I'm allergic to them, so I'm kinda biased against them.
4/14/2020 c9 MonkeyPower435
Awwww, Malakai! I love this poor guy. It's interesting how he still wants to be in the arena- while I would normally be confused about this, I can see his reasoning for why. I'm excited to see how he'll do as a mentor.
4/14/2020 c8 MonkeyPower435
I like Nikola well enough- he seems pretty sweet and kind- but he doesn't really stick out to me. Lennox, meanwhile, I love! She's such a kind person and it was so awesome of her to take care of Ada, even when it cost her her family.

I like Lennox more.

I think Lennox will make it farther. Nikola I doubt will make it far- I could see him being a bloodbath.

YES PERCY JACKSON UGH. Those movies were a disgrace. D:
4/14/2020 c7 MonkeyPower435
So I randomly decided that I wanted to catch up on reviews for this story, so that's what I will be doing. I'm just going to write a little blurb for each chapter.

Glorian's very interesting and I love his backstory (that last line was very ominous) but he didn't stand out to me much as far as his personality goes- I'll have to see more of him to get a better opinion of him. Meanwhile, Glitter's kind of annoying, but she too has a cool backstory and I want to see more of her.

I like Glorian a little bit more.

I think they'll both do pretty well.

Lol that's actually kind of the same for me, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games are probably my two favorites. I also love the Percy Jackson series and the Giver series (though the last book was really disappointing).
4/13/2020 c68 3TacoPhoenix88
YAY! I’m so excited to be reading this chapter after so long kept in suspense, that was a truly evil point to leave us at lol.
Glorian: I AM SO GLAD HE SURVIVED! Maybe it’s partly because he’s grown on me over time, or I want him to live a great life after the Games, but I just needed to see him survive that fall. The only bad thing is he might come after Axel now. Hopefully Axel can get to the Cornucopia and be picked up by the Capitol before that happens. I don’t think Glorian would be able to get out of the canyon anyway, the good thing about his fall is that no tributes can get to him down there, maybe the tribes can though? Anyway, go Glorian! I want him or Cecelia to win overall!
Axel: I was secretly happy the tribe man knocked him out before he could kill Lennox. It’s wasn’t because I want Lennox to survive ( although she is a nice character) it was because I don’t want Axel to look back on the Games and know he killed someone, I don’t want him to be haunted by that at such a young age. He needs to survive and go back to his life, i would rather he gets the winnings, but let’s be real, he’s not going to go against a bunch of super skilled 18 year olds and win, so I’m happy with him just surviving.
Vincent: Well... that was intense. I’m starting to get a better idea of the tribes. They worship gods with the gems, and they think the gems bring luck because they were created or owned by the godly figures? It’s interesting, and I’m excited to see how you finish it up, after developing small clues for so long. Anyway, if Axel hasn’t gotten away I would’ve died, so I am absolutely super duper relieved he got that bomb. It just sucks that he took Vincent out while getting away. That was a pretty badass move by Lennox, slashing that lady right through. She’s become more and more ruthless ever since she lost her arm to the maniac Dennis. I forget she only has one arm sometimes. Vincent was a good character that was both a villain and a hero at different times, actually, I’d call him more morally grey, not black or white. I think he was realistic and I liked him a lot more when he was with Tristana :’( but that couldn’t be. He was a fantastic character that had great development, but he was too consumed with revenge by the end and I never saw him winning. Rip Vincent.
Cecelia: The Gamemakers really want to see her break, even more than she already has. Every time I read about her I think of Noelani, and how happy they could’ve been. But it was not to be. Cecelia has really grown on me throughout the story, as have a lot of the characters. I’m still not sure if she or Glorian is going to win, it really could be either, but I don’t think it’ll be Trajan, Lennox or Axel. Maybe the Gamemakers were doing it to remind her why she’s in this, because she does seem done with it all, in different to if she lives or dies almost. Maybe sending her dad- not really her dad- after her makes her remember the family she actually loves, and needs to take care of, back home. I hope she can get a gem or win, but I don’t think she’s getting a gem. There’s always hope I guess.
Lennox: Aww :’( poor Lennox, poor Ada. I feel so bad for her and although she never grew on me like a few of the others I always felt for her situation and secretly hoped she would somehow squeeze her way to the end with my faves, just so she and Ada could be together again. She never lost faith, she was strong throughout, she survived Dennis! She’s truly one of the most badass yet kind characters I’ve read. It sucks that she had to go out like this, but no one tries to kill Axel. If she had killed him I think I might’ve been crying Rn. I just feel horrible for him, he was only acting in self defence but he thought it was all his fault. I liked Lennox’s little bit of power and love for her little Ada at the end, but it was futile. I know Ada will always remember her though, she should never worry about that. Rip Lennox, you will be missed.
Trajan: He’s 100% correct, the end is near. I’m so angry he got a wolf, that’s so annoying! He doesn’t deserve it! Trajan has been a character I’ve never liked. I hated him at the start, when he was ruthless about killing and actually enjoyed it, and then i thought he was okay throughout his redemption. He’s an interesting character all right, but I’ve never actually liked him. I like reading about him, because his views and opinions are so different and strange to me that they’re fascinating. Anyway, if he wins I will not be happy at all, but I’m excited for the ending coming. I just hope Axel survives.
Pls don’t leave me for a month again :) it was a refreshing read, so great after a long time without this story.
4/13/2020 c68 2Tyquavis
Glorian-I really don’t know how he survived that fall, but now that he’s taken that medicine, I fear for the other tributes, especially Axel. I just hope he doesn’t have any anger towards him.
Axel-I feel like I’m finally seeing his darker side, and justifiably so. He lost his two best friends on the same day and has all the motivation to live for them.
Vincent-I knew something was up with the gems and the tribe. I am surprised that Lennox and Axel both got such expensive sponsor gifts. Aaaaanddd Vincent and the tribe got blown up. Okay then.
Cecelia-I see the Capitol wants to torture the tributes even more. I can see how she would be hesitant to kill even a mutt version of her father despite their relationship.
Lennox-So Axel has outsmarted arguably the smartest tribute. While I do feel bad about her not being able to see Ada again. I hope Axel gets to live to relay Lennox’s message to her and Devin.
Trajan-Let’s just say I hope his wolf attacks him
4/13/2020 c68 6Team Shadow
Glorian-ah ha I knew he wasn't dead!
Axel-yikes, another visit from the tribe? I feel like nothing ever goes to plan for these tributes but thats pretty normal for the games
Vincent-yikes, I knew the tribe was after the gems, I wonder if the tribe will be at the final four battle. Also someone died? uh oh
Cecelia-honestly I bet she got a kick out of killing her dad, even if it resulted in a small injury
Lennox-I'm very shocked at the two who died, I anticipated it to be different people based on their statuses but I guess when there's only six people left, it's kind of anyones game.

