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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

3/9/2020 c65 6Team Shadow
I'm so happy you're back!

I'm glad Victoria is trying to keep Malakai safe, but I have a bad feeling it won't end well for either of them as the Capitol usually gets its way.

8th: Tristana Rockett, killed by Lennox Porter - Tristana was a character I loved to read about, but she always felt a little naive to me. I wish she didn't have to die, but unfortunately I understand the reasoning for killing her. Rest in peace, Tristana.

7th: Hadley Moreau, killed by Trajan Seth - I always thought Hadley had a good chance of winning, but again I understand your reasoning for killing him. He definitely was a stronger building block for other characters. I loved him and Axel together, but it was his time to go. Rest in peace, Hadley.
3/9/2020 c66 R3mii
Holy. Shite. Axel has definitely done a 180. If this continues, he may actually be a very formidable opponent to the rest of the tributes. I can't believe he actually got one over on Glorian too (I thought they were actually going to become allies.)

I just hope that when he inevitably tries it on Lennox, she'll be able to survive it x( I dont know if my poor little heart will be able to take it.

I am, however, in love with the character development Trajan has shown. I'm a sucker for these things.

I also (to be entirely honest) thought Rapids was dead, but was extremely surprised and ecstatic when I got the update notification haha. Can't wait for the next chapter ;D
3/9/2020 c66 JeWeetZelf123
Sorry, but I think it's a little unrealistic that Glorian saved Axel and that Axel killed Glorian. In almost all the stories I read, people like twelve-year-olds and let them do unrealistic things. I hope you see this
3/8/2020 c66 3TacoPhoenix88
Axel: I feel so bad for Axel, he’s just lost Hadley and Tristana in one go. It’s horrible to think of him all alone, so I’m glad Glorian came along to support him. I don’t think Glorian will kill Axel, despite killing Noelani (who je didn’t want to kill) I’d be surprised if he killed again.
Trajan: Honestly, I just want Trajan gone already. Although he’s improved slightly from the beginning, he still gets on my nerves. I’m annoyed he has a wolf protecting him now, that’s definitely bad for my fave Axel. His fight with the wolves was pretty brutal and very well-described. I was kind of expecting him to die then (for the irony) but he managed to make it through. His shouting afterwards was very symbolic in a way, he finally realises his mistake of volunteering and how the Capitol just toys with the kids in the Games.
Glorian: OMG! OMG! I cannot BELIEVE this just happened! I thought Axel could never kill anybody, and this is gonna scar him emotionally for the rest of his life (whether it’s short or long.) I feel bad for Glorian, I wanted him to die with more dignity, maybe fighting, or I wanted him to get out of the Games of course. But really, there’s nothing there for him anymore, so it makes sense for him not to make it. However, his cannon didn’t go. I’m doubtful he survived the fall, but if he did he might be able to find the gem Lennox dropped. Even if he did survive and find the gem though, I don’t think he’d be able to get back to the top, as many bones would be broken. I’m still half hopeful he can make it though. Not just to avenge Gonzalo but because he’s a worthy character that has so many more layers that can be broken down.
Axel: Ohhh nooo, i feel so bad for Axel even though he just killed Glorian. I mean, he must be feeling so guilty and he’s obviously traumatised, but it makes me wonder if everyone would do the same in his situation. He was the one least likely to kill out of almost all the 24, so this absolutely shook me to my core. I still can’t quite process it. Anyway, it’s important to have moments like that and you’ve done really well at staging them throughout to keep the true spirit of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games in your fanfic. It really questions our morals, and what we think we would do in these horrible situations. Lennox better watch out, bcuz Axel is ready to kill now. Hadley and Tristana dying has motivated him even more to survive, and he’s not letting anything get in his way.
3/8/2020 c66 2Tyquavis
Axel-I can’t help but feel bad for him. He lost both of his closest friends in the arena in one day, and is twelve going up against five eighteen year olds. The odds are stacked against him and I can only see this going bad for him. I want to be wrong, but I’m probably right. I also can’t believe Glorian spared him, but I digress.

Trajan-Okay I really don’t know how I feel about having a villain surviving this late into the games. Last year, Aurum was the closes we had to a villain and she wasn’t really a true villain. And giving him a mutt, this can only end badly for everyone else.

