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7/15 c17 Guest
I loved your last story on here. I felt for all three ladies, I didn't feel as bad for them while watching the show. I was surprised that the last one was from Theresa's POV, since Ethan (supposedly) loved her, and not Gwen.
I would love a chapter of the POV of the men! While Ethan was really never scorned, it would be interesting to know what could have been going through his head when Theresa made genuine efforts to move on from him.
7/12 c17 2shuisfan79
First of all, yes! Would love to read one from the perspective of the scorned men of Harmony!

And poor Beth, Kay, and Theresa. Their men really treated their hearts like chew toys.

That line about the joy fading from Luis's face when Beth told him she was "pregnant"—even knowing that she was lying when she did that on the show, I really felt for her.

Kay, giving Miguel everything, only to get nothing in return. And poor Theresa—the real love of Ethan's life losing him again and again. I could feel her hopes getting up at the end, only to watch them be crushed.

One thing I really like about the way you wrote this was that although I had sympathy for all of them, I felt different reading Theresa's part. Like I could feel that her guy actually loved her the most, unlike Beth's and Kay's men.

Really nice job writing this.
7/12 c17 LoveInTheBattleField
Good chapter.
6/27 c16 shuisfan79
Love. I love that Whitney was able to reach past her anger to feel the love she had for her mother and to save Eve's life. That scene was excellent. Whitney was so honest, so raw about her feelings—like Eve, I came out of it having hope for their relationship.

I also love how much the therapist is helping Whitney and how she was able to see all the pressure her mother was under and move toward something that feels like forgiveness.

Also, Whitney didn't tell anyone else about Eve's letter? Not even Chad? The second I read that sentence, I felt such pain for Whitney. So glad she was able to release that to someone and get all of that pain out.

Such a wonderful story!
6/27 c16 Guest
I too hated the way that the Russell's treated Eve when it was revealed that she wasn't perfect. Although, I think Liz and TC deserved each other.
6/26 c16 LoveInTheBattleField
Nice chapter.
6/9 c15 Guest
I loved this last chapter! (The first fanfiction I wrote is about Gwen and Theresa teaming up to expose Beth. I may post it here when I revise it a bit.) Anyway, Ethan, as always, is on my last nerve. He always yammered on about truth and honesty to both Gwen and Theresa, but could never offer that to either one of them.
6/1 c15 LoveInTheBattleField
Another great chapter.
6/1 c14 LoveInTheBattleField
Good chapter.
6/1 c13 LoveInTheBattleField
Nice chapter.
5/7 c14 Guest
Wow. That last chapter was pretty dark. But well written, as usual. I like how you showed all three characters POV. It's always been difficult for me to NOT hate Ethan, but you manage to make me see what's good in him.
5/5 c14 shuisfan79
Oh, you really made me feel for both Gwen and Theresa.

Gwen clearly losing her mind. Theresa never getting a real win in life. All the language you used described was beautiful, but these two really got me:

"Funny how Theresa never had what she wanted her entire life.

Never had a complete family, never had the easy way in life like Gwen and all those other debutantes. Never truly had Ethan."

And, as for Ethan, you stated it perfectly:

"He'd gambled on the chance that the surviving baby would be his and Gwen's

and everyone lost."

You're so right-there were no winners in this triangle. And you painted this picture in such a beautiful and poignant way.

Loved as always!
4/11 c1 Guest
You wrote the ending that Charity and Miguel should have had. You also manage to make me sympathize with characters that I usually loathe. Please keep writing, because your fanfics are wonderful.
1/18 c12 SmallTownWitchGuy
so far so good continue the story love this
1/17 c12 Guest
As a Gwen fan, I always hated that sank so low to hold onto Ethan. I wish he would have ended up alone, he didn't deserve the love of either women. But I enjoyed that story, and that Gwen finally came clean. I have always enjoyed your stories because you have something for EVERYONE. Keep up the good work.
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