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2/17/2021 c1 Noveisadoge
sooo cute. love itI recommend listing this as complete though, if it is, as they are quite a few readers who don't read anything until marked completeand they are missing out on this one!
2/17/2020 c1 Persephone Jinmi
I would love to own this book! The cover sounds stunning. It would be a perfect item for SB too— a fairy tale version of them AHHHH LETS MARKET IT

Ahem, in other news, this was super sweet. I got anxious at the deadline! So thankful you didn’t have her miss it!
12/20/2018 c1 2kikoune
oh that was lovely and a really nice idea! I personallt would also prefer a face to face revelation ! but who knows how this will go in the canon? :P Great job ! loved it really ! happy holidays to you !
12/19/2018 c1 11Aikori Ichijouji
I'm so mad at myself for not reading this sooner! This was a very cute idea and it made me smile while reading it. I liked all of the descriptions of the illustrations and the cover. This would definitely tick all of Kyoko's boxes.
Anyway, thank you for the adorable read! It was nice to be on the reviewer side for a change!
12/19/2018 c1 6Daamile
This was so cool! Honestly love the idea of Ren writing his story as a fairy tale, because he knows she loves those the most, and handling the truth as a white day gift. Pat yourself on the back for finishing this idea. I throughly enjoyed the read, thank you for sharing s2
11/14/2018 c1 Veritas
I love it!
11/14/2018 c1 12Marilia.g
Oh that was sweet and very creative, specially the book part! Thank you for sharing it.
11/12/2018 c1 3Kaname671
Wow, this was brilliant. Cowards way out but I loved the gift none the less.
11/9/2018 c1 Guest
Truely loved it I'm all choked up over it wishing for more
11/8/2018 c1 2brennakai
ok, I love the idea of a picture book for a white day gift.. . but i also hope he has the important conversation face to face... or at least sit with her while she read the story...
seriously though i hope we get to see the white day gift soon... there is no way he could think a thank you kiss is enough not to do a white day gift..

thank you for the story
11/8/2018 c1 57Countingloyalties
Aww, I really loved this one shot! It was so sweet. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story.
11/8/2018 c1 None
Such brilliant way!
11/8/2018 c1 H-Nala
agree, better in person but beautifully done!
11/7/2018 c1 Michiyo
A beautiful concept! A very creative reveal! Thank you for writing and sharing. :)
11/7/2018 c1 92ktoll9
Lol, I could see him doing something like this. Good job. 8)

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