Glorian-OKAY WHAT. The strongest tribute in the games was just pushed off a cliff by the youngest? I knew my Axel was smart, but that plan was genius. I wouldn’t expect Glorian to be so gullible, but Axel is just that smart I guess. I loved Glorian’s character development. Rest in Peace to him.

Glad to have you back, Lilah
3/8/2020 c65 3TacoPhoenix88
I’m glad Malakai is safe for now, I just rlly hope it can stay that way. It was nice to read this chapter after so long. RIP Tristana and Hadley again, they were both really great characters that by the end I really started to warm up to. Great chapter :)
3/3/2020 c64 Guest
I just realized something.

When she was killing Tristana, Lennox did not say "you have something I need."

She said...

"You have something I want."

It was probably harmless. You probably didn't think anything of it.

One word should not make such a difference

But somehow, it did.

Because words matter.

Even tiny words matter.

Maybe this chapter was appropriately titled.

This was probably not the intention...

But it seemed like Lennox killed someone because she simply WANTED something.

She did not want that gem.

She needed that gem.

For Ada.


Or is that really the monster she's become?

-A huge fan

(PLEASE update soon!)
3/1/2020 c64 Guest
Please update soon!
2/16/2020 c1 4fanfgirl450
Please write faster I check every single day to see if you uploaded more chapters it's been 11 days please upload
2/14/2020 c64 Guest
Also, please can Lennox survive. I will be SO SO SO angry and heartbroken if she dies! Ada needs her!
2/11/2020 c64 Guest
Omg. OMG!
Okay, so so sad that Lennox killed Tristana. I liked Tristana. But I liked Lennox more, so I guess she had to.
I had an idea! What if Vincent caught Lennox, and she told him how she really didn't want to kill Tristana but how she had to get home to Ada, and she somehow makes her believe, and he kinda does what Trajan did-lets her go, but warns her that if they meet up again, it won't turn out well for her.
You are so amazing! Keep it up!
2/10/2020 c1 Guest4256
Hey please please please upload faster I read 60 chapters in 4 hours it was so good it's been a month and you have only done 4 chapters its okay though I love your work and I cant wait to see how it ends . I write hunger games fanfiction too and one ended with a fake killing and a winner cant wait to see how it ends eeeeeeeeeee I hope Lennox or axel win. I cried when Dennis was slowly killing her and I felt like she should live and she did . Axel is so young and innocent I cant choose .well if you need ideas write back please . And I love your work and this story
2/5/2020 c64 3TacoPhoenix88
Tristana: I do think Tristana and Vincent make a great couple, and I was hoping they would both come out alive. Vincent going in on his own is risky, and it’s gonna be difficult for Tristana to hit people when/if Vincent’s fighting them. Anyway, it’s a shaky plan but can be pulled off in the right circumstances.
Glorian: Oooo this bit was INTENSE, I really thought one of them was going to kill the other. I’m surprised Glorian managed to hold up against Cecelia, but I guess they’re both a bit hesitant to actually kill one another (even tho Glorian killed Noelani, Cecelia did still seem slightly hesitant to kill him, but not really to fight him.) Anyway, I’m glad both of them managed to get out, although it’s such a shame that Cecelia took both of their bags.
Lennox: OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tristana really grew on me, originally I thought she didn’t have much depth, and was a very simple-minded person, but throughout the story I’ve realised she’s actually extremely loyal, kind, brave and determined. This death was NOT what I expected for her, I wanted her to go down with a bit more fight, because her personality was certainly fierce. However, this death showed her kindness, because even though Lennox killed her, she showed Lennox where her gem was and managed, in her dying moments, to ask Lennox not to kill Axel and Vincent. Tristana begging not to be killed broke my heart, and her acceptance of death when the knife went in almost made it worse. As well as Vincent’s anger. R.I.P Tristana, you were an incredible character that truly gave your all. I was never a huge fan of Lennox, but I did respect her. I understand completely why she did this, but her ‘sorry’ to Vincent just dug in further and her ‘you have something I want’ to Tristana both just sounded cold-hearted and cruel. Lennox is sadly becoming a dislikeable character to me at least, but an understandable one too.
Axel: This didn’t hit me as hard as Tristana’s death, because I was expecting it, but it’s still extremely upsetting. I was confused as to why Axel and Hadley were described fighting by the other tributes, but this made sense. All Hadley wanted was to protect Axel, without realising thatAxel can protect himself. Axel’s plan was a better idea, but I can’t say Hadley’s a bad person for not listening, he was one of the most selfless and loyal people in these Games. It’s a shame Axel lost his darts, because now he’s been left defenceless with no ally. Hadley’s death affected me more because of Axel’s reaction, and the thought of him being alone. But it was still sad in itself, I always knew Hadley would sacrifice his life for Axel’s, but did he have to die so painfully? And why did Trajan do it!? He’s obviously turned back into a monster, although a slightly more empathetic monster. The screams Axel heard just rubbed the horror in further and it just reinforces the cruelty of the Games.
Cecelia: This makes me SO MAD! This means Tristana and Hadley died for NOTHING! At least if they had gotten supplies there would’ve been SOME meaning. Cecelia is absolutely right about tributes being puppets, she’s finally thinking logically again for the first time after Noelani’s death. I think if she gets out, she’ll rebel against the Capitol, and the rebel alliance needs more people, so that would be fantastic! In most years, the Capitol gives actual supplies to the tributes at the Feast, but this time they didn’t and it’s just gonna make the Districts hate them even more. It’s cruel and unjust in every way possible, and I really hope they get what’s coming for them. The Capitol needs a good hard kick to the gut so that they can all finally realise how many children they’ve murdered.
Vincent: Lennox has got a hard one coming, and I feel horrible for her of course, even if she’s a horrible person too. But that’s what the Games do. It’s fitting for Vincent’s threat of death to follow up Cecelia’s glowing revelation, this is really great writing here and I applaud you for really making the entire meaning of Suzanne Collins’s books sink into this story. All of the tributes have become monsters, because the Capitol has forced them to, the Capitol has twisted their minds and I feel bad for Vincent, if you compare his starting POV’s to these, you can see how much he’s had to change. I wish Tristana and Vincent could’ve both lived together and had long, flourishing lives but would they both want to live after what they’ve done. Especially Vincent, killing Glitter without any prompt.