I wanted to thank you for allowing Cecelia to make the final four! I am so scared about her chances once we get into the finale (will that be next chapter? I hope so!) because of who is left. While the gem holder won't be a threat, and one of the remaining tributes is incredibly weakened, I'm worried about the last tribute causing a lot of issues. Please update soon! The ending is so close and I'm so excited to read it! Congrats on the final four! (I'm avoiding names in case people read the reviews before the chapter)

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F)
Rooting For: Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Dislike: Trajan Seth (D1M), Glorian Stafford (D2M)
4/13/2020 c67 Team Shadow
Yikes, Malakai definitely looks like a rebel in the eyes of Alexandros. I wonder if he'll get out of this thing alive.

I'm so happy you're back! I know it can get tough writing (I'm about given up on my SYOT) especially during these times but it's great to see you back!
4/13/2020 c68 6santiago.poncini20
4/13/2020 c67 3TacoPhoenix88
I am so glad u updated after so long! I’m keeping my fingers crossed they don’t find Malakai.
4/3/2020 c66 Guest

I am going to assume that the reason you haven't updated in forever is because you have COVID-19. I am very sorry and I hope you don't die.
3/30/2020 c1 TacoPhoenix88
PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I need to see if Glorian survived and I’m in love with this story...please! Please update!
3/29/2020 c66 Guest
Please update soon!
3/9/2020 c66 Guest



PLEASE, Lilah. Lennox can-NOT die.

She has to live. Please. She has to.

For Ada.

For me.

For everyone.


I love Axel. I really do. He's my second-favorite one. But Lennox is my first. And...if push comes to shove...Axel is allowed to die if it means Lennox survives. I've given my stamp of approval for that outcome.


Vincent should die. I like Glorian...oh, wait, he does have a gem, doesn't he? Okay, I'll come back to him. No, wait, Cecelia has the gem. Oh, I forget who has the gem. Anyway, Vincent should die, Axel & Lennox should be the gem-holders (if they both survive this alliance), and Glorian/Cecelia should die and Glorian/Cecelia should be the victor. That's all of them, right? Well, that's clearly all that matter, anyway, so that's what I'll leave it at.

-(: (
3/9/2020 c66 6Team Shadow
Axel-Not gonna lie, I definitely didn't think Glorian would spare anyone this late in the game. I'm surprised Axel sweet talked his way out of death.
Trajan-dang, I really thought the wolves would be the end of him. That'd be so damn ironic, wouldn't it? Agh I want him to die so badly please let it happen XD
Glorian-so, here's the thing, did a cannon fire? could he even survive a fall that bad? i'm half convinced his dead, half convinced he's alive. keeping me on my toes here!
Axel-if he pushes Lennox off a cliff next I might lose it XD maybe since they both have gems it won't be that big of a deal.

I need to know if Glorian is dead! Please please please update soon!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F)
Rooting For: Lennox Porter (D3F)
Love: Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M)
Dislike: Trajan Seth (D1M), Glorian Stafford (D2M)?
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