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for Rapids: The 248th Hunger Games

2/5/2020 c64 6santiago.poncini20
1/31/2020 c62 2Tyquavis
Oh my gosh the zombie mutts idea was golden. I’m surprised that everyone was able fight them off. I’m also so happy that Axel was finally able to repay Hadley for all the times he’s saved his life. Plus we finally got to see how deadly he can really be. As for the feast, I can’t lie, I’m scared. I just hope that Hadley and Axel make it out. My reason for liking them has gone from Axel being mine to the fact that they have the strongest bond of any of the tributes left in the arena. As for the feast, I’m predicting that Vincent will at least try to kill Tristana for her gem. I also think another Career will meet their end, probably Trajan or Glorian.
1/30/2020 c63 6Team Shadow
Yup, none of the Victors are safe. I really hope they all don't get murdered, especially with the Games getting close to the end.
I think a Victor story would be interesting, especially for mentors who we'll see a lot of. If you want to start it back up again I'd read it!
Great chapter! Please update soon!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F)
Rooting For: Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Like: Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M)
Dislike: Trajan Seth (D1M), Glorian Stafford (D2M)
1/30/2020 c62 Team Shadow
Lennox-Wow, this is extremely messed up. Even if she wasn't that close with Nikola, he was still from home. Now Dennis, on the other hand, that's going to seriously mess her up. God, I can't even think about how the Gamemakers brought this to be. Are they really the dead bodies Or are they manufactured? Either way, messed up.
Trajan-Wooooof, poor guy, he' faced with his worst nightmares right now. Seriously, poor guy. I still can't forgive him though.
Cecelia-God, this might be the saddest thing to read. She so badly wanted to save Noelani, and this is just a horrible reminder she couldn't. Poor Cecelia, way too much trauma for her.
Vincent-It's so lovely that the Games can let people bond like this XD But actually though, its shocking because I don't really see Vincent to be a loyal type. I do wonder if Tristana will be one to survive, but I just don't see it. And I don't really see Vincent winning either, which makes me sad to think about. Anyway, they're cute together and I hope they can stay strong for one another
Hadley-I adore Hadley and Axel together. I feel like Axel will be one of the survivors, but I'm not sure about Hadley. I think he has it in him to win but there are still three strong Careers left who may not make it so easy for them. I also wonder if the Gamemakers will go back on their gem promise, and no one will survive. Hmm...
Glorian-dang, I really wonder how the Capitol could even know about this? Anyway, this might have been one of the hardest mutt encounters, since Glorian has known him for like all of his life. Anyway, a feast tomorrow? That everyone has to go to? There's sure to be at least three deaths.
Update soon!
I voted in the day 11 poll and the day 12 poll btw

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F)
Rooting For: Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Like: Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M)
Dislike: Trajan Seth (D1M), Glorian Stafford (D2M)
1/30/2020 c61 Team Shadow
I really don't think these rebels are going to make it much further at this rate.

Great chapter!
1/29/2020 c62 6santiago.poncini20
omg glorian nooo so sad.