This chapter was so thrilling and well-written, one of the best ones yet! I’m so excited for the next chapter, and I’m still rooting for Axel! One more death and the jewels come into play, I wonder if Lennox will be the next kill and the gem will go along, or if someone else will be killed. I’m hoping Glorian or Cecelia gets Lennox’s Jewel tbh, but I’m more hoping that Axel managed to keep his.
2/5/2020 c64 6TheNoobyBoy
Honestly, I am now really scared. Borrowed time for Vincent, because targeting Lennox will not go well... sad, but whatever.

The other five have my attention rn. Also, I should have said this sooner, but Axel sounds like a District 7 name. AXE-l.
2/5/2020 c64 6Team Shadow
Vincent-I don't really like the idea of this plan, but I guess some plan is better than no plan. I don't have a good feeling about it though.
Glorian-God, this was so tense to read. I was so afraid one of them would kill the other, and now I'm super worried about Cecelia and her hand! Gah Glorian, why did you have to do that! Anyway, I definitely worry that Glorian will be out for revenge after she stole his bag (even though it had nothing of value in it, he doesn't know that)
Lennox-God, I totally understand Lennox's reasoning for doing this, but it definitely makes you like Lennox a little less, esp after Tristana was begging for her life. I do think Lennox will survive though, I think she's capable and popular enough to survive.
Axel-okay unlike Vincent and Tristana's plan, these two wer prepared. I'm sad about Hadley's death, but I sort of expected it. I knew he would go down protecting Axel, and I think Axel will be one of the survivors.
Cecelia-I have a really good feeling if Cecelia wins, she would easily join the rebels with Malakai. I hope this theory doesn't conflict with her ability to kill if it comes down to it.
Vincent-This definitely looks bad for Lennox. I don't think she can defeat Vincent in a fight, he's very strong. Agh, so much tension here!

Please please please update soon! I so need to know what happens next!
I voted on the poll btw

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F)
Rooting For: Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M)
Dislike: Trajan Seth (D1M), Glorian Stafford (D2M)
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