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9/8/2020 c1 Black Arachnid
They are not playing it they are watching it like a movie
4/9/2020 c1 Guest
Worm Contessa:
Path to Victory: Contessa's ability, perhaps the most powerful Thinker ability, which allows her to see and perfectly execute the steps needed to accomplish any goal; so long as it is possible for it to happen in the given situation, Contessa can and will do it. This power is always active, and she uses it to effortlessly dispatch foes, taking the perfect movements to dodge their attacks and retaliate, using each of their attacks and movements against them. It can also be used in conversation, to see through lies, translate languages, say the exact right things to defuse a situation, break opponents, or talk them into other solutions. While it does not directly improve her senses, the ability means that Contessa knows when invisible or otherwise imperceptible foes are nearby.

Even while her memory was being erased, Contessa was able to take the steps to counteract the effect and maintain her mind, and act on autopilot. Her precognition is perfectly accurate, but it can be fooled by those who block out perception abilities - though she can still run hypothetical situations against the foes she can't see.
Powers and Abilities: Master Martial Artist, Knife User, and Markswoman, Peak Human Characteristics, Precognition (She can see and perfectly execute the steps she needs to accomplish any task. She can work around resistances by considering hypothetical scenarios and directing the questions given to her power at herself), limited Biological Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Pressure Points (Path to Victory should be able to replicate the capabilities of The Number Man and Teacher Thinkers. Killed Lung's gang without spilling any blood, with some having no apparent injuries), Resistance to Precognition (Other precognition abilities do not interfere with her power, while hers still interferes with theirs), Cosmic Awareness, Clairvoyance, Enhanced Senses (Khepri was unable to detect her using The Clairvoyant, a cape who's power is that they can see and hear across the entire multiverse at once).
Yuuri Kumoi:
Hypno: Hypno is a powerful version of mind manipulation. It allows Yuuri to read other people's minds, manipulate their memories, make them unconscious, change their character and manipulate their actions. Additionally it can trap opponents in illusions during which their real body can be restricted from moving. The brain perceives the illusions as real and as such someone killed in one of her illusions will also die in reality. Her Illusions affect not only the 5 senses, but also the 6th sense, so that even powerful psychometry can not distinguish between reality and illusion. Yuuri can trap her opponents in multiple layers of illusions so that even if they are able to break free from the first layer they land in a second. The second layer can for example be designed like the real world to make the opponent believe that they are not influenced through an illusion anymore and stop resisting it.
Higashikawa Mamoru:
Ever-Victorious Challenger: The absurdity gained by Higashikawa Mamoru at the end of the gambling games. Mamoru acquired the character of the Ever-Victorious Challenger, the special participant of a gambling story who never loses. Without even needing to do anything, Mamoru can call in an infinite supply of success, something Karen compared to being a deity of victory. Because of this, Mamoru can't lose any kind of luck-based gamble, no matter if the odds are one in a million, one in a billion or even worse; he will succeed with ease as long as they're not zero. The enemy attacks will miss and fail to harm him, the ground will break beneath the enemy's feet, their weapons will break mid-swing, etc. When he and Karen (who had gained a similar absurdity) fought, they realized it was impossible for them to kill each other, as their weapons constantly broke when they tried to attack the other person. Karen further stated that even if they brought a gatling gun or a shoulder-fired missile to the fight they would still be unable to harm each other. This absurdity can also be used outside of battle, such as to deactivate a bomb by randomly pulling the correct wire or to successfully guess a password in your first try by typing at random. Additionally, as Karen pointed out, Mamoru's absurdity works outside the constraints of time and continuity/causality, as he was capable of using it to undo the past event that had granted him the absurdity (ignoring time) and he retained the ability after doing so (ignoring continuity/causality).
It would have been better to start as Bruce Wayne, so you would have gotten a lot more information from all the heroes and villains of DC, strengths and weaknesses, Bruce has been able to fight uniformly with Lady Shiva and fought with Cassandra Cain in equal conditions when they forced her to fighting with him and neither of them were holding back, he also beat cassandra numerous times after he lost his ability to predict the opponent's movements, remember cassandra has beaten lady shiva every time and the only way that Shiva won is because Cassandra let her win.
3/19/2019 c1 Guest
Good story
11/17/2018 c1 Guest
5 out of 10.

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