I am still waiting for you to kill him next because of everybody voting him to die due to killing Noelani. I will prefer that if you kill him (because you most likely will) you kill him 4th placement. Its the only placement (apart from 17th) that i dont have yet
1/28/2020 c63 6TheNoobyBoy
I am finally reviewing. Go Vincent
1/27/2020 c63 3TacoPhoenix88
Eeek. The Capitol is really trying to flush out (aka kill and capture) anyone who they even think is rebelling, it’s worrisome, because how will the rebellion start up then? I have faith in some of the Victors and the Districts that they can rise up! I think the idea of writing a one-shot for each Victor is great! I’d love to get more insight into their lives and it could be a really good addition to your SYOT’s. It’s fun for us readers to know about the relevant Victors, because it will give us a better idea of their character when you write chapters like this, and we might not forget them as much! (That’s just my opinion lol)
I’m going to go check out the poll now! Great chapter!
1/26/2020 c62 TacoPhoenix88
Lennox- Using tributes as mutts? That’s extremely cruel, and it just shows again how evil the Capitol is. These Games are going for quite a long time (or is it just me?) which will make it even more horrible and traumatic for the tributes that manage to live. Lennox is doing a pretty good job, even with her newly missing arm. She seems to be fighting harder than ever now the Games are coming to a close. I feel bad that she has to fight Dennis, reliving her trauma. Poor Ada, waiting for her mummy back at home. Even though Lennox is a brilliant character, I don’t want her to get the gem off Tristana.
Trajan- He’s got a lot to deal with, and he’s starting to realise the consequences of killing, even in the Games. His mind is going to go soon I think, he’ll become too scared and anxious. I want to say he’s turning into a better person, but he never said he wanted to be better, it’s just because of his nightmares. Still, I never saw him running away from a fight with mutts. I guess it’s too difficult for him to relive murdering people, especially innocent kids. I’m surprised the Capitol had them say ‘without even bothering to acknowledge the fact that I’m human.’ It really doesn’t make sense, as they’re trying not to bring the dehumanisation of tributes to people’s attention. Maybe some Capitolites could hook onto this and realise they’re real people, the Games are real and they’re making kids battle to their death as if they aren’t human. So it’s strange for the Gamemakers to put this in, maybe there’s a rogue Gamemaker in there.
Cecelia- Ohhh nooooooo! Poor baby that would be so so hard to go through. I feel absolutely terrible for her, having to kill Noelani. They trap was a good idea, but still, having it trap Noelani and give her a flicker of hope for a moment that she might be alive, that’s one of the cruelest things I’ve ever heard of. I’m honestly wanting to see some rebellion against the Capitol from Cecelia, I think she has the power to sway audiences. She should leave the bloodlust for Glorian aside, the revenge she wants, to look at the true enemy.
Vincent- AWWWWWWW! This is the cutest thing! I was missing Noelani and Cel’s love, without realising this was happening! I had a sneaky suspicion, but then they both have a boyfriend and girlfriend outside of the Games. I guess their feelings for each other finally got over that fact. They work really well together, and that’s what I like. They have a great dynamic, and are both determined and fierce with a soft side. I actually ADORE them together. I imagine Tristana being a bit more upfront (but still shy) in the relationship than Vincent, and I think she’ll take the lead in their growing romance (even though he kissed her first.) This is gonna be a huge selling point for the Capitol, so I think they’ll get lots of popularity, although I wonder how their boyfriend and girlfriend are doing back home.
Hadley- Go Axel! We all were waiting for him to show his true skills. Anyway, Hadley really loves Axel, he finally said it. I keep thinking they’re brothers because they’re that close, so I’m glad he actually thinks of Axel as one, although Hadley would for any kid. Finding out that Axel’s a stronger tribute (with weapons) than him has obviously shaken him up a bit. He wants to be the protector, and now he thinks ‘everything’s out of his hands.’ I hope after this realisation he doesn’t protect Axel any less, because he’s still a young boy that needs support with his fears and Axel doesn’t have any physical strength, so Hadley’s there for that. Hadley should stop thinking about who’s protecting the other and instead know that Axel and him can work together to support and protect each other. It’s not a one way thing, although it always has been with his younger siblings for Hadley, he needs to understand that he can lean on other’s a bit too, he doesn’t have to do everything for everyone by himself.
