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7/17/2020 c1 AsketronNidavellir8
Woah. I am no fan of Odin's parenting skills, but this one-shot puts a wild new view on it. Very well done, Nat.
4/5/2019 c1 9GliderPilot
I like this take on things. There are a few parts where it’s confusing (pronouns are ambiguous), but it works out in the end. Anyway, well written.
12/23/2018 c1 28MerciaLachesis
oh wow. thats... i just...
this was all kinds of tragic and beautiful. the way you wrote was perfect for the subject matter, all melancholy and introspective and quite bleak. thank you so much for writing this, i loved Odin's voice here and every moment made me want to scream and cry. thank you
12/22/2018 c1 18azureLuna11


The fact that you included Norse mythology is simply brilliant, incredible, beautiful, and I was just so captivated while reading this. I feel like this is WAY more realistic and I can definitely see this playing out in the MCU. Whew I'm so freaking late on reviewing this awesome fic (forgive me) also you need more reviews wow

11/19/2018 c1 41Clarra-Night
Wow. First of all, AWESOME writing in that first section. Actually, throughout. Each section had its own sensory-emotional atmosphere that wasn’t overdone.

So - Hela, in this, is actually Loki’s mother (?) I will admit, I am a tad confused about what the actual rundown of the story is but regardless I find it amazing and well-flowing?

I actually really liked how in the first section I thought it was Loki’s POV at first, just because of the obvious resemblance to his own traumatic confrontation with a parent, but then it felt apparent it was Odin’s own memory by the end of that part. Though of course left wondering what exactly had happened with Odin’s own heritage, but that’s likely just me left wanting more by your writing and plot line, in a good way.

I was wondering in the earlier part who is the ‘she’ that threatened Thor, but actually the way that you wrote that did already hint somehow that it was Hela (maybe partly because we as the fandom know only really one other female so far who is that sinister)… and then we have the reveal later on, so that was nicely done.

Also, it’s… heartening? to read about Odin’s empathy for Loki as Loki yells at him about being taken from Jotunheim. And yet it still feels like Odin empathises with Loki in a ‘detached’ way, if that makes sense, like he cares for him because he feels he should but not with the same warmth as Thor. It hurts, (but again, well done ;))

The little insights into Odin’s perspective of Frig'ga are also welcome - she’s depicted as strong, almost flawless in the brief snapshots here, but it’s not overbearing.

Anyway, I loved reading this kind of think-back of Odin’s that gives more body to Odin’s actions and words in the films. And the ending - it’s bittersweet, with such a melancholic setup for the first Thor film.

Gah, I hope you write more around this! (When you feel like it - no pressure ;P) Thanks a ton for sharing this Odin/Loki insight with us!
11/14/2018 c1 UniquelyWonderful
I'll be honest, I was a little confused at the beginning (which could be attributed to the fact it's late and I'm tired lol), had to read it over like 3 times but finally figured out who was who. It was an interesting read. I liked reading from Odin's perspective. All in all, not bad:)
11/10/2018 c1 59Windy Darlington
This is absolutely confusing but I'm fascinated.

I have no idea who is who but I WANT to know, you gotta tell me what theory you've written out here, because I love this- not to mention that I LOVE how you don't pain Odin as some brute or monster or terrible guy. You write him without bias, and that's incredibly refreshing.


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