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for Yōso no Josei

1/17 c10 fanficreader71
Great chapter I enjoyed reading it.
1/15 c1 carneyjarred
Truthfully from what I've read I would give her a harem natsume wouldn't know what to do with as it would fit the comedy aspect of the story and we'll goddess can have multiple concubines as it were.
1/15 c9 14Thelow
I really like the personality you have given Natsumi. It’s an interesting change of pace that is fascinating to read.

Relationship wise I think I would like to see the struggle of a relationship with Hinata. Trying to keep it a secret and deal with the politics and repercussions of such a thing makes for a more interesting story to me than some of the others.
1/14 c9 fanficreader71
Great chapter I enjoyed reading it.
1/14 c9 9Dragon Man 180
Given Haku's gentle nature when not in battle I can see her getting along well with Hinata if she ever comes to Konoha. I can see Natsumi teasing Haku and Hinata into a threesome.

I love bribing Zabuza with money stolen from Gato, it's the quickest way to make everyone but Gato happy.
1/14 c8 Kilimeres
Do natsumi and hinata. I want to see a confident hinata crush all the elders ofher clan to claim her cinnamon roll.
12/27/2022 c8 Guest
I'll be honest I love hinata/Natsumi pairing more
12/23/2022 c8 Dragon Man 180
I think Haku is about to have a no good, horrible, very bad day courtesy of Natsumi. I can’t wait to see how the encounter with him goes.
3/23/2022 c7 6Alpenwolf
Yes, Natsumi, there are perverts all around you.

Seeing an always polite version of a female Naruto is strange in a good kind of way. Looking forward to seeing more of her and her adventures.

And of course Inner Sasuke harassing Outer Sasuke makes me smile or cackle sometimes.
10/18/2021 c7 ranjira1988
I'm enjoying this way too much XD
10/18/2021 c3 ranjira1988
does "Inner Sasuke" remind anyone else of Ichigo Kurosaki's inner Hollow? (from Bleach) XD
10/18/2021 c2 ranjira1988
oh my gods Natsumi's personality is like the unholy fusion of Weiss Schnee, Ayeka Masaki Jurai, and freaking Lina inverse XD
9/9/2021 c1 Guest
leasbian pair for Natsume
no lovesick girl for sasuke please
9/7/2021 c7 Guest
I love how Natsumi cared for hinata, I thinks it's love and its very cute if they end up together especially being childhood sweet hearts!
9/7/2021 c7 Guest
I love Natsumi and hinata together hahha
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