Glorian- Poor Glorian! That would be horrible to see your old friend, who you love so much, all grown up. It’s just a reminder, like Glorian said, of how his life was taken away at such a young age. He didn’t even get the chance to grow and become what his mutt is now. The Gamemakers are obviously very annoyed with the lack of death, I was expecting a death to happen in this chapter as well, but I don’t mind waiting, I don’t think I want to lose any of them (maybe except Trajan.) For the feast they’re all gonna be together, and I don’t know if I love that idea or hate it. When I think about all of their POV’s, I know none of them want to kill anybody else, and it just shows how insight can change everything. If each tribute knew the other tribute’s hesitance to kill them, they wouldn’t attack one another. However they can’t trust each other, because it may cost them their lives and this is the truest cruelty of the Games. It turns the Districts against each other, trust can’t be formed between people, everyone kills because they will be killed otherwise so it’s just this never ending spiral.
The Feast should be really exciting, although probably sad :’( Despite that, I cant wait to read it!
1/26/2020 c61 TacoPhoenix88
Oh no! Satin, James and Cooper have been discovered. Hopefully they can make a getaway, same with Chance and Dara. Maybe all of them can come together, with Malakai too possibly, and then begin to build more of the rebel alliance.
1/26/2020 c62 acupofdeathflowertea
I'm very overwhelmed jlkxfggfvzgx
1/20/2020 c60 TacoPhoenix88
Lennox- The Capitol would be getting bored of her, she’s had a very lucky, and fairly easy, run since Dennis chopped off her arm. No other tributes have really interacted with her, and she hasn’t interacted with them either, or even made a move to up til now. This will be good for her, but I feel bad for Tristana and Vincent, they don’t deserve to go down sleeping. The spiders are an interesting idea, and certainly a creepy one, imagine waking up with one of those on your nose! I really feel for Tristana, that would be horrible!
Trajan- Hmmm interesting move Gamemakers, cutting off Trajan from his supplies. It will make him more likely to die of hunger or thirst, but they have made it so he will most likely go and hunt tributes. Unless his change of heart has completely left him unable to kill (maybe except for Cecelia.) I’m surprised Trajan actually admitted Glorian is a better fighter than him, which may or may not be true, obviously Trajan has lost a lot of his prideful attitude.
Tristana- So the spiders induce hallucinations, very cool from a reading perspective. I wonder if her hallucination of her boyfriend was really another tribute knocking her out, or possibly the tribes, or just the spider’s venom. If her and Vincent can’t find each other they won’t be as safe, with Careers walking round, so I hope Vincent and her aren’t too far from one another. I like their alliance somewhat, they work together well and are a powerful couple with very different strengths. Those hallucinations must be very powerful, and interesting for the Capitol, but Lennox doesn’t get her kills, which leaves her still a bit uninteresting for the audience.
Axel- Mosquitos too? They 100% planned them to come in with the spiders, and I’m guessing they’re wanting to bring tributes together stumbling around with the hallucinations for a fight? Or maybe to separate alliances? So far Axel and Hadley, and Tristana and Vincent, have all been separated. Poor Axel, he’s so young, and sitting there all alone facing his greatest fear. I only hope the hallucinations pass quickly.
Vincent- So he really isn’t going crazy like I originally thought before he joined up with Tristana. He’s obviously facing a lot of self-hatred, saying he’s a monster. I think that because he’s guilty about it, it shows more of his true self. Those few days were crazy moments for him, and I think he went a bit loopy in them, but has come back to himself now. However, those actions he’ll remember forever, and I don’t think he can get over them. Vincent also cares about how people will fear him, so rather than not wanting to kill Glitter he’s caring about his reputation. I understand how he wanted a normal life in district 7, and is a very simple-minded person who doesn’t question the Capitol, but caring about your reputation seemingly more than the actual killing is a bit shady. I’m torn between thinking Vincent’s a more selfless, empathetic person and thinking Vincent’s a selfish, slightly lunatic person.
Hadley- I wonder how long the hallucinations went for? If he was running the whole time they wouldn’t have been that long, bcuz he made his way back to Axel fairly easily. I’m just hoping poor sweet Axel gets relief from the horrors of his hallucinations soon. He can see Hadley, so that’s most likely a sign that the hallucinations will pass soon, and Axel wasn’t bitten long after Hadley.
I think you should keep going with the sponsoring for this story, but I understand how hard it is to keep up with, so for Feathers you can probably drop it, your actual writing is interesting enough without being interactive through the sponsoring. Great chapter I’m so excited for the next! Final 8 will probably go down soon, and I’m just hoping Axel survives, along with probably Glorian, Tristana or Cecelia.
1/20/2020 c60 Guest
Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god.
Hold on, let me take a moment to start breathing again...
Okay. AAAHHHH! Oh my god, this chapter was so...insane! All my thoughts right now are way too complicated to explain, so I'll just tell you who I want to die/survive.

