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for Wild Fire

3/11 c22 BusLord
Wow, just wow...hell of a way to end that emotional ride. Nicely done :')
2/23 c20 leofrick
Ooohhhh the awaited renunion.. can’t believe it finally happen
11/16/2019 c1 lilac
omg I love this kudos to you not nessicarily in the ao3 way
6/17/2019 c10 Kitkat
I looked up the herbs Kom was using and found it neat that you were using actual plants but using their folk / witchy names
6/6/2019 c8 Stormborne
Enjoying this a lot and curious to see how this poison Kai commissioned Kom to make plays out. I like the Acolytes, personally I think it’s a better way to refer to them than the Children of Water like they were in the original.
Can’t wait to see if Kais downward spiral will destroy her and how much is gonna go wrong before she and Maleko reunite. (Even without Asura ppl are going mad lol)
5/24/2019 c6 Ratchett
I’m glad you’ve kept Kim in this version of the story. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Ps, Malekos adorable and his POV is fun to read. Though I’m curious to see how much worse Kai is getting while he’s out having fun.
5/24/2019 c6 9TrigunInferno
this is well done
11/13/2018 c1 Harlow
Oms "those extras" BAKUGO WHERE ARE YOU?

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