Cecelia: OMG, I loved her and Noelani's romance, and I didn't get a chance to tell you last chapter how devastated I was that Noelani died! I really love this character, but I think it's not possible for her to win/survive at the same time as all my favorites, so I guess she has to die, which is sad...

Trajan: Yuck. You can kill him. I have 0% sympathy for him.

Glorian: Same sentiment as Cecelia-I like his character, so it's too bad he has to die.

Lennox: OMG YOU CANNOT, I REPEAT CANNOT, KILL HER. She's too amazing. She has to live.

Tristana: This is where it starts to get complicated. See, I like Tristana. She's one of my favorites. But Lennox needs that gem. I hope Tristana doesn't have to die. Maybe...Tristana could be Victor and Lennox get her gem? Wait, no, because Lennox has to kill her to get the gem. DANG IT!
Gah, this is hard to say. I have to...kill Tristana. AGH! There, I said it!

Axel: Axel is also one of my favorites, and I really like his character! I really want him to survive with his gem.

Vincent: I never really liked him. Feel free to kill him off at any time.

Hadley: I like Hadley, but like Cecelia and Glorian, he has to die for my favorites to live. It's just logical, though sad. Unless he could be the Victor, in which case yay Hadley!

So, preferably, Lennox and Axel are the gem-carriers, and Hadley's the Victor, I guess?

Drop the sponsor thing. It's just too complicated.

This story is amazing! Keep writing!
1/20/2020 c60 6santiago.poncini20
Lennox is for once, doing some action. I like that. I hope Tristana and Vincent die soon because of it, but they will probably survive and everyone will gang up and kill Glorian brutally. RIP him during day 12.

Also Axel is also crazy now
1/19/2020 c60 6Team Shadow
Lennox-Welp, she's definitely got a good chance about securing the gem from Tristana and taking out two big contenders in the Games.
Trajan-Ya know, I'm kind of glad the Gamemakers did this to give Trajan a disadvantage. It definitely seems like there's a feast coming soon, so they might be preparing for that.
Tristana-Oh god, I can only imagine how horrible these hallucinations would be for her. I have a bad feeling Tristana might be dying soon.
Axel-These poor boys can never get a break! Hadley seems to be doing better, which is good, at least until the mosquito came along. Maybe these are tactics the Gamemakers are using to bring the tributes closer together. Who knows.
Vincent-It seems like everyone in this chapter is having a horrible time, except Cecelia and Glorian. I wonder if they're being attacked by poisonous monster mutts. I hope not. (Well, I hope Cecelia isn't XD)
Hadley-Is this foreshadowing? Or just an unfortunate poison episode for Axel? Since he's smaller than everyone else who got poisoned, I assume it would have more of an effect on him (is that how poison works? I dunno).

I definitely agree with your thoughts about the Final 8 interviews. While they're nice to read and it's nice to check in on the families, if they take forever to write it's not a bad thing to skip them. Another thing you can do is just do a brief summary of their interviews. Something like: "Cecelia's parents commend her for making it this far. They believe she will kill Glorian and Trajan and make it home alive. They feel sad over the death of Noelani. Her friends also commended her. Weiss jokes that it's about time Cecelia dated." I dunno. That might be quick and fun.

As for the sponsor system, it's definitely a bitch to keep track of, especially when you plan an entire chapter out and then a sponsor gift comes along and just doesn't fit in with the plan. The way I see it, if sponsored gifts won't affect the outcome of the chapter (or of the story) you're totally justified getting rid of it.

Great chapter! Update soon!

Character Opinions:
Mine: Cecelia Hart (D1F)
Rooting For: Tristana Rockett (D6F)
Love: Lennox Porter (D3F), Hadley Moreau (D9M)
Like: Axel Woodleigh (D6M)
Neutral: Vincent Elm (D7M)
Dislike: Trajan Seth (D1M), Glorian Stafford (D2